Friday, August 31, 2001

Afghan Taliban Shut Two More Christian Aid Agencies
The Taliban have shut down two more humanitarian relief agencies working in Afghanistan. IAM and SERVE are the latest to come under Taliban suspicion of promoting Christianity. Submitted for your persecution files.
Mideast Bid to Set Up Talks Between Arafat and Peres
It looks like next week might see a meeting between Peres and Arafat, probably to talk about how amazingly well the cease-fire is going.

Wednesday, August 29, 2001

Afghans to Try Foreign Aid Workers
It looks like the SNI aid workers will be put on trial by the Taliban. While they may face execution, most likely they will be deported. The Afghanis who worked with them and converted to Christianity, on the other hand, almost certainly will be executed. Submitted for your persecution files.

Tuesday, August 28, 2001

Missionary Shot Dead in Philippines
An item for your believers persecuted and gospel preached to all files.
U.S. Jets Attack Military Targets in Iraq
Another item for your war files, another day, another attack on Iraq.
Israeli Forces Take Over Arab Areas in West Bank
An item for your rumor of war and Jerusalem Strategic Area files, the latest Israeli move in the not-quite-a-ceasefire, not-quite-a-war situation in the Middle East.

Monday, August 27, 2001

Calls For Total Sharia In Nigeria
The imposition of Sharia in Nigeria would be very bad news for believers there. Submitted for your believers persecuted files.
Israel Tests Missile Defense System
An item for your files on the Jerusalem Strategic Area.
Colin Powell Backs Out of U.N. Racism Conference
I'm very happy to see the U.S. standing by Israel. To think that there is still so much international sentiment to declare Israel a racist country is just shocking. Did the world community learn nothing from WWII?
Iraq Shoots Down U.S. Spy Plane
If confirmed, this would be a first for Iraq. Submitted for your rumor of war files.

Saturday, August 25, 2001

Airstrike Targets Iraqi Radar
An item for your rumor of war files, an allied airstrike on an Iraqi radar station may have wounded one person, according to Iraq.
West Nile Virus Feared Spreading
An item for your pestilence files.
Huge Indian Earthquakes Called Unavoidable
An item for your quake files, scientists predict a huge Indian quake at some point in the future.
Mega Asteroid Is A Record Breaker
An item for your signs in the heavens files, a giant asteroid discovered far out in the solar system.
Modern Missionaries
An item for your gospel preached to all and believers persecuted files, a look at missionary activity in Islamic countries, particularly Afghanistan.
Lawmakers Get First-Hand Look At Bioterrorist Target
A very scary item for your rumor of war and possibly famine files. The threat of agricultural bioterrorism is very real.
Eight Dead in Mid-East Attacks
The Palestinians went on the offensive today, no Israeli response yet, but it is certain.
Palestinians Abandon UN Resolution
Arafat has found he does not have quite as much international support as he had assumed. He also found that the U.S. is still firmly behind Israel. I think this also explains why he quickly ran off to China to huddle with his buddies there and drum up the support of a key member of the Security Council.

Thursday, August 23, 2001

Taliban Minister Says Red Cross Can Meet Detainees
A glimmer of hope for the SNI aid workers arrested by the Taliban and charged with promoting Christianity. Let's pray the Red Cross is allowed to meet with them and that they are safe and will be released soon. Submitted for your believers persecuted files.

Wednesday, August 22, 2001

China Urges Restraint in M.East Before Arafat Talks
Sometimes there is a news item that really brings together strands of prophecy in a powerful way. The above link to a Reuters news story is one of them. Most people don't realize that China has strategic interests in the Middle East, has an ongoing relationship with Israel, and has been asked by Arafat to appoint a peace envoy to the region. Submitted for your covenant with many and kings from the East files.

Tuesday, August 21, 2001

Hubble Telescope Snaps Best Picture Yet Of Mars
An item for your signs in the heavens files, new Hubble pics of Mars. I really love astronomy, and though some would say this is not really a "sign" of anything, I'd suggest that technology has allowed us to see more of the heavens than ever before, and the heavens proclaim the glory of God.
Anger Over Face-Scanning Cameras
An item for your mark of the beast files, yet another article on the scan cam threat to civil liberties and personal privacy.
U.S. Determines Russia Still Helping Iranian Nukes
An item for your king of the north and Persia files. The Middle East Newsline is reporting that the U.S. has intel that Russia is continuing to help Iran acquire their own nuclear capability. I suppose we could also file this under our Jerusalem Strategic Area category.
Arabs Bash Israel in Security Council
Another item for your ten kings files, this one on how the UN has become a forum for anti-Israel sentiment. Actually, it always has been, but you know what I mean.
Security Council Members Urge Iraq to Cooperate on Issue of Missing Kuwaitis
An item for your ten kings files. Yes, I know, the UNSC has 15 members and only five really matter, but there are always calls to restructure the Council, so you never know.
Lebanese Court Releases Christians
I debated whether or not to post this under the persecution sign, since it is not really what we think of as persecution. Unlike the situation with the Taliban arrests of SNI aid workers, the situation here appears to be primarily political and not so much religious. That is to say, they are Christians in the same way Christian Democrats are Christian, it's a political identifier.
Sharon 'Offers New Peace Deal'
According to the BBC, Sharon has offered to negotiate a new cease-fire with the PLA. Another cease-fire. Well, stay tuned, maybe Arafat will accept this one.
Good for the Soul - And The Bottom Line
This Washington Post article notes the increase in what they call the new "spiritual economics" of corporate spirituality, or a "a quasi-religious movement, one without a god or theological foundation but filled with moral attitudes and guidelines common to all religions." This would seem to be an opportunity for Christians to share their faith alongside co-workers into yoga, meditation and other forms or neo-pagan spiritualism. On the other hand, it could also be a portent of the feel-good ecumenical religion many feel is the shape of religion in the future.

Saturday, August 18, 2001

Wakf Digging May Have Damaged Southern Wall of Temple Mount
More evidence of damage due to PLA efforts to physically remove evidence of the Second Temple. It's a crime, against both God and archeology.
Rev. Moon Backs Fast by Catholic Archbishop's Wife
Some news on the Rev. Sun Myung Moon. Did you know that he claims to be the messiah? Submitted for your false Christ files.

Friday, August 17, 2001

Teenager Converts Bible Passages Into Text Messages
An item for your gospel preached to all files, taking the Bible to the masses, once text message at a time.
U.S. Concerned Over Libyan Missile Program
An item for your battle for Jerusalem files, some concerns about Libya's miliatary capabilities. It's always wise to pay attention to those Middle East countries specifically mentioned in prophecy.
Israel Thwarts New Bomb Attack
Israel foils another bomb attack by Islamic Jihad.

Wednesday, August 15, 2001

Arafat: Israel to build Third Temple on Al-Aksa site
Guess who is talking about the Third Temple - Sharon? Temple Mount Faithful? No, it's Yasser Arafat. Of course, he is talking about the Temple for his own propaganda purposes, but still, it's interesting.

Tuesday, August 14, 2001

Taliban Will Put Christians On Trial
An update on the international aid workers accused of spreading Christianity. I'm sure the Taliban have a fair and impartial judicial system, no need for concern. I wonder if they allow defense lawyers? Submitted for your believers persecuted and gospel preached to all files.
Vatican: Archbishop Gives Up Wife
Ok, let me see if I can get this right, an archbiship of the RCC becomes a cult member and gets married, someone points out that this is a problem because priests are not supposed to get married (it's written in the Bible somewhere, right?), so he is encouraged to dump the wife. Nice. Ok, and the issue is that he got married, not that he joined the Unification Church? Submitted for your false Christs files.
New technologies may revolutionize war
An interesting article about new technology. Ok, more than interesting, I'd say it's must reading for anyone really considering the shape of wars to come.
U.S. Warplanes Strike Iraqi Missile Site
You know, according to the media, the Gulf War is over, it ended in 1991. Really? Can I see that peace treaty, please?
Bush Defends Mideast Policy, Upbraids Arafat
Anyone else confused? While the State Department condemns Israel, Bush slams Arafat. I think Bush and Powell need to get on the same page.
Israeli Tanks Deploy in West Bank
The latest in today's moves in the Middle East, submitted for your rumor of war and battle for Jerusalem files.

Monday, August 13, 2001

Egypt Prepares for Prospect of Conflict
An item for your rumor of war and battle for Jerusalem files, it seems Egypt is considering options as pressure mounts to actively side with the Palestinians should military intervention be called for.
Afghan Taliban Say Foreign Aid Workers Face Trial
An item for your believers persecuted and gospel preached to all files, the situation for those international aid workers arrested and charged with spreading Christianity has not improved. They have been denied consular access and will be forced to stand trial. Denial of consular access is a violation of the Vienna Convention. Of course, the Taliban never signed that particular convention and they are not the recognized sovereign authority in Afghanistan. One can hardly expect a group of armed thugs to have respect for international law.
'Big Brother' Watching? In Britain, Quite Likely
An item for your mark of the beast files, an article about the extensive use of surveillance cameras in Great Britain.

Sunday, August 12, 2001

Armey Wages Privacy Crusade
I would file this under your mark of the beast files, even though it has little to do with biometrics or e-commerce, it has a lot to do with freedom, and freedom from unwelcome surveillance.
NY Confirms First Human West Nile Case of Summer
An item for your pestilence files. More info on the spread of the West Nile virus.
China Reportedly Begins Exercises Close to Taiwan
Submitted for your rumor of war files. You never know when a friendly little exercise can turn into something more.
Israel Defiant Over Jerusalem
I think we have reached a new milestone in the battle for Jerusalem.
15 Wounded by Bomber in Israeli Restaurant
Another day, another bombing.

Saturday, August 11, 2001

Allies Hit Hard at Saddams Air Defence Sites
More coverage of the latest allied strike on Iraq, submitted for your war files.
Israeli Police Seize Palestinian Offices
What an inspired move, the perfect political reply to Arafat's continued support for Hamas and Fatah.

Friday, August 10, 2001

Nightline Asks "When is it war?"
"But is it war when F-16 fighters are launching missiles? When tanks are entering towns? Is it war when the enemy headquarters have been occupied? Is it a war when a continuing stream of suicide bombers bring widespread terror to the civilian population? There are certainly many who would say this isn't careening toward war; this is war." Sara Just, Senior Producer, ABC News NIGHTLINE

Terrorism Possible Motive in Creation of Computer Worm Virus, Officials Say
Evidence is mounting that the latest series of computer virus attacks (Code Red, SirCam) may not be the result of your typical antisocial teenage hacker. Submitted for your rumor of war files.
U.S. and British Warplanes Attack Air Defense Targets in Iraq
Submitted for your war and rumor of war files, the latest response by allied forces to Iraqi provocations.
Israel Stunned by Jerusalem Blast
More info on the suicide bombing.

Thursday, August 09, 2001

TB Outbreak Strikes 22 Students
An item for your pestilence files, regarding an outbreak of tuberculosis in Japan.
Solar Wind Surfing
An article on the solar wind, for your signs in the sun files.
Taliban Seizes Aid Workers Bibles
More details are emerging on the Taliban arrests of the aid workers accused of spreading Christianity. Submitted for your persecution files.
Saddam Threatens America
An item for your rumor of war files, Saddam continues his PR offensive.
Jerusalem Blast Kills at Least 15
The latest on the amazing ceasefire, submitted for your rumor of war and battle for Jerusalem files.

Tuesday, August 07, 2001

Monday, August 06, 2001

Israeli Intelligence Report Projects War in 2002
An item for your rumor of war and battle for Jerusalem files, a report suggesting that Israeli intelligence is considering war plans. I would hope so.
Afghan Taliban Consider Aid Workers' Fate
A follow up on the arrest of aid workers in Afghanistan accused of spreading Christianity. It does not look good for them and your prayers are needed. Submitted for your believers persecuted files.
Visionics Receives Order for 30 Live Scan Systems to Alabama Bureau of Investigation
An item for your mark of the beast files, a report on biometric technology being purchased by law enforcement officials in the state of Alabama.

Sunday, August 05, 2001

Taliban Close Office of U.S. Group
An item for your believers persecuted files, the rulers of much of the country of Afghanistan (if you can call it a country anymore) have closed the office of a U.S. based relief organization and arrested its employees. The charge - propagating Christianity. The Wisconsin based organization has provided food and supplies to impoverished Afghanis for years. Not only have the employees of the organization, Shelter Now, been arrested, those Muslims they came into contact with have also been arrested and sent to religious re-education camps. According to the AP, 24 Shelter Now employees and 64 Afghanis have been arrested and charged with propagating Christianity, a crime punishable by death.

Friday, August 03, 2001

Biometric Technology Aims To Speed Air Travel
An item for your mark of the beast files, some news about biometric technology, specifically, iris scanning ID verification. This article describes the use of iris scanners to speed your way through airline checkout counters and baggage claim.
Iraq Defiant on Anniversary of Kuwait Invasion
More indications that Iraq is feeling a renewed sense of power and influence in the region, especially in light of the collapse of the sanctions and inspections regimes. You just can't keep a good dictator down, it seems.
Iraq-U.S. Sideshow to Mideast Turmoil Heats Up on Gulf War Anniversary
More commentary on the rising tensions between the U.S. and Iraq. People seem amazed at this, especially when I point out that the Gulf War never ended. The U.S. should take care to choose wisely the timing of any attack, and not let Saddam choose it according to his whims and propaganda purposes. Submitted for your rumor of war files.
U.S. Envoy in Israel Casts Doubt on Arafat
In the latest move in the Mideast diplomatic game, the U.S. seeks to place more pressure on Arafat to deliver on his side of the ceasefire.
Cholera Tally Hits 15 as Latest Case Confirmed
An item for your pestilence files, a cholera outbreak in Hong Kong has claimed 15 victims so far this year.
NATOs Move East Outflanks the EU
Of interest to those of you watching the Jerusalem Strategic Area (JSA). In the battle to forge a new European space, it looks as if NATO has the lead, according to this article in the International Herald Tribune, which notes the cultural and institutional problems the EU has encountered in it's expansion efforts.

Thursday, August 02, 2001

Jerusalem: City of Fear
Another report on the general mood in Jerusalem as conflict between Palestinians and Israelis continues.
Four in Hospital with Dengue Fever
Another item for your pestilence files, four people have been hospitalised after a dengue fever outbreak in Somoa.
West Nile Virus Surfaces in Ohio
An item for your pestilence files, the West Nile virus has been found in a dead bird in Ohio, the farthest west the disease has progressed, so far.
Gypsies Church Festival Puts Village in Uproar
An item for your gospel preached to all files, a news report about a curious combination of English reserve, born again Christians, and gypsy stereotypes.
China Satellite Targets U.S. Forces Here
According to Japan Today, China (our good friend, trade partner, and Olympic host) is using spy satellites to gather info on U.S. forces in Japan and other targets in Asia. Submitted for your rumor of war files.
Two U.S. Carriers Now in Persian Gulf
For your rumor of war files, more evidence that the U.S. is planning an attack on Iraq.
Bush, Pentagon Leaders Discuss Nuclear Forces
The status of American nuclear forces is being debated in the Bush White House. Under consideration, force restructuring aimed at reducing the number of nuclear weapons.
IBM joins crusade to reinvent the internet
For your wired world files, IBM leads the charge to build the next-generation Internet. It's a wired, wired world.
U.S. Seeks Changes To Promote Arms Exports
The world's number one exporter of arms would like to make it even easier to buy American. Gives Made In The USA a whole new meaning. Submitted for your rumor of war files.
Arafat Calls for Monitors as Israel Battles Criticism
Arafat visits the Pope and the Italian PM, calls for international observers to go to the Middle East to observe how Hamas builds and distributes car bombs.
Israel Foils Suicide Bombing
The latest ceasefire news, Israeli soldiers were able to prevent a suicide bomber from blowing himself up on a bus crowded with soldiers.

Wednesday, August 01, 2001

EU OKs Global Network for Secure Web Transactions
An item for your mark of the beast files, some news regarding digital identification technology. A new global system, called Identrus, has been set up by leading banks which allows people to secure business transactions over the Internet.
Turkey Offers Use Of Air Force Base To Egypt
An item of interest to those of you watching the Jerusalem Strategic Area. Turkey has a military alliance with Israel, and Israel has a peace treaty with Egypt, so the three of them would appear to be one big happy family, on the surface at least.
Tatarstan City Fights Outbreak of Cholera
An item for your pestilence files, there has been an outbreak of cholera in Russia, infecting as many as 33 people and may be responsible for the death of one man.
Scientists Say They Have Found Extraterrestrial Life in the Stratosphere But Peers Are Skeptical
An item for your signs in the heavens files, a team of scientists is claiming to have proof of ET microbial life in Earth's atmosphere. Their conclusions are not accepted by some of their colleagues. The debate continues.
Christian Aid helps Afghans Facing Starvation
An item for your famine files, a Christian group is helping to raise funds to feed starving Afghans.
Israel: Threat To Invade Palestinian Territories Is Real
Excellent analysis and commentary from Stratfor (get it while it's still free), more evidence that Israel has solid plans to take the ceasefire to the next level. Submitted for your rumor of war and battle for Jerusalem files.
Cut in interview with Colin Powell vexes Americans
Our good friends (trade partner and Olympic host) the Chinese, have broadcast an edited version of an interview with Colin Powell, leaving out mention of Taiwan and human rights. It seems they promised to show the whole thing. I'm sure it was just an oversight.
Israel Kills 8 in Attack on Leaders of Hamas
Another report on the latest Israeli attack on Hamas HQ, this one from the International Herald Tribune. Subitted for your rumor of war and battle for Jerusalem files.