Friday, July 01, 2011

Summer Hiatus
As the summer travel season begins I will be taking a break from this blog. I will be using the Twitter service instead. So, please join me in keeping up with events here:

Please add this to your bookmarks and if you are on Twitter, please feel free to follow me and send me a direct message (DM) to let me know. I think it would be great to build a larger Bible prophecy community on Twitter. I also have several Twitter lists that you might be interested in following, lists devoted to world news and Bible prophecy.

Happy Canada Day to our Canadian visitors and happy Independence Day to our American visitors!
My Way News - Huge protests grip Syria; 14 killed in clashes
My Way News reports: "Hundreds of thousands of protesters flooded cities around Syria on Friday in what activists described as the largest outpouring against the regime of President Bashar Assad and a powerful message of the opposition's resolve. At least 14 people were killed in various clashes, activists said."
My Way News - China's communists mark 90th, hail party's success
My Way News reports: "Chinese President Hu Jintao celebrated the Communist Party on its 90th anniversary Friday for its ability to adapt and said it must use that skill to fight corruption and ease social conflict if it is to stay in power."
My Way News - Pakistan college contest: Praise for bin Laden
My Way News reports: "The poem and essay competition at the prestigious Punjab University shows the footholds of hard-line Islamists on college campuses and growing efforts to raise their profile and influence even in the relatively cosmopolitan atmosphere of Pakistan's culture capital, Lahore."