Friday, February 18, 2005

Links to Prophetic News
Long time between posts. Perhaps when I have more free time I will be able to resume daily posts and offer some commentary on these extraordinary news events and why they are important from a BP/ET perspective. Until then, here is another list of links in no particular order:

Yahoo! News AP - Art Experts Hold Mock Trial for 'Code'

Yahoo! News AP - Russia to Cooperate on Iran Nuke Program

Yahoo! News Reuters - Bush Demands Syria Withdraw Forces from Lebanon

Yahoo! News AP - Iran Urges Alliance Against U.S. 'Plots'

Yahoo! News Reuters - Strong Quake Causes Panic in Indonesia's East

Yahoo! News Space - Brightest Galactic Flash Ever Detected Hits Earth

Yahoo! News AP - Plague Kills Scores in Congo Outbreak

Yahoo! News Reuters - It's a Warmer World, But Does That Mean Armageddon?

WND - Revived Sanhedrin Discusses Temple

Yahoo! News PC World - Vodafone Shows Mobile TV

Yahoo! News AFP - Bush: US to back Israel against Iranian threat

Yahoo! News AP - Iran, Syria to Unite to Counter Threats