Friday, February 27, 2009

BBC NEWS - Industrial unrest in Europe
BBC News reports: "As signs of the economic slowdown begin to be felt across Europe, protests are spreading."

Comment: This report features an interactive map which demonstrates how the global economic crisis is impacting Europe. Will this crisis draw the countries of the European Union closer together and allow stronger central institutions to emerge? Stay tuned.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

NASA - Gamma-ray Flare Star
NASA reports: "NASA's Swift and Fermi spacecraft are monitoring a neutron star 30,000 light years from Earth that is drawing attention to itself with a series of powerful gamma-ray flares."

Monday, February 09, 2009

My Way News - Military: 2 Gaza rockets hit southern Israel
AP reports: "Two rockets fired by Palestinian militants struck southern Israel on Sunday, Israel's military said, violating an informal truce even as Israel and Gaza's Hamas rulers appeared to hurry closer to a long-term cease-fire deal two days before Israeli elections."

Friday, February 06, 2009

My Way News - Saudi Arabia says only mosques allowed
AP reports: "A Saudi Arabian official says mosques can be the only places of worship in his country, rejecting pressure to change heavy restrictions on religious besides Islam."

Comment: Where are the politically correct tolerance police when you need them? Oh wait, it's Islam, they get a free pass. It's the religion of peace, don't you know.
My Way News - Iran-bound cargo seized in Greece, official says
AP reports: "The cargo of a ship bound for Iran was seized near Athens because it violated an international embargo, a Greek government official said Friday, and a Greek newspaper reported that the vessel was carrying steel that can be used to make missile components."
My Way News - Georgia: 27 Russian jets sent to Abkhazia
AP reports: "Russia has announced plans to start building a naval base in Abkhazia on the Black Sea - a plan that prompted alarm in Europe and the United States."
My Way News - Biden will set US tone in European trip
AP reports: "The U.S. has some 33,000 soldiers in Afghanistan, and Obama is expected to send another 30,000 this year as his administration shifts its focus from the war in Iraq to the Afghan conflict."
My Way News - Analysis: Moscow uses base as tool in negotiation
AP reports: "Like the missile defense issue, the future of the U.S. base is a symptom of the deeper contest for influence in central and eastern Europe and in Central Asia. Russia has long been irritated by the U.S. military presence in what it considers its natural areas of influence in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, a strategically located region straddling Europe and close to volatile nations such as Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan."
My Way News - US concerned about release of Pakistani scientist
AP reports: "Khan helped Pakistan develop nuclear weapons and allegedly leaked atomic secrets to North Korea, Iran and Libya. He was freed Friday by a high court ruling."
My Way News - FDA: Ga. plant knowingly shipped tainted products
AP reports: "A Georgia peanut plant knowingly shipped salmonella-laced products as far back as 2007, at times sending out tainted products after tests confirmed contamination, according to inspection records released Friday."

Comment: It's a special kind of wickedness for a merchant to sell a product they know will harm others. It's one thing to say you want to make money, it's another to say you don't care who gets hurt as long as you make money.
My Way News - UN halts aid to Gaza, cites Hamas disruption
AP reports: "The U.N. agency for Palestinian refugees said Friday it has halted all aid shipments into the Gaza Strip due to interference by the ruling Hamas militant group. The U.N. Relief and Works agency said it made the decision after Hamas personnel intercepted an aid shipment for the second time this week."

Comment: It should be interesting to see how the media reports this incident, I mean, it runs so contrary to the popular narrative of Palestinians as peace loving people victimized by Israel. Here even the UN is saying these Hamas people are really bad guys, their stealing humanitarian aid from people who want to help them. I'm sure that in the end they will find some way to blame Israel for it, they always do.
In The Spotlite: Gang of Children Caught Roasting Live Puppies Over Bonfire - Video
In The Spotlite reports: "A gang of children from age 10 to early teens were caught slowly roasting two live young puppies over an open bonfire along a canal bank near Manchester, England. The two adorable puppies were clearly shocked and had huddled together for each other's protection."

Comment: Children in the wild are beastly savage creatures, this is why we have parents, to civilize them and teach them morality based on the Ten Commandments. A wicked society will fail in the duty to civilize children, who then will go on to do unspeakably cruel things to other people and, as in this case, animals.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

My Way News - Sea level rise may be worse than expected

AP reports: "Some studies have suggested that melting of ice in Antarctica and other areas could raise sea levels by 16 feet to 17 feet over the long run, a potential threat to coastal areas such as Washington, D.C., New York City and California. But a report in Friday's edition of the journal Science warns that factors not previously considered could one day boost that increase to up to 21 feet in some areas."
My Way News - Israel still dealing with international fallout
AP reports: "More than two weeks after halting its Gaza offensive, Israel is still dealing with the international fallout, including a very public spat with the leader of Turkey, a slew of war crimes allegations and broken ties with Venezuela, Bolivia and Qatar. [...] Those incidents followed weeks of protests in European capitals and across the Muslim world."

Comment: The world would be very happy if they would just stop defending themselves.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

My Way News - Iraq elections a setback for Iran
AP reports: "Iran appears to have suffered a setback in last weekend's Iraqi elections, with Tehran's closest allies losing key races in what suggests a public backlash to what many Iraqis see as undue Iranian influence in their country."
My Way News - Netanyahu: Gaza offensive stopped too soon
AP reports: "The front-runner for Israel's election next week said Israel's offensive against Hamas militants in Gaza last month did not go far enough. Benjamin Netanyahu told a security conference Wednesday the government stopped the operation before the military could halt Hamas arms smuggling through tunnels under Gaza's border with Egypt."

Comment: I'm watching the Israeli election closely, things are looking up for Netanyahu.
My Way News - US cmdr: Iran still supporting extremists in Iraq
AP reports: "The No. 2 U.S. commander in Iraq says Iran is still providing weapons, training and funding to Shiite extremists in Iraq - an allegation the Iranians have consistently denied."
My Way News - 6-nation talks on Iran in Germany
AP reports: "Countries leading the drive to resolve concerns about Iran's nuclear program welcomed Wednesday the new U.S. administration's readiness to engage with Tehran, a German official said. [...] The six nations have offered Iran a package of incentives if it suspends uranium enrichment and enters into talks on its nuclear program."
My Way News - Britain seeks new talks on nuclear disarmament
AP reports: "Britain's Foreign Secretary David Miliband says he wants major world powers to begin new talks aimed at ridding the world of nuclear weapons. [...] Miliband proposed a five-nation conference later this year to discuss how to work toward the goal."
My Way News - Vatican turnaround: Holocaust denier must recant
AP reports: "The Vatican, bowing to the growing furor over Pope Benedict XVI's decision to accept a return to the church of a prelate who denied the Holocaust, made a dramatic turnaround Wednesday and demanded the bishop recant. [...] 'Everybody knows he's an anti-Semite,' since Williamson has been vocal about his views, making speeches and publishing a blog, [Rabbi Marvin] Hier said. 'The other Holocaust deniers are rabid, anti-Semites who can't claim any legitimacy. But when a person calls himself bishop and he was invited back into the Catholic Church by none other than the pope, he brings with him an aura of legitimacy. And that legitimacy stains the pope. So the pope today finally made the right decision, that (Williamson) must recant.'"
My Way News - Aid agencies warn millions face hunger in Kenya
AP reports: "Millions of Kenyans risk hunger this year, according to the government and the U.N. World Food Program, unless international donors grappling with their own financial crises step in to provide massive aid."
My Way News - S. African dock workers won't unload Israeli goods
AP reports: "South African dock workers won't unload ships carrying goods from Israel in solidarity with the Palestinians, a union leader said Wednesday."
My Way News - Ky. Amish help non-Amish weather ice storm
AP reports: "Hundreds of thousands of people in Kentucky have been without electricity for their lights, furnaces, ovens and refrigerators since the killer storm hit more than a week ago, and some spots might not get power back for weeks."

Comment: This report is interesting because it underscores the severity of the winter storm. It's also interesting because of the example of Christian charity and compassion demonstrated by the Amish toward their neighbors. They are demonstrating the love of God in a very real way, and for that they should be commended. Of course, I'm writing this on a blog, which they will never see. Oh, the irony.
A Leap for Teleporting, Between Ions Feet Apart -
The New York Times reports: "Without quite the drama of Alexander Graham Bell calling out, “Mr. Watson, come here!” or the charm of the original “Star Trek” television show, scientists have nonetheless achieved a milestone in communication: teleporting the quantum identity of one atom to another a few feet away."
Executive pledges $100M to hospital for AIDS research -
AP reports: "A businessman is pledging $100 million to create a new institute that will search for an AIDS vaccine."
NASA - Green Comet Approaches Earth
NASA reports: "The comet makes its closest approach to Earth (0.41 AU) on Feb. 24, 2009. Current estimates peg the maximum brightness at 4th or 5th magnitude, which means dark country skies would be required to see it. No one can say for sure, however, because this appears to be Lulin's first visit to the inner solar system and its first exposure to intense sunlight. Surprises are possible."

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

My Way News - Iran claims first launch of its own satellite

AP reports: "Iran sent its first domestically made satellite into orbit, the president announced Tuesday, a key step for an ambitious space program that worries the U.S. and other world powers because the same rocket technology used to launch satellites can also deliver warheads."
My Way News - Israel strikes tunnels, Gaza militants fire rocket
AP reports: "Israeli warplanes bombed the Gaza-Egypt border Tuesday, aiming for tunnels used by Gaza's Hamas rulers to smuggle in weapons and supplies in strikes launched after a Palestinian rocket hit a city in southern Israel."
My Way News - Britain: 15 terror suspects under house arrest
AP reports: "Terror suspects being held under Britain's house arrest-style detention program are in contact with extremists and plan to carry out attacks in future, the lawyer responsible for overseeing the country's terror laws said Tuesday."
My Way News - Russia, Belarus to create joint air defense system
AP reports: "Russia and Belarus will create a new military system to monitor and defend their air space, the Kremlin said Tuesday - strengthening cooperation between the two uneasy allies who are deeply suspicious of U.S. plans to put a missile defense shield in Europe."
My Way News - Militants cut US, NATO supply line to Afghanistan
AP reports: "Militants blew up a bridge in northwest Pakistan on Tuesday, cutting the major supply line for U.S.-led troops in Afghanistan with an explosion that turned the narrow span into a jagged metal 'V.'"
My Way News - Reports: NKorea preparing long-range missile test
AP reports: "North Korea's apparent preparations for a ballistic missile test, reportedly detected by South Korean officials monitoring a train headed to a launch site, appear to be the country's latest attempt to get President Barack Obama's attention. [...] The North reportedly has been trying to develop an advanced version of Taepodong-2 capable of striking the west coast of the mainland United States."
My Way News - New school to study ways to harness tech's power
AP reports: "Technology is changing the world so rapidly that even geniuses need help making sense of it all. [...] Students will be required to spend three weeks immersing themselves in 10 fields of study, including computing, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, energy, law and finance. Another three weeks will be spent delving even deeper into one of the 10 fields before devoting the final three weeks to a special project."

Monday, February 02, 2009

My Way News - Israel rules out Hamas contacts, threatens force
AP reports: "Israel's foreign minister threatened Monday to keep hitting Hamas as long as it attacks Israel, ruling out negotiations with the Islamic rulers of Gaza just eight days before national elections in which she is running for prime minister."
My Way News - Hamas leader thanks Iran for help in Gaza fight
AP reports: "Hamas' top political leader thanked Iran Monday for its support during Israel's Gaza offensive, calling his movement's most powerful ally a 'partner in victory.'"
My Way News - London crawling: Snow shuts down British capital
AP reports: "The biggest snowfall to hit London in 18 years idled the city's trademark red buses and Underground trains Monday, stranded thousands of airline passengers, and raised the vexing question of why a predicted winter storm caught authorities so unprepared."
My Way News - Pakistan army kills 35 militants in Swat valley
AP reports: "Pakistan's military says it has killed at least 35 Islamist militants in a northwestern valley increasingly overrun with insurgents."
My Way News - Dismay as Gadhafi chosen to lead African Union
AP reports: "Moammar Gadhafi of Libya was elected Monday as leader of the African Union, a position long sought by the eccentric dictator who wants to push his oil-rich nation into the international mainstream after years of isolation."
My Way News - Texas mother convicted in 2-year-old girl's death
AP reports: "A mother was convicted of capital murder Monday for the death of her 2-year-old daughter, who was whipped with belts and flung onto a tile floor to teach her manners, before her body was dumped in a box in Galveston Bay."