Monday, January 15, 2001

Massive Jerusalem Rally For Temple Mount?

Hi all. I've been away and on extended winter break and I'm just starting to catch up. I just updated the Prophecy News Page for the first time in weeks. Thanks for all the encouraging e-mails letting me know that you were impatient for me to do that. I have been going over some of the events I missed while I was away (and totally unwired, by the way, that really felt odd) and found that there was a massive public rally in Jerusalem in support of Israeli sovereignty over the Temple Mount. Wow. What can I say except WOW. This should be a red flag for everyone. When the Temple Mount becomes an issue, when it becomes an issue at the top of the international political agenda, that is a major newsflash from God. Red alert, shields up, man battle stations. Really. Pay attention folks. The one plot of land on Earth that God calls His own is now in play.