Saturday, November 18, 2000

Quick Recap

Ok, I admit it, I've been pretty busy lately and have again neglected this blog. I could blame it on the pace of events, there's so much going on, it's difficult to single one even out for clever commentary. In just the last few days we have had (1) a series of major earthquakes in the Pacific; (2) a dramatic increase in tensions between the Israelis and Palestinians, with the U.S. Defense Secretary warning that the conflict could spread to the entire region; (3) a senior Chinese military official said that he believes there will be war over Taiwan in the next five years and they are preparing for it; (4) the Ebola outbreak in Uganda continues, as does the cholera outbreak in South Africa and in Europe, people are getting a bit mad about mad cow disease; (5) and finally, the Leonid meteor shower peaks this weekend. I've probably left out some other major events, but that is a quick recap of some of the latest news of prophetic significance.

Monday, November 13, 2000

Left Behind Movie News

I'm starting to get some initial word of mouth from those who have seen the video version of the Left Behind movie. I don't want to ruin it for anyone, so if you want to know what I've heard, e-mail me. Otherwise, you will just have to wait until February like the rest of us. No, I still have not seen it. I may post a review when I do, but I will probably wait until it's realeased.
Israeli Tells U.S. That Mideast Violence Could Spread

While the U.S. remained fixated on ballot counting in the state of confusion, er.., I mean Florida, the Deputy Defense Minister of Israel warned today that the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians could lead to full-scale confrontation in the Middle East, dragging in Iran, Iraq and Syria. A regional war in the Mideast is a real possibility at this point. On the Arab side, there continue to be renewed calls for holy war, for a jihad to liberate Jerusalem. Great, another crusades, just what the world needs. But, of course, none of that really matters because it has nothing to do with Florida.

Sunday, November 12, 2000

Clinton Meets Barak As Violence Rages On

So, the meeting between Clinton and Barak finally did happen. It looked for a while like it would be delayed because of the hijacking. Fortunately, that ended well and Barak proceeded to Washington. No real details yet on how the meeting went, but will keep you posted.

Saturday, November 11, 2000

Barak To Meet With Clinton Against Backdrop of Violence

So, as the U.S. media give us all election news all the time, there is an important meeting coming up between Barak and Clinton regarding the stalled Middle East peace talks. The U.S. is in an interesting position, since we have already pushed Israel into concessions many thought were impossible. Arafat though, does not seem to be offering any compromises of his own. If anything, he seems intent on undermining the U.S. role by seeking a great UN or European role in the peace talks. It will be interesting to see if this meeting yields any new developments.

Friday, November 10, 2000

Election Free Zone

This blog is officially an election free zone. There will be no discussion of the American electoral system or how absurd it is to have the election process hijacked by voters too stupid to punch the correct hole on the ballot next to the black arrow indicating the correct hole to punch. Instead, I'll probably focus on the Middle East and the potential for war there, perhaps on Iraq's success in undermining international sanctions, or on the Ebola outbreak that refuses to be contained. There is so much going on in the world, and though you may not pick up on this from the major news media, very little of it has to do with the state of Florida.

Wednesday, November 08, 2000

Two Die of Haemorrhagic Fever In Pakistan

Here is an item for your pestilence files. Just as the World Health Organization is saying that the Ebola outbreak in Uganda has been contained, there has been another outbreak, this time in Pakistan. Two people have already died. So, the question is, are these outbreaks related, or are they separate incidents?

Saturday, November 04, 2000

Officials Suspect New Ebola Case in South Uganda

It looks as if the Ebola virus continues to spread in Uganda. They thought they had it under control. I wonder how do you place an entire country under medical quarantine?

Friday, November 03, 2000

Two Dead, Gun Battle Rages Despite Mideast Truce

New fighting between Palestinians and Israelis broke out near Bethlehem today, despite the ceasefire agreement that was supposedly reached between Peres and Arafat. So much for the latest period of peace in this "peace process." Check out this photo of people fleeing from the fighting, it's positively surreal. It looks like it was staged, like something out of Hollywood.

Thursday, November 02, 2000

Bomb Rocks Jerusalem Market; Truce Announcement Delayed

Well, I was debating whether or not to send news of the latest Middle East truce to the updates list, but I held off. I'm glad I did, because it looks like there is no truce at all. I have to admit, I was skeptical about the latest truce from the very start. I expected Peres to emerge from his meeting yesterday with Arafat, waiving a signed paper and saying "peace in our time." There is a new status quo now, and it's not peace.

Wednesday, November 01, 2000

People Get Ready: A Musical Collection Inspired by the Left Behind Series

I received the cd I ordered today called "People Get Ready." I had low expectations. This isn't the soundtrack to the Left Behind movie, it's a compilation of songs relating to or inspired by the popular book series. What can I say? Wow! There's not a bad song on the cd. It's an eclectic mix of styles and I usually don't like that, but in this case it works. Even if you are not familiar with the Left Behind series, or if you don't subscribe to that particular view of eschatology, it's still great Christian music. The lead song, "People Get Ready" by Crystal Lewis is a wonderful anthem that will have you singing along in no time. "Come Quickly Lord" is so upbeat and memorable is should be played on Top 40 pop stations, really, it could be a hit. Personally, I really like "New Body" by Audio Adrenaline, though you would probably find that on a college music station and not a pop station. The producers did a great job of assembling a diverse group of artists representing various styles of music who are joined together by one common theme: their faith in Jesus.
Wireless Tracking Device Coming Soon

The age of pervasive computing is about to begin, enabled by the wireless Internet, cell phones, digital implants and secure e-commerce. It will be revolutionary. Of course, these things tend to start small, usually with a novelty application, but the killer application is just around the corner, it will do for the wireless web and m-commerce what e-mail did for the Internet. The day is coming when you will have an invisible datasphere surrounding you, it can contain as much personal data as you like and as permeable as you like, but it will be there, surrounding your body like a wireless ethereal cloud of bits and bites, ready to interact with others and the net at large. Imagine going into a restaurant and placing your order, eating your meal, and leaving, all without reaching into your wallet. Your purchase, from initial order to final payment is conducted seamlessly over the wireless Internet using your previously established direct debit settings. Don't want to authorize that restaurant for direct wireless debit anymore (the service was terrible!), just change your system settings. Or, meet a new person at a business meeting and exchange personal contact info wirelessly all without those annoying PDAs that you actually have to hold in your hand. Forget yor palm, we are talking your body here. You are your data. That day is almost here. It's not the "mark of the beast" but it's a necessary step in the evolution of the technology.