Friday, May 28, 2010

My Way News - US toll reaches 1,000 deaths in Afghanistan war
My Way News reports: "As the U.S. military death toll in the Afghan conflict reached the 1,000 mark, a fight that has become 'Obama's war' now faces its greatest challenge - a high-risk campaign to win over a hostile population in the Taliban's southern heartland."
My Way News - Diplomats say Iran removed equipment
My Way News reports: "U.N. nuclear inspectors revisiting an Iranian laboratory to follow up on activities that could be linked to a secret nuclear weapons program recently discovered that some equipment believed used in the experiments has disappeared, diplomats said Friday."
Times Online - Oil spill brings ‘death in the ocean from top to bottom’
Times Online reports: "Onshore, small landfalls of the same sludge have started to cause panic among locals as they coat the marshes. Here, just a few feet beneath the surface, a much bigger disaster is unfolding in slow motion. 'This is terrible, just terrible,' says Dr Shaw, back on the boat. 'The situation in the water column is horrible all the way down. Combined with the dispersants, the toxic effects of the oil will be far worse for sea life. It’s death in the ocean from the top to the bottom.'"

My Way News - 22-mile oil plume under Gulf nears rich waters
My Way News reports: "The cloud was nearing a large underwater canyon whose currents fuel the foodchain in Gulf waters off Florida and could potentially wash the tiny plants and animals that feed larger organisms in a stew of toxic chemicals, another researcher said Friday."
AP - Millions face hunger in arid belt of Africa
AP reports: "The threat of famine is again stalking the Sahel, a band of semiarid land stretching across Africa south of the Sahara. The U.N. World Food Program warned on Friday that some 10 million people face hunger over the next three months before the next harvest in September — if it comes."
AFP: Thousands flee Ecuador, Guatemala volcanos
AFP reports: "Thousands of people were evacuated and airports were closed as two volcanos erupted in Guatemala and Ecuador Friday, choking major cities with ash, and leaving two dead, officials said. Guatemalan President Alvaro Colom declared a 15-day state of emergency around the Pacaya volcano, 50 kilometers (31 miles) south of the capital."
U.S. 'deplores' singling out of Israel at nuclear conference - Israel News
Haaretz reports: "U.S. General James L. Jones spoke after the conclusion of the conference, where the U.S. accepted Arab demands to pressure Israel over its atomic program as part of a pact among NPT members to aim for a Middle East free of nuclear weapons."

Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Way News - Netanyahu: Time for direct talks with Palestinians
My Way News reports: "Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Thursday it's time to move to direct talks with the Palestinians and that he will raise the issue with President Barack Obama in Washington next week."
My Way News - NKorea scraps sea accords; SKorea holds navy drill
My Way News reports: "Military tension on the Korean peninsula rose Thursday after North Korea threatened to attack any South Korean ships entering its waters and Seoul held anti-submarine drills in response to the March sinking of a navy vessel blamed on Pyongyang."
My Way News - 7.2 quake hits South Pacific nation of Vanuatu
My Way News reports: "Residents of a northern town in the South Pacific nation of Vanuatu ran into the streets Friday as a powerful magnitude 7.2 earthquake shook the area, police said. The magnitude 7.2 quake rattled the island country, briefly triggering a tsunami watch for the region, officials said. There were no immediate reports of damage or injury."
My Way News - Israeli commandos to block Gaza activists
My Way News reports: "Some 750 activists, including a Nobel peace laureate and former U.S. congresswoman, have set sail for the Gaza coast in recent days, carrying 10,000 tons of humanitarian supplies. They are expected to reach the Israeli coast on Saturday. The volunteers say they are bringing desperately needed materials to the area, which has been blockaded by Israel and Egypt since Hamas militants violently took control in June 2007."

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Way News - Sirens sound in countrywide drill in Israel
My Way News reports: "Sirens sounded across Israel Wednesday morning as part of a massive air raid drill aimed at practicing the civilian response to large-scale rocket attacks."
My Way News - Reforms transform Syrian economy, but not politics
My Way News reports: "Still, the younger Assad uses the formal state of war with Israel to his advantage, with his regime citing it to explain away economic woes, emergency laws and harsh treatment of critics. 'Insisting on the idea that we are in a state of war with Israel since 1973 is no longer acceptable,' said Aref Dalilah, a leading economist who in 2008 completed serving a seven-year sentence after criticizing business monopolies awarded by the government. 'It's being used to justify everything.'"
My Way News - Officials say Israel will stop flotilla for Gaza
My Way News reports: "The officials said if the flotilla of eight ships does not turn back, the boats will be hauled to an Israeli port, the activists sent back to their countries and the supplies transferred to Gaza by land."

Comment: I'm ignoring this story out of antipathy for the hypocrisy of the activists.
American Thinker Blog: The misnomer of the 'Occupied' West Bank
The American Thinker makes that point that, "since the demise of the Ottoman Empire after World War I, the West Bank has been in limbo in terms of who eventually might become its sovereign. If anything, while the West Bank remains disputed territory, Israel has superior claims to sovereignty since the West Bank was part of the British Mandate of Palestine, recognized under the Balfour Declaration and the League of Nations, as an eventual 'national' home of the Jewish people."
The Guardian - Famine is the result of a failing food system
The Guardian reports: "The root cause of hunger and famine is rarely crop failure alone. It is about who controls and benefits from the land and its resources. About 1 billion people, or one in six of the global population, go hungry today, even though more food is being produced than ever."

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Times Online - Petraeus orders US spies to prepare for anti-nuclear strike on Iran

Times Online reports: "Teams of American special forces have been authorised to conduct spying missions intended to pave the way for a military strike on Iran in case President Obama orders one, US government sources have confirmed."
My Way News - Hezbollah says it will hit Israel ships in new war
My Way News reports: "The leader of Lebanon's Hezbollah group warned Tuesday that his fighters would attack Israeli ships in the Mediterranean if the Jewish state imposes a sea blockade on Lebanon in any future war. Hassan Nasrallah said his Iranian-backed group is now capable of destroying any military or commercial ships heading to Israeli ports."

My Way News - Israeli warplanes hit Gaza targets, 15 wounded
My Way News reports: "The airstrikes came after the Israeli military reported that Palestinian militants on Tuesday had blown up a donkey cart filled with dynamite near the concrete wall that separates Gaza from Israel and fired several mortar rounds into Israel."
My Way News - Al-Qaida in Iraq denies World Cup plot allegations
My Way News reports: "Al-Qaida in Iraq has denied government allegations that suspected militants in Iraqi custody were planning to attack the World Cup in South Africa [...] The Iraqi government announced last week it had arrested a Saudi citizen accused of planning an attack against the World Cup."
My Way News - NKorea cuts ties with South, raises war rhetoric
My Way News reports: "North Korea declared it would cut all ties with South Korea in response to its blaming of the communist country for the deadly sinking of a South Korean warship, as tensions on the divided peninsula spiked to their highest level in a decade [...] The North and South have technically remained at war since the 1950-53 Korean War ended with an armistice rather than a peace treaty."
Vancouver Sun - Pacific Northwest faces higher risk of more frequent earthquakes: Study
The Vancouver Sun reports: "The risk of a major earthquake striking the Pacific Northwest within the next half-century is greater than once thought, researchers have found using a new series of geological observations [...] The west coast sits on the North American and Juan de Fuca tectonic plates. The plates are moving against each other; when that stress is finally released, a very powerful earthquake will result."

Monday, May 24, 2010

My Way News - Ahmadinejad's speech marred by shouts from crowd
My Way News reports: "A speech by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in a southern port town was marred Monday by shouts from Iranians demanding jobs, a rare show of public discontent over the country's worsening economy [...] Iran's economy is struggling under double-digit inflation, 25 percent unemployment and three rounds of U.N. sanctions imposed over Tehran's controversial nuclear program."
My Way News - US deploys missiles to Poland to train NATO ally
My Way News reports: "Dozens of American soldiers and a battery of Patriot missiles have arrived in Poland, where they will spend the next two years teaching the Polish military to operate the advanced guided missile system at a base just a few miles (kilometers) from the Russian border."
My Way News - US backs South Korea in punishing North Korea
My Way News reports: "The U.S. and South Korea are planning two major military exercises off the Korean Peninsula in a display of force intended 'to deter future aggression' by North Korea, the White House said."
My Way News - Israel holds defense drill amid regional tension
My Way News reports: "Israel held a dress rehearsal for disaster Sunday, beginning a defense drill to test the response of soldiers, emergency crews and civilians to simulated missile barrages, terrorist attacks and chemical strikes [...] The five-day exercise, the biggest in Israel's history, has raised allegations by the country's enemies that it is preparing for war - a concern Israel has sought to allay."

Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Way News - Insurgents attack NATO's southern Afghan base
My Way News reports: "The Taliban claimed responsibility Sunday for a nighttime assault on NATO's biggest base in southern Afghanistan. Insurgents firing rockets, mortars and automatic weapons tried to storm Kandahar Air Field - the second such attack on a major military installation this week."
My Way News - Hezbollah promotes itself through 'jihadi tourism'
My Way News reports: "It's a way for the militant group to showcase its military prowess at a time when Israel and the U.S. say the Iranian-backed group is acquiring more sophisticated weaponry [...] and says it can now strike deeper into Israel."
Global Post - Israel prepares for next threat — nuclear?
Global Post reports: "Next week, Israeli soldiers will run through a series of exercises to practice for a potential conflict with Hezbollah on the country’s northern border. The main unknown in those exercises: How long does Israel have before the threat of nuclear attack will come into play?"
My Way News - Iran opposition figure lashes out at regime
My Way News reports: "A senior opposition figure accused Iran's hardline judiciary and conservative lawmakers of being instruments in the intimidation of pro-reform activists and the trampling of constitutional rights [...] The opposition has called on supporters to mark the election anniversary with massive street protests. The government has warned it won't allow the rallies to take place, raising expectations of more violence."
My Way News - Turkey seeks support for Iran deal
My Way News reports: "Turkey's prime minister is seeking international support for a deal under which Iran would ship much of its low-enriched uranium to Turkey. Recep Tayyip Erdogan's office says Saturday he has written to the leaders of 26 countries saying the deal would resolve the nuclear standoff with Iran by way of diplomacy and negotiation."

My Way News - Turkey's opposition party elects new leader
My Way News reports: "Turkey's main opposition party elected an anti-corruption crusader as its new leader Saturday, after the former chairman resigned this month over a sex scandal [...] The Republican People's Party has struggled in offering itself as an alternative to the Islamic-oriented ruling party, often appearing to be staid, authoritarian and out of step with its social-democratic grass-roots."

Friday, May 21, 2010

My Way News - Gaza gunmen infiltrate Israel, die in firefight
My Way News reports: "Israeli troops killed two Palestinian militants who had infiltrated Israel from the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip on Friday, the military said. The firefight between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian militants took place across the border from the southern Gaza Strip."
My Way News - Jews in Arab east Jerusalem defy Obama peace push
My Way News reports: "Jerusalem is the most explosive issue separating Israelis and Palestinians. Israel's government rules out relinquishing sovereignty in any part of the city, and Jewish expansion in east Jerusalem was at the center of a recent diplomatic row between the Obama administration and Israel's hawkish government. Palestinians demand a total halt to Jewish construction in both east Jerusalem and the West Bank, areas they claim for a future state."
My Way News - Officials: NYC bomb suspect claims Taliban support
My Way News reports: "The Times Square bomb suspect claimed during his lengthy interrogation that he received financial support from the Pakistani Taliban for his failed one-man operation, two U.S. law enforcement officials close to the probe said Friday."
My Way News - WHO says measles making 'rapid comeback'
My Way News reports: "Measles is making a rapid comeback in African, Asian and even some European countries despite being easily avoided through vaccination, the World Health Organizations said Friday as countries pledged to sharply cut infections and deaths worldwide by 2015."
AP - Spain says Mediterranean Union summit postponed
The AP reports: "A meeting to bring together European and Middle Eastern governments has been postponed to give Israeli-Palestinian talks time to achieve results, officials said. Israel on Friday called the reason for the delay ridiculous [...] The Union for the Mediterranean brings together the 27-nation EU and 16 partner countries across the southern Mediterranean and the Middle East. It is designed to encourage economic, environmental and other kinds of cooperation."

Thursday, May 20, 2010

DEBKAfile - Obama starts massive US Air-Sea-Marine build-up opposite Iran
DEBKAfile reports: "debkafile's military sources report a decision by the Obama administration to boost US military strength in the Mediterranean and Persian Gulf regions in the short term with an extra air and naval strike forces and 6,000 Marine and sea combatants."
My Way News - NKorea warns of war if punished for ship sinking
My Way News reports: "North Korea, accused of waging the deadliest attack on the South Korean military since the Korean War, flatly denied sinking a warship Thursday and warned that retaliation would mean 'all-out war.'"
My Way News - US envoy ends round of Israeli-Palestinian talks
My Way News reports: "Israel considered goodwill gestures toward the Palestinians Thursday, as President Barack Obama's Mideast envoy wound up a second round of indirect Mideast peace talks [...] there were no outward signs of progress."
My Way News - US says Syria must curb arm shipments to Hezbollah
My Way News reports: "A top U.S. diplomat has urged Syria to do more to prevent arms shipments to the militant Lebanese Hezbollah and stem the flow of militants into Iraq [...] He told reporters Thursday that Washington wants to influence Damascus because of its ties to Iran and other U.S. foes in the region."
My Way News - Russian official: Iran's reactor ready by August
My Way News reports: "Russia's top nuclear official says that work on Iran's first nuclear plant is on schedule and the reactor will start operation by August."
My Way News - A step to artificial life: Manmade DNA powers cell
My Way News Reports: "Scientists announced a bold step Thursday in the enduring quest to create artificial life. They've produced a living cell powered by manmade DNA."
Big Mystery: Jupiter Loses a Stripe - NASA Science
NASA Science News reports: "In a development that has transformed the appearance of the solar system's largest planet, one of Jupiter's two main cloud belts has completely disappeared. 'This is a big event,' says planetary scientist Glenn Orton of NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab. 'We're monitoring the situation closely and do not yet fully understand what's going on.'"
Reuters - North Korea says South pushing towards war
Reuters reports: "North Korea said on Friday the peninsula was heading toward war and it was ready to tear up all agreements with the South after it accused the reclusive state of torpedoing a navy ship near their disputed border."

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Way News - Palestinians complain of Israeli actions to US
My Way News reports: "Palestinian leaders on Wednesday complained to a U.S. envoy about what they said were Israeli provocations, as the second round of indirect Israeli-Palestinian peace talks got under way."
My Way News - Iran rejects UN sanctions resolution draft
My Way News reports: "Iran on Wednesday dismissed as 'illegitimate' a draft U.N. Security Council resolution seeking to impose harsher sanctions against Tehran for its refusal to halt uranium enrichment."

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Way News - Iran hopeful world powers will accept nuclear deal
My Way News reports: "Iran said Tuesday it expects the U.S. and its allies to accept a nuclear fuel swap deal despite initial skepticism, as key U.N. Security Council member China welcomed the proposal as a way of reviving negotiations over Tehran's nuclear activities [...] The White House showed deep skepticism about the new pact, noting that it allows Iran to keep enriching uranium, giving it a possible pathway to weapons."
My Way News - Troops and military vehicles gather in Bangkok
My Way News reports: "Large numbers of Thai troops and armored vehicles have gathered near the fortified encampment of downtown Bangkok occupied by thousands of anti-government protesters. Sporadic gunfire was heard at daybreak Wednesday after overnight rumors of a final push by the military to clear protesters."
My Way News - Taliban suicide bomb hits NATO convoy, kills 18
My Way News reports: "A suicide bomber detonated his vehicle near a U.S. convoy Tuesday, killing 18 people, including six troops - five Americans and a Canadian - in the deadliest attack on NATO in the Afghan capital in eight months. Two other American service members were killed in separate attacks in the south, making Tuesday the deadliest day of the year for U.S. forces in Afghanistan."

Monday, May 17, 2010 - Underground bunkers for sale, in case of apocalypse
The LA Times reports: "Come-ons for doomsday products, from survival classes to earthquake kits, abound on the Internet. Demand is fueled by natural disasters, terrorist activity and websites dedicated to exploring such topics as what will happen Dec. 21, 2012, the last day of the ancient Maya calendar and the date that, some people believe, the world will end."

Comment: We should listen to ancient Mayan wisdom, after all, they were an enlightened people. Don't think about how they practiced human sacrifice to appease their gods and make it rain (all the trendy civilizations did that back then), instead, think about how they had a calender, and it is going to end! Actually, I have a calender as well and it's going to end in about two weeks. I wonder if the world will end on May 31st? Or, maybe a new month will begin? We will just have to wait and see.
My Way News - Iraq forces: Al-Qaida plot on World Cup uncovered
My Way News reports: "Iraqi security forces have detained an al-Qaida militant suspected of planning an attack targeting the World Cup in South Africa next month, an official said Monday."
My Way News - Iran to ship uranium to Turkey in nuclear deal
My Way News reports: "Iran agreed Monday to ship most of its low-enriched uranium to Turkey in a surprise nuclear fuel swap deal that could ease the international standoff over the country's disputed atomic program and deflate a U.S.-led push for tougher sanctions."

Comment: Iran doing deals with Turkey, wow, this is stunning news. First, they will establish linkages between the two political systems and the techs to make this uranium transfer work, and then maybe some military-military contacts as well, and before you know it, Turkey will be solidly in the Zeke's Gog Alliance. This move is actually brilliant from a strategic perspective, Iranian leaders clearly know what they are doing. If the U.S. protests this move too much it will alienate an important American ally and risk pushing Turkey further into Iran's orbit. The U.S. and the West are boxed into a corner, we can't accept it (because it's obviously just another Iranian attempt to stall for time) and yet we can't not accept it either, as it really does look like a good faith effort to meet international objections to their nuclear program. Brilliant. Bad, but brilliant.
My Way News - Arson attack on German synagogue
My Way News reports: "A synagogue in western Germany has been hit by an arson attack, with unknown perpetrators setting fire to eight corners of the building and throwing a Molotov cocktail against a window, prosecutors said Monday."
My Way News - 6 wounded, assailant killed, in new China rampage
My Way News reports: "A cleaver-wielding man attacked and wounded six women before jumping to his death, police said Monday, in the latest in a series of such rampages in China. The attack follows five separate assaults by lone assailants against schoolchildren in recent weeks that have left 17 dead and more than 50 wounded."
My Way News - Warmest April on record, climate agency reports
My Way News reports: "It was a hot time in the old world last month. The planet's average temperature for April was 58.1 degrees Fahrenheit (14.5 Celsius), the hottest for any April on record, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said Monday."

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Reuters - Russia to sell Syria warplanes, air defense systems
Reuters reports: "Russia has signed deals to sell Syria warplanes, anti-tank weapons and air defense systems, a senior Russian arms trader said on Friday, prompting an outcry from Syria's foe Israel [...] Earlier this week, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev visited Syria -- the first visit to Damascus by a Moscow ruler since the 1917 Bolshevik revolution -- and oversaw talks on Russia's possible assistance in building a nuclear power plant in Syria."
My Way News - Palestinians mark displacement in 1948 Mideast war
My Way News reports: "Bitter Palestinian rivals marched together Saturday in a rare show of unity as they marked 62 years of displacement in the war surrounding Israel's creation."

Comment: The UN mandated two states be created in 1948 and instead of accepting this the Arab states immediately attacked Israel. I've always wondered why the Palestinians would think that a second state should still be on the table after having so decisively rejected the UN plan. Isn't it amazing that even at the outset it was crystal clear that the Arab states had no interest in a two-state solution. They don't want to live in peace with Israel, they want peace without Israel.
My Way News - Iranian cleric wants creation of 'Greater Iran'
My Way News reports: "A radical cleric called Saturday for the creation of a 'Greater Iran' that would rule over the entire Middle East and Central Asia, in an event that he said would herald the coming of Islam's expected messiah [...] He said he envisioned a Greater Iran that would stretch from Afghanistan to Israel, bringing about the destruction of the Jewish state."
My Way News - Home of Swedish Muhammad cartoonist attacked
My Way News reports: "The home of a Swedish artist who once drew a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad as a dog has been hit by a suspected arson attack, police said Saturday [...] It was the latest in a week of attacks on the 53-year-old cartoonist, who was assaulted Tuesday by a man while he lectured at a university and saw his Web site apparently attacked by hacker on Wednesday."

: He's not a bad man, he's just drawn that way.
My Way News - Officials: US missiles kill 5 in NW Pakistan
My Way News reports: "A suspected U.S. missile strike killed at least five people in the Khyber tribal region of northwest Pakistan on Saturday, in what would be one of the first such attacks in the area, intelligence and government officials said [...] The suspected strike in the remote Teerah Valley of Khyber could fan fresh anger because it represented a widening of the covert program."
My Way News - Thai PM considering curfew after 25 die in clashes
My Way News reports: "Thailand's leader warned violence was on the rise after three days of rolling street battles in the heart of Bangkok and hinted Sunday that a curfew may be imposed on the sprawling metropolis of more than 10 million people."
My Way News - Niger government to distribute 21,000 tons of food
My Way News reports: "Niger's government says it is launching a food distribution program in the West African nation. Government spokesman Mahamane Laouali Dan Dah said Saturday that more than 21,000 tons of food would be given to 1.5 million people in need."

Friday, May 14, 2010

BBC News - US to fund installation of Israeli rocket defence system
BBC News reports: "Barack Obama is to ask the US Congress for an extra $200m in military aid to help Israel get a short-range rocket defence system in place. The system is designed to shoot down mortars and rockets from Gaza or Southern Lebanon with guided missiles."
My Way News - Mounting concern among Iraqis about more violence
My Way News reports: "Many Iraqis are increasingly uneasy that a wave of bombings and shootings may revive all-out sectarian warfare that ravaged the country several years ago."

My Way News - New al-Qaida in Iraq chief vows blood-soaked days
My Way News reports
: "Al-Qaida in Iraq's new leader warned Shiites on Friday that 'dark days soaked with blood' lie ahead and that a new campaign of attacks was under way [...] The Iraqi insurgent umbrella group, the Islamic State of Iraq, named al-Nasser Lideen Allah Abu Suleiman as its new minister of war, replacing the Egyptian Abu Ayyub al-Masri, killed in a U.S.-Iraqi military strike on a safe house in April."
My Way News - Diplomats say Iran expands enrichment facility
My Way News reports: "Iran has set up new equipment that could let it produce more enriched uranium from a smaller amount of raw material, diplomats said Friday. The step could one day make it easier to produce a nuclear bomb and is likely to give the U.S. more leverage with Russia and China in its push for new U.N. sanctions on Iran."
My Way News - Bangkok battles: 16 dead in clashes, explosions
My Way News reports: "Soldiers opened fire on anti-government protesters who battled them with firebombs and homemade rockets Friday in a second straight day of escalating violence as troops tried to clear the rioters from the streets of downtown Bangkok."
My Way News - Police uncover plot to kill Indonesia's president
My Way News reports: "Indonesian police foiled a plot to assassinate the president and other top officials, massacre foreigners in Mumbai-style terrorist attacks and declare an Islamic state, an official said Friday."

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Way News - Israelis: No halt to east Jerusalem construction
My Way News reports: "Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's hawkish coalition partners vowed Thursday to keep building Jewish settlements and demolishing unauthorized Palestinian homes in contested east Jerusalem - despite indications the Israeli leader has put the brakes on both."
My Way News - Kremlin: Medvedev, Obama speak about Mideast
My Way News reports: "Their telephone conversation, which the Kremlin said lasted for an hour and a half, came as the United States tries to build support for new sanctions against Iran. The Kremlin said Medvedev briefed Obama about his trip this week to Syria and Turkey, where he had made clear Moscow's willingness to play an active part in efforts to bring peace to the Middle East."

Russia and Turkey Sign Pact for Nuclear Reactor -
The New York Times reports: "Turkey and Russia signed 17 agreements on Wednesday to enhance cooperation in energy and other fields, including pacts to build Turkey’s first nuclear power plant and furthering plans for an oil pipeline from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean."

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Way News - Israel pledges to keep Jerusalem undivided
My Way News reports: "Israel's prime minister pledged to keep Jerusalem undivided despite Palestinian claims to its eastern half, as Israelis celebrated the 43rd anniversary Wednesday of the city's reunification in the 1967 Mideast War."

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Way News - Russia: Mideast tension could spark catastrophe
My Way News reports: "Russia's president said Tuesday that Israeli-Arab tensions threaten to draw the Middle East into a new catastrophe [...] The Russian and Syrian presidents, meeting in Damascus, also affirmed ally Iran's right to develop a peaceful nuclear energy program, as world powers press for new economic sanctions to try to stop what they say is really a drive for an atomic weapons capability."
My Way News - Drifting satellite threatens US cable programming
My Way News reports: "Communications company Intelsat said it lost control of the Galaxy 15 satellite on April 5, possibly because the satellite's systems were knocked out by a solar storm."
My Way News - Muhammad cartoonist 'head-butted' during lecture
My Way News reports: "A Swedish artist who angered Muslims by depicting the Prophet Muhammad as a dog was assaulted as furious protesters interrupted his university lecture about the limits of free speech."

Comment: religion of peace, religion of peace, religion of peace, religion of peace, religion of peace - repeat mantra as often as necessary and in defiance of facts, in order to have a proper view of the role of Islam, a great religion of peace.

Monday, May 10, 2010

My Way News - Israel says it's better prepared for war with Iran
My Way News reports: "Israel's deputy premier said Monday that Israel's air force has improved its capabilities and is better prepared for a war with Iran, considered a dangerous enemy because of its nuclear program."
BBC News - At least 100 killed in Iraqi violence
BBC News reports: "More than 100 people have died and 350 been wounded in a series of shootings and suicide bombings in Iraq - the worst day of violence there this year."
DEBKAfile - US sends Israel smart bombs to match Syrian missiles for Hizballah
DEBKAfile reports: "The United States recently renewed supplies to the Israeli Air Force of [...] substantial quantities of smart bombs [...] most of them suitable for striking Hizballah fortifications in Lebanon and Hamas tunnels in the Gaza Strip."
My Way News - EU creates $1 trillion package to save euro
My Way News reports: "The European Union put up a staggering $1 trillion Monday to contain its spreading government debt crisis and keep it from tearing the euro currency apart and derailing the global economic recovery."

Sunday, May 09, 2010

CNN - Quake strikes off Indonesia coast
CNN reports: "A 7.4-magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Indonesia on Sunday but did not trigger a tsunami, the National Weather Service said."

Saturday, May 08, 2010

My Way News - Palestinian approval clears way for Mideast talks
My Way News reports: "Formal Palestinian approval of indirect talks with Israel cleared the way Saturday for President Barack Obama's first sustained on-the-ground attempt to bring peace to the Middle East."
My Way News - Lebanese government won't ask Hezbollah to disarm
My Way News reports: "A U.N. deal to end the 2006 war between Israel and the Shiite militants required Hezbollah to disarm, but Lebanon's politicians have been unable to agree on a national defense strategy that would integrate the group's weapons into the regular armed forces [...] A recent Israeli claim that Hezbollah's arsenal includes Scud missiles transferred from Syria has provoked another exchange of warnings between Israel and Lebanon."
My Way News - Taliban vow new Afghan offensive with Karzai in US
My Way News reports: "In an attempt to steal the spotlight from Afghan President Hamid Karzai's trip to Washington, the Taliban on Saturday threatened to launch a series of attacks across Afghanistan - a claim the defense minister quickly dismissed as insurgent propaganda."
My Way News - Pakistan tests 2 missiles, wants nuke recognition
My Way News reports: "Pakistan successfully test-fired two ballistic missiles Saturday capable of carrying nuclear warheads, the military said, as the Islamic nation's leader urged the world to recognize it as a legitimate nuclear power."

Friday, May 07, 2010

My Way News - Peres: Israel ready for deal on Palestinian state
My Way News reports: "Israel is ready to negotiate the terms of Palestinian statehood, although it wants its security concerns addressed in the initial stages of indirect talks, the Israeli president said Friday after meeting with the U.S. Mideast envoy."
My Way News - Babylon ruins torn between preservation and profit
My Way News reports: "A U.S.-funded program to restore the ruins of Iraq's ancient city of Babylon is threatened by a dispute among Iraqi officials over whether the priority should be preserving the site or making money off it."

Thursday, May 06, 2010

CNN - Violence in Athens after Greek austerity vote
CNN reports: "Thousands of demonstrators had gathered in front of Parliament to show their anger, and as dusk fell bottles were thrown at police, who responded with tear gas and pepper spray, said CNN's Diana Magnay, who was at the scene."
My Way News - Palestinian leader warns of Hamas arms smuggling
My Way News reports: "The Palestinian president on Thursday accused Hamas of smuggling large amounts of weapons into the West Bank as part of the militant group's efforts to undermine his administration."
My Way News - Israel refuses to address world pressure on nukes
My Way News reports: "Israel on Thursday declined to address the international pressure that's been mounting for it to join the nuclear nonproliferation treaty, saying only that its refusal to acknowledge or deny it possesses atomic weapons is a pillar of its military deterrence."
My Way News - Wall St. rollercoaster: Stocks fall nearly 10 pct
My Way News reports: "A computerized selloff possibly caused by a simple typographical error triggered one of the most turbulent days in Wall Street history Thursday and sent the Dow Jones industrials to a loss of almost 1,000 points, nearly a tenth of their value, in less than half an hour. It was the biggest drop ever during a trading day."
MSNBC - Atom-smashing scientists expect exotic results
MSNBC reports: "Scientists working on the Big Bang project probing the secrets of the cosmos said on Wednesday their giant particle collider is on course to make unexpected discoveries about the origins and makeup of the universe."
My Way News - Is there really a cyberwar? Term might be misused
My Way News reports: "Is there really a 'cyberwar' going on? Some officials and computer security companies say yes, arguing that armies of hackers are stealing online secrets and using the Internet to attack infrastructure such as power grids."
My Way News - First non-Latin Internet domain names activated
My Way News reports: "Three Mideast countries have become the first to get Internet addresses entirely in non-Latin characters. Domain names in Arabic for Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates were added to the Internet's master directories on Wednesday, following final approval last month by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN."
My Way News - 1 Chinese baby born with syphilis every hour
My Way News reports: "Every hour a baby is born in China with syphilis, as the world's fastest-growing epidemic of the disease is fueled by men with new money from the nation's booming economy, researchers say."

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

My Way News - After lengthy diplomacy, Mideast peace talks begin
My Way News reports: "A U.S. mediator launched Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations Wednesday after a break of more than a year, starting a shuttle mission between a hard-line Israeli government and a Palestinian administration in control of only part of its territory."
My Way News - Syria says US sanctions on Damascus fuel hostility
My Way News reports: "The U.S. renewed the six-year-old economic and diplomatic sanctions Monday, saying Syria has made some progress containing terror networks that Washington says use the country to infiltrate Iraq but that Damascus continues to support terrorists and pursue weapons of mass destruction."
My Way News - Iran begins new military maneuvers in Persian Gulf
My Way News reports: "Iran on Wednesday kicked off new war games and military maneuvers in the strategic Persian Gulf waters, the country's second military show of force in less than a month."
My Way News - Russian court jails 2 men for eating teenage girl
My Way News reports: "A Russian court has convicted two men of murdering and eating a 16-year-old schoolgirl in January."
My Way News - IAEA chief focuses on Israel
My Way News reports: "Islamic nations used the second day of the nonproliferation meeting Tuesday to call for a nuclear-free Middle East, while criticizing Israel for not divulging its nuclear capabilities and refusing to sign the nonproliferation treaty."

Comment: Iran threatens the existence of Israel and then later leads the charge to get Israel to disarm. Interesting tactic. It seems a bit absurd on the face of it, but the usual suspects are going along with it. Their party line: Israel is the problem.
My Way News - Local Pakistan politicians shelter militants
My Way News reports: "Leaders in Punjab province have flouted repeated calls from the U.S. for Pakistan to crack down on militant groups such as Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, which claimed responsibility for a failed car bombing in New York City last week."

My Way News - NY bomb suspect seen as good recruit for militants
My Way News reports: "The Pakistani-American accused of trying to explode a bomb in Times Square was able to move easily between the two countries and came from a family of wealth and privilege - a near-perfect background for an international terrorist group wanting to steal into the United States and launch an attack."

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

My Way News - Environmentalists warn Jordan River drying up
My Way News reports: "Christian pilgrims who flock to the Jordan River to immerse themselves in the water where Jesus was baptized may have nothing left to dunk in next year [...] much of what remains is nothing but a canal of sewage, they said in a report released Monday."
My Way News - NKorea's Kim to meet Chinese leaders on rare visit
My Way News reports: "North Korea's reclusive leader Kim Jong Il was making his way Tuesday to China's capital on a rare overseas trip meant to be so secret that Beijing refused to confirm it - despite videos shot by foreign media showing him leaving a Chinese hotel."
My Way News - Pakistan native admits to Times Square bomb plot
My Way News reports: "Seized from a plane about to fly to the Middle East, a Pakistan-born man admitted training to make bombs at a terrorism camp in his native land before he rigged an SUV with a homemade device to explode in Times Square, authorities said Tuesday."

My Way News - Pakistan makes arrests over Times Square bomb
My Way News reports: "Pakistani authorities have detained several people in connection with the bombing attempt in New York's Times Square, intelligence officials said Tuesday."

Monday, May 03, 2010 - Famine Persists in Niger, but Denial Seems in the Past
The New York Times reports: "Outside the state food warehouses here, women sift in the dirt for spilled grains of rice. Seven hundred miles to the east, mothers pluck bitter green berries and boil them for hours in an attempt to feed their children. In urban slums and desert villages, one word is on all lips: famine."
My Way News - US envoy seeks to launch Israeli-Palestinian talks
My Way News reports: "The U.S. Mideast envoy returned to the region and Israel's prime minister huddled with Egypt's president Monday in anticipation of the first Israeli-Palestinian peace talks in more than a year."

Expatica Spain - EU presidency hails Mideast peace talk moves
Expatica reports: "The Spanish EU presidency Sunday hailed moves to start indirect peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians. Spain, which holds the six-month rotating presidency of the EU, 'welcomes with satisfaction the latest developments around the peace process in the Middle East,' an official source said."
My Way News - Lee: Warship sinking was no 'simple accident'
My Way News reports: "President Lee Myung-bak ordered a thorough review of South Korea's military readiness Tuesday, calling the deadly sinking of a warship no 'simple accident' as officials inched closer to blaming North Korea in the incident."
My Way News - Pakistani Taliban promise US attacks post-NY scare
My Way News reports: "The Pakistani Taliban promise future attacks on major U.S. cities and appear to claim responsibility for an attempted car bombing in New York in three separate videos that surfaced after the weekend scare, monitoring groups said Monday."