Saturday, March 31, 2007

My Way News - Olmert: Time Not Right for Gaza Invasion
AP reports: "Israel's prime minister said Saturday he's not ready to order a large-scale military operation in Gaza, despite the military's warnings of a Hamas arms buildup in the coastal territory. [...] Last month, Israel's southern commander, Maj. Gen. Yoav Galant, warned that Iran is helping Hamas upgrade its fighting strength by providing technology, funding and direct military training."

Friday, March 30, 2007

My Way News - HIV Infections on the Rise in Asia
AP reports: "The number of people in Asia infected with the AIDS virus threatens to double over the next five years unless governments do more to stop the spread of HIV, officials said Friday. About 8.6 million people are infected in Asia with HIV."
My Way News - Pakistan Test-Fires Nuclear Missile
AP reports: "Pakistan successfully tested an indigenous short-range, nuclear-capable missile on Saturday, the military said. The surface-to-surface Abdali ballistic missile - with a range of 125 miles - was launched from an undisclosed location inside Pakistan."
My Way News - Second Captive Briton Apologizes to Iran
AP reports: "A captive Royal Marine was shown in new TV footage Friday apologizing for being in Iranian waters, and Tehran made public a third letter supposedly written by the only woman prisoner among 15 Britons seized by Iran's Revolutionary Guards."
My Way News - Dengue Surging in Mexico, Latin America
AP reports: "The deadly hemorrhagic form of dengue fever is increasing dramatically in Mexico, and experts predict a surge throughout Latin America fueled by climate change, migration and faltering mosquito eradication efforts."

Thursday, March 29, 2007

My Way News - Olmert: Arab Peace Plan Is Big Change
AP reports: "Prime Minister Ehud Olmert hailed a new peace initiative from Arab states as representing a 'revolutionary change' but repeated Israel's opposition to any return of Palestinian refugees in a series of newspaper interviews published Friday."
My Way News - Arab Leaders Warn of Mideast Arms Race
AP reports: "Arab leaders pushed ahead Thursday with plans to develop nuclear programs, even as they warned of a possible Middle East nuclear arms race created by their powerful rivals Israel and Iran."
My Way News - U.N. Urges Resolution of Iran Seizure
AP reports: "The U.N. Security Council expressed 'grave concern' Thursday over Iran's seizure of 15 British sailors and marines and called for an early resolution of the escalating dispute, but Iran's chief international negotiator suggested the captives might be put on trial."
My Way News - Iran Rolls Back on Pledge to Free Sailor
AP reports: "Iran on Thursday rolled back on a pledge to release a female British sailor, and a top official said the 15 captives may be put on trial."

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bizarre Hexagon Spotted on Saturn - Yahoo! News reports: "One of the most bizarre weather patterns known has been photographed at Saturn, where astronomers have spotted a huge, six-sided feature circling the north pole. [...] 'We've never seen anything like this on any other planet. Indeed, Saturn's thick atmosphere, where circularly-shaped waves and convective cells dominate, is perhaps the last place you'd expect to see such a six-sided geometric figure, yet there it is.'"

Click here for a larger image from CNet Upon closer inspection we see an inner and outer hexagon, as well as a center square.
My Way News - U.S. Wraps Up Persian Gulf Maneuvers
AP reports: "The United States wrapped up a massive military exercise in the Persian Gulf Wednesday, putting on a show of strength for Iran even as the United Arab Emirates became the second Gulf nation to declare it would not take part in any attack on the Islamic Republic."
My Way News - Iran: Britain Must Admit Navy Trespassed
AP reports: "Iran's foreign minister said Wednesday that Britain must admit that its 15 sailors and marines entered Iranian waters in order to resolve a standoff over their capture by the Mideast nation."
My Way News - Cities at Risk of Rising Seas
AP reports: "More than two-thirds of the world's large cities are in areas vulnerable to global warming and rising sea levels, and millions of people are at risk of being swamped by flooding and intense storms, according to a new study released Wednesday."

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My Way News - AT&T to Launch Mobile Banking
AP reports: "AT&T Inc. (ATT)'s Cingular Wireless plans to introduce mobile banking capabilities with four prominent banks, the biggest such initiative in the U.S. but still shy of the industry's long-discussed goal of turning cell phones into credit cards."
My Way News - Olmert, Abbas Agree to Biweekly Talks
AP reports: "The Israeli and Palestinian leaders will meet every two weeks for discussions aimed at paving the way for a final settlement to the Middle East conflict, officials said Tuesday, a small sign of momentum for the latest U.S. push to restart peace efforts."
My Way News - Arab Leaders to Renew Mideast Peace Plan
AP reports: "Saudi Arabia's foreign minister said Tuesday that Israel should accept a broad land-for-peace offer that Arab leaders plan to revive at a summit here this week, expressing frustration at Israel's hesitation over the initiative."
My Way News - U.S. Navy Flexes Muscles in Persian Gulf
AP reports: "American warplanes screamed off two aircraft carriers Tuesday as the U.S. Navy staged its largest show of force in the Persian Gulf since the 2003 invasion of Iraq, launching a mammoth exercise meant as a message to the Iranians."
My Way News - Blair Warns Iran Standoff Could Escalate
AP reports: "Prime Minister Tony Blair warned Tuesday that his government could make public evidence that a British navy crew was in Iraqi waters when it was captured by Iran, saying he was prepared to take the standoff to a 'different phase' if diplomacy fails to win their release."
My Way News - Arab Summit Considers Military Plan
AP reports: "Arab countries should forge closer military and security ties, including nuclear cooperation, according to a document to be discussed at this week's Arab summit here.[...] The six Arab states of the Gulf already have a military agreement and have set up the Gulf Shield Defense Force."
My Way News - Poor Countries Battle WHO Over Bird Flu
AP reports: "The World Health Organization might guarantee that poor nations get access to bird flu vaccines in the event of a pandemic, the top WHO flu official said Monday, hoping to end a dispute triggered by Indonesia's decision to stop sharing virus samples."

Saturday, March 24, 2007

VOA News - Rice Meets Arab Foreign Ministers in Aswan
VOA reports: "U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice met foreign ministers of four moderate Arab countries in the Egyptian city of Aswan Saturday as she began a new mission aimed at advancing Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts."
My Way News - Wash. State to Test 'Enhanced' Licenses
AP reports: "High-security driver's licenses aimed at letting U.S. citizens return from Canada without a passport could be adopted elsewhere if Washington state's experiment works, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said. [...] Radio frequency ID chips and other advanced security features also would make the enhanced licenses less vulnerable to forgery."
My Way News - U.S.: Defense Shield No Threat to Russia
AP reports: "Russia has nothing to fear from a missile defense shield the United States wants to deploy in Eastern Europe because the rockets would be too light, too slow and too close to pose a threat, a U.S. envoy said Friday."
My Way News - Merkel Challenges EU Members on Change
AP reports: "German Chancellor Angela Merkel challenged her fellow European leaders on Saturday to back a fundamental renewal of the European Union, seeking a way out of deadlock over the bloc's stalled constitution."
My Way News - Sweden Joins in Support for Palestinians
AP reports: "Sweden joined several other European countries in a show of support for the new Hamas-Fatah coalition, dispatching its foreign minister for talks Saturday with his Palestinian counterpart despite Israel's call for a diplomatic boycott."
My Way News - Belgium Reaches Out to Palestinian Gov't
AP reports: "Belgium became the latest Western nation to reach out to the new Palestinian government, declaring Friday that the unity coalition was more moderate than its Hamas-led predecessor."
My Way News - Iran Ups the Rhetoric on Seized Sailors
AP reports: "Iran claimed Saturday that 15 British sailors and marines had confessed to entering its waters in an act of 'blatant aggression,' an escalation of Tehran's rhetoric over the confrontation."
My Way News - U.N. Approves Tougher Sanctions on Iran
AP reports: "The U.N. Security Council unanimously voted Saturday to impose additional sanctions against Iran for its refusal to stop enriching uranium - a move intended to show Tehran that defiance will leave it increasingly isolated."
My Way News - Quake Shakes Vanuatu in South Pacific
AP reports: "A strong earthquake struck the South Pacific nation of Vanuatu Sunday but there were no immediate reports of damage or injuries. The magnitude 7.2 quake hit at 11:40 a.m. local time was located 210 miles southeast of the capital Port Vila and 75 miles south of the small volcanic island of Tanna, police said."
My Way News - Japan Quake Kills 1, Triggers Tsunamis
AP reports: "A strong earthquake struck Japan early Sunday, killing at least one person, violently shaking buildings and triggering two very small tsunamis which hit the coast, officials and media reports said."
CNN Breaking News -- The U.N. Security Council unanimously adopts a draft resolution to impose sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program.

Friday, March 23, 2007

My Way News - U.S. Boosts Missile Defense System Plans
AP reports: "U.S. officials are intensifying their campaign to build support in European capitals for plans to deploy a missile defense shield in Poland and the Czech Republic - a proposal that Russia contends could touch off a new arms race."
My Way News - Britain Demands Iran Free Seized Sailors
AP reports: "Naval forces of Iran's hardline Revolutionary Guards captured 15 British sailors and marines at gunpoint Friday in the Persian Gulf - a provocative move coming during heightened tensions between the West and Iran."
My Way News - France Puts Secret UFO Archive on Web
AP reports: "France is the first country to put its entire weird sightings archive online, said Jacques Patenet, who heads the space agency's UFO cell - the Group for Study and Information on Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena. [...] Only 9 percent of France's strange phenomena have been fully explained, the agency said. Experts found likely reasons for another 33 percent, and 30 percent could not be identified for lack of information."
CNN Breaking News -- Britain's Ministry of Defense confirms to CNN that Iranian naval vessels have seized 15 British Navy personnel on patrol in the Persian Gulf.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

My Way News - Bird Flu Could Hit Tourist Areas Hardest
AP reports: "States that rely on tourism and entertainment for much of their economy would likely be the hardest hit during a severe influenza pandemic. Nevada and Hawaii are at the top of the list, according to a report released Thursday."
My Way News - NBC, News Corp. in Online Video Venture
AP reports: "Google Inc. (GOOG)'s YouTube is getting another challenge from the media industry, this time as NBC Universal and News Corp. (NWS) join forces to distribute full-length TV shows and other video over the Internet, supported by advertising."
My Way News - U.S. Joins Israel in Peace Effort
AP reports: "The United States has quietly joined Israel in urging Arab leaders to reformulate their 2002 peace offer in an effort to end the decades-long Middle East conflict, Arab diplomats said Thursday. So far, some Arab heavyweights are publicly resisting the idea."
My Way News - Peres Calls Lebanon War a 'Mistake'
AP reports: "Vice-Premier Shimon Peres told a panel investigating the government's handling of last year's war in Lebanon that Israel's decision to invade was a mistake and the military was unprepared, [...] and its inconclusive outcome harmed Israel's deterrent posture in the eyes of the Arab world."
My Way News - In Video, al-Qaida Urges Unification
AP reports: "In a new video posted Thursday on the Internet, an al-Qaida militant who escaped from a U.S. prison in Afghanistan urged Sunni militants in Iraq to join the terror group and claimed the U.S. military's security plan for Baghdad has failed."

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My Way News - New Service Creates Custom News Sites
AP reports: "A new service lets visitors create custom news sites centered around niche hobbies, business ventures and other special interests, pulling stories on the topic from some 25,000 news sources. [...] Congoo's new News Circles lets you pull news from about 480 predetermined categories or create your own using keywords. Once you've set up a circle, you can share the collection with friends and colleagues who have similar interests and needs. Others may add comments on specific items within the circle."

This could be a great resource for those interested in aggregating news reports related to Bible prophecy in general, or more specific topic areas like persecution or missionary work. I think I'll give it a try when I have some free time. If any of you are using this Congoo service, let us know what you think about it.

UPDATE: I created a site using the Congoo service, I called it Portents News Circle, and so far I have to say the service is interesting. I've added channels for news on Europe, Israel, Russia, Iran, Mideast, Syria, e-commerce, health, online banking, religion, data privacy, mobile industry and RFID. Please drop by and take a look. The service is also designed to be interactive, if you send me your e-mail address (or leave it in a comment below) I can have the service subscribe you and this will allow you to comment on the news. Their emphasis seems to be on community building. Anyway, give it a try, let's see how this works.
My Way News - Islamic Militants Jailed for Beheadings
AP reports: "Three Islamic militants were found guilty Wednesday of decapitating three Christian schoolgirls in Indonesia and dumping their bloodied heads in nearby villages, judges said. They were sentenced to between 14 and 20 years."
My Way News - Cracks Appear in Palestinian Coalition
AP reports: "The appointment of a divisive Gaza strongman to a top security post is threatening the new Palestinian unity government just days after its inauguration."
My Way News - Iran Warns of 'Illegal' Steps Over Nukes
AP reports: "Iran's top leader warned Wednesday his country will pursue 'illegal actions' if the U.N. Security Council insists it halt uranium enrichment, an apparent reference to nuclear activities outside international regulations."
My Way News - Belgium Launches Mobile Payment Service
AP reports: "People can now make payments from anywhere - even if the check is lost in the mail - under a secure payment software, called m-banxafe, developed by payment card operator Banksys and the country's three mobile phone operators, Base, Mobistar and Proximus."
My Way News - EU to Write Rules on Data Tag Privacy
AP reports: "Privacy and security need to be built into radio frequency identification tags before they become widespread, the European Commission said, announcing it would publish guidelines later this year."

Monday, March 19, 2007

Space War - US Missile Scheme Hurts Ties With Russia
AFP reports: "The US plan for part of a missile defence shield in central Europe harms trust between NATO and Russia and may create confrontation where none exists today, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warned here Saturday."
Israel Today - UNESCO claims digging does not harm Temple Mount
Israel Today reports: "An UNESCO report that concluded that excavations near the Temple Mount are not damaging Moslem holy sites is to be presented to its Director-General, Koichiro Matsuura on Wednesday. Despite this, the report calls on the Israel Antiquities Authority to stop digging until a further international investigation is done."
National Ledger - Former Arizona Gov. Admits UFO Sighting On Night of Phoenix Lights
The National Ledger reports: "Former Arizona Governor Fife Symington ridiculed an unexplained event that took place in the skies over Phoenix ten years ago.[...] Now in a stunning interview with the Daily Courier in Prescott, the former governor admits that he was a witness to a UFO on that night in March. 'It was enormous and inexplicable,' he said in an exclusive interview from Phoenix printed in the Courier. What he saw was a V-shaped craft that witnesses reported seeing that night throughout the state. 'Who knows where it came from? A lot of people saw it, and I saw it too,' Symington said."

Saturday, March 17, 2007

My Way News - Degree Offered in Biometric Security
AP reports: "Biometric security - which identifies people based on unique personal characteristics - has become more common since the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. Government agencies and private businesses are investing in biometric devices that grant or block access after scanning fingerprints, eyes, facial features or vocal patterns."
My Way News - Web Site to Pool European Weather Data
AP reports: "With climate change making conditions more unpredictable, national weather services from across the European Union have joined forces to create , a new Web site providing up-to-the-minute information on 'extreme weather' across the continent. The initiative [...] is designed to give Europeans a single source for details on flash floods, severe thunderstorms, gale-force winds, heat waves, blizzards and other violent weather that poses a threat to life or property."
My Way News - Muslim Bloc Backs Sudan on Darfur Report
AP reports: "Islamic countries say they will try to stop the U.N. Human Rights Council from considering a hard-hitting report accusing Sudan of orchestrating atrocities in Darfur."
My Way News - Afghan Insurgents Fleeing NATO Forces
AP reports: "The top general in Afghanistan said Friday that NATO's latest offensive is the first of a 'rolling series' of operations against Taliban insurgents, some of whom have been fleeing Western forces in the south."
My Way News - Palestinians Install More Moderate Gov't
AP reports: "Palestinians installed a new, more moderate coalition government on Saturday [...] Israel promptly announced it wouldn't deal with the coalition, because governing partners Hamas and Fatah stopped short of explicitly recognizing the Jewish state or renouncing violence, as the international community has demanded."
My Way News - Delayed Nuke Plant Bolsters Iran Resolve
AP reports: "For Iranians across the political spectrum, delays in construction of the country's first nuclear reactor have strengthened their resolve to master their own nuclear technology and resist U.N. efforts to stop them."

Friday, March 16, 2007

My Way News - Premier Says World Should Not Fear China
AP reports: "Premier Wen Jiabao promised Friday to make China's authoritarian political system more accountable to the people and sought to allay concerns about the country's rising military power."

Thursday, March 15, 2007

My Way News - Israel Rejects Palestinian Unity Gov't
AP reports: "The Islamic militant Hamas and its Fatah rivals forged a unity government Thursday to end more than a year of political wrangling, isolation and bloodshed. Israel quickly rejected the new leadership, saying it failed to recognize the Jewish state."
My Way News - In Jordan, Christians From Iraq Harassed
AP reports: "Churches have been bombed, and businesses - particularly hair salons and liquor shops _destroyed. As a result, many Christians have joined the flood of Iraqis fleeing their country. There are an estimated 750,000 Iraqi refugees in Jordan, including about 2,000 Christians. An additional 1 million Iraqis have fled to Syria."
My Way News - Number of Kazakh Children With HIV 96
AP reports: "The number of children who contracted HIV in southern Kazakhstan in an outbreak blamed on doctors' negligence has reached 96, health authorities said Thursday."
My Way News - Could Crazy Technology Save the Planet?
AP reports: "Crazy-sounding ideas for saving the planet are getting a serious look from top scientists, a sign of their fears about global warming and the desire for an insurance policy in case things get worse."
My Way News - U.S. Agencies Track Bird Flu at Ports
AP reports: "The government is trying to determine whether deadly bird flu can contaminate the food supply and is cracking down on smuggling of pet birds and poultry that can spread the virus, officials said Wednesday."
My Way News - Israel Urged to Halt Archaeological Work
AP reports: "A UNESCO panel has urged Israel to immediately halt archaeological work at a Jerusalem holy site that has angered Muslims around the world. [...] Excavations on a ramp leading up to the disputed holy site sparked clashes between police and Muslims in Jerusalem last month."
My Way News - Syrian Isolation Apparently Easing
AP reports: "After an undeclared two-year boycott, U.S. and European officials are talking to Syria again, signaling a possible easing of its international isolation."
My Way News - World Powers Agree on New Iran Sanctions
AP reports: "U.N. ambassadors from six world powers agreed in principle Wednesday on a proposed new package of sanctions against Iran and were expected to introduce a resolution to the Security Council on Thursday if their governments approve it, the U.S. ambassador said."

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

My Way News - Indonesia Won't Share Bird Flu Samples
AP reports: "Indonesia will not share bird flu samples with the World Health Organization without a legally binding agreement promising the virus won't be used to develop an expensive commercial vaccine, the health minister said Wednesday."
My Way News - Scholar: 'Jesus Tomb' Makers Mistaken
AP reports: "A scholar looking into the factual basis of a popular but widely criticized documentary that claims to have located the tomb of Jesus said Tuesday that a crucial piece of evidence filmmakers used to support their claim is a mistake. [...] The filmmakers also suggest that Mary Magdalene was buried in the tomb, that she and Jesus were married, and that an ossuary labeled 'Judah son of Jesus' belonged to their son."
My Way News - Iran Says Israel, U.S. Threaten Mideast
AP reports: "Iran's foreign minister accused Israel and the United States of posing the main threats to the security of the Middle East. The U.S. and Israeli delegations walked out during the speech Tuesday."
My Way News - Couple Accused of Seeking Sex With Girl
AP reports: "A Portland couple arranged to trade marijuana for the chance to have sex with a 5-year-old girl, the authorities said Tuesday."
Space War - Israel Give Nod To Saudi Peace Idea
UPI reports: "Israel seems to be warming up to a Saudi peace initiative that Arab leaders are due to discuss at their summit meeting in Riyadh at the end of this month."
Space War - Taiwan Defence Minister Urges Military Buildup Against China
AFP reports: "Taiwan's defense minister said Monday the island needed to buy more advanced weaponry to counter the threat from rival China's rapid military buildup."

Monday, March 12, 2007

Space War - Growing US Military Concerns For China
UPI reports: "There is no denying that the U.S. military is overstretched, not least as troop presence is expected to surge in Iraq while its commitment in Afghanistan remains high. Yet despite such pressures, the United States may well boost its commitment in East Asia amid growing concerns about China's expanding military power."
Israel Today - Rabbis attempt to resume animal sacrifices on the Temple Mount
IT reports: "The present-day Sanhedrin Court along with a group of extremist rabbis announced their plans on Wednesday to resume ancient Temple practices of animal sacrifices on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, despite religious bans by Moslems and Jews."
WorldNetDaily: Hamas forming armies to confront Israel
WND reports: "Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist groups aided by Iran have been using a four-month-old cease-fire to smuggle weapons into the Gaza Strip and build Hezbollah-like guerrilla armies to confront the Jewish state, the Israel Defense Forces announced yesterday."
My Way News - U.S. Helps Myanmar in Bird Flu Fight
AP reports: "The U.S. has provided Myanmar with $600,000 worth of equipment for bird flu prevention after fresh outbreaks of the deadly H5N1 virus were discovered on poultry farms, state media said Sunday."
My Way News - Little Progress Made at Mideast Summit
AP reports: "The second summit in a month between the Israeli and Palestinian leaders, encouraged by U.S. officials as a way to nurture their fledgling dialogue, produced little progress on Sunday. A Palestinian participant called it 'difficult.'"

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

WorldNetDaily: Syria ready with bio-terror if U.S. hits Iran
WND reports, "An American biodefense analyst living in Europe says if the U.S. invades Iran to halt its nuclear ambitions, Syria is ready to respond with weapons of mass destruction – specifically biological weapons."