Friday, May 31, 2013

My Way News - Balance of power in Syria shifting Assad's way
My Way News reports: "As hopes for a Syrian peace conference fade and the opposition falls into growing disarray, President Bashar Assad has every reason to project confidence. Government forces have moved steadily against rebels in key areas of the country over the past two months, making strategic advances and considerably lowering the threat to the capital, Damascus."

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Motorola working on future electronic tattoo authentication | DVICE:
DVICE reports: "Last year, we told you about an electronic tattoo and a consumable sensor pill, two pieces of technology that promise to revolutionize the field of wearable computing. Well, yesterday those technologies took a great leap towards becoming everyday technologies [...] Former DARPA head Regina Dugan, now acting as the head of advanced research for Motorola, pulled back her shirtsleeve to reveal an electronic tattoo. Dugan said, 'What we plan to do is work with [MC10] to advance a tattoo that could be used for authentication.'"
My Way News - Syria's Assad 'confident in victory' in civil war
My Way News reports: "Syrian President Bashar Assad said in an interview broadcast Thursday that he is 'confident in victory' in his country's civil war, and he warned that Damascus would retaliate for any future Israeli airstrike on his territory. Assad also told the Lebanese TV station Al-Manar that Russia has fulfilled some of its weapons contracts recently, but he was vague on whether this included advanced S-300 air defense systems [...] Earlier this week, Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon said Israel considered the S-300s in Syrian hands a threat and signaled it was prepared to use force to stop delivery."
My Way News - Alarm grows as Iraqi forces fail to stem violence
My Way News reports: "Officials in Iraq are growing increasingly concerned over an unabated spike in violence that claimed at least another 33 lives on Thursday and is reviving fears of a return to widespread sectarian fighting."
My Way News - To stop MERS, longer quarantines may be necessary
My Way News reports: "A detailed look at two cases of a deadly new respiratory virus called MERS suggests people who have the disease should be isolated for at least 12 days to avoid spreading it, doctors reported Wednesday. The new germ, a respiratory infection, was first seen in the Middle East and so far has sickened more than 40 people worldwide, killing about half of them."
My Way News - Pentagon programs target of China cyber threat
My Way News reports: "New revelations that China used cyberattacks to access data from nearly 40 Pentagon weapons programs and almost 30 other defense technologies have increased pressure on U.S. leaders to take more strident action against Beijing to stem the persistent breaches. The disclosure, which was included in a Defense Science Board report released earlier this year, but is only now being discussed publicly, comes as Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel heads to Southeast Asia, where he will discuss the escalating cyberthreat with counterparts from a number of area nations."

My Way News - Navy ships form first line of missile defense
My Way News reports: "As the missile threats from Iran and North Korea have advanced in recent years, the U.S. has become more invested in Navy cruisers and destroyers that carry the high-tech Aegis radar system and dozens of missile interceptors. As a result, the ballistic missile defense destroyers and cruisers are a growing capability that is in hot demand from military commanders across the Middle East, Europe and the Pacific."

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My Way News - QE2 asteroid to fly by Earth from safe distance
My Way News reports: "An asteroid more than 1 1/2 miles long will zoom past Earth this week from a far-off distance. The big rock called Asteroid 1998 QE2 will make its closest approach Friday. It will keep a safe distance of 3.6 million miles, or 15 times the distance between Earth and the moon. You won't be able to see it without a powerful telescope."
My Way News - Palestinian leader under pressure to restart talks
My Way News reports: "The Palestinian president has told advisers that as the U.S. tries to restart Mideast peace talks, he is under intense international pressure to return to negotiations with Israel and drop demands for a Jewish settlement freeze in the West Bank, officials said Wednesday. [...] Aides say Abbas expects a formal proposal to renew talks from U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry in coming weeks."

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Way News - Syria diplomacy a priority, despite EU arms vote
My Way News reports: "Russia on Tuesday harshly criticized Europe's decision to allow the arming of Syrian rebels, saying it undercuts international efforts to negotiate an end to the civil war, and a rebel general said he's 'very disappointed' weapons won't come fast enough to help opposition fighters defend a strategic Syrian town."
My Way News - Damage reported from magnitude-5.7 quake in Calif.
My Way News reports: "Residents in rural northeastern California assessed damage to their homes and businesses Friday from a magnitude-5.7 earthquake, one of the strongest temblors to hit the densely forested region in decades. The quake centered near Greenville downed chimneys and sent items tumbling from grocery store shelves when it hit shortly before 9 p.m. Thursday."

Thursday, May 23, 2013

My Way News - US, Israel raise hopes for Mideast peace restart
My Way News reports: "The United States and Israel raised hopes Thursday for a restart of the Middle East peace process, despite little tangible progress so far from U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry's two-month-old effort to get Israelis and Palestinians back to the negotiating table."
Space War - Israeli air chief warns of 'surprise war' with Syria
UPI reports: "Israel's air force commander, whose warplanes hit targets in Syria three times this year, warned that his squadrons could soon be in a 'surprise war' with Syria as Russia bolsters the embattled Damascus regime with new missiles."
Space War - China, Pakistan plan 'economic corridor': Li
AFP reports: "Chinese Premier Li Keqiang Wednesday linked growth in his country's restive west with that in sluggish Pakistan, saying the two sides wanted to create an 'economic corridor' to boost development. [...] Trade between China and Pakistan hit an annual $12 billion for the first time last year [...] China is also the main source of arms for Pakistan's military, the country's dominant institution, and Pakistan accounted for more than half of Chinese weapons exports between 2008 and 2012, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute."

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Way News - Brutal attack in London heightens terror fears
My Way News reports: "Two men with butcher knives hacked another to death Wednesday near a London military barracks and one then went on video to explain the crime - shouting political statements, gesturing with bloodied hands and waving a meat cleaver. Soon after, arriving police shot and wounded the unidentified assailants and took them into custody. The brutal daylight attack galvanized this city and raised fears that terrorism had returned to London. [...] officials said there were signs the attack was motivated by radical Islam."
My Way News - IAEA report: Iran expands nuclear technology
My Way News reports: "The U.N. atomic agency on Wednesday detailed rapid Iranian progress in two programs that the West fears are geared toward making nuclear weapons, saying Tehran has upgraded its uranium enrichment facilities and advanced in building a plutonium-producing reactor. [...] Tehran had installed close to 700 high-tech centrifuges used for uranium enrichment, which can produce the core of nuclear weapons. It also said Tehran had added hundreds of older-generation machines at its main enrichment site to bring the total number to more than 13,000."

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Way News - Philippines protests Chinese warship's presence
My Way News reports: "The Philippines has protested the presence of a Chinese warship, two surveillance vessels and fishing boats off a shoal occupied by its military in the disputed Spratly Islands, in the latest territorial squabble between the Asian countries, officials said Tuesday. President Benigno Aquino III warned, meanwhile, that the Philippines is ready to fight back against any threat and announced plans to buy more warships and aircraft for its ill-equipped military, including anti-submarine attack helicopters."
My Way News - Power of Moore tornado dwarfs Hiroshima bomb
My Way News reports: "Everything had to come together just perfectly to create the killer tornado in Moore, Okla.: wind speed, moisture in the air, temperature and timing. And when they did, the awesome energy released over that city dwarfed the power of the atomic bomb that leveled Hiroshima."

Monday, May 20, 2013

My Way News - Israeli seeks interim deal with Palestinians
My Way News reports: "Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's senior coalition partner says that reaching a final peace agreement with the Palestinians is unrealistic at the current time and the sides should instead pursue an interim arrangement. Finance Minister Yair Lapid's assessment, delivered in a published interview Sunday just days before the arrival of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, throws a contentious idea into the mix as the U.S. searches for ways to restart peace talks."
My Way News - Hezbollah pulled more deeply into Syria civil war
My Way News reports: "Hezbollah was pulled more deeply into Syria's civil war as 28 guerrillas from the Lebanese Shiite militant group were killed and dozens more wounded while fighting rebels, Syria activists said Monday. The intense battle drove rebels from large parts of the town of Qusair, part of a withering government offensive aimed at securing a strategic land corridor from Damascus to the Mediterranean coast."
My Way News - Huge tornado hits Oklahoma City suburb, kills 51
My Way News reports: "A monstrous tornado at least a half-mile wide roared through the Oklahoma City suburbs Monday, flattening entire neighborhoods and destroying an elementary school with a direct blow as children and teachers huddled against winds up to 200 mph. At least 51 people were killed, and officials said the death toll was expected to rise."
Rubio to push biometric system in U.S. Senate immigration bill | Reuters
Reuters reports: "Republican U.S. Senator Marco Rubio, who is considered crucial for the success of an immigration law overhaul, on Tuesday vowed to fight for a biometric system to track foreigners leaving the country after a Senate panel rejected the provision, in part because it was too costly."

Saturday, May 18, 2013

My Way News - Egyptians targeted with blasphemy charges
My Way News reports: "Writers, activists and even a famous television comedian have been accused of blasphemy since then. But Christians seem to be the favorite target of Islamist prosecutors. Their fragile cases - the main basis of the case against Abdel-Nour's case the testimony of children - are greeted with sympathy from courtroom judges with their own religious bias or who fear the wrath of Islamists, according to activists. The result is a growing number of Egyptians, including many Christians, who have been convicted and sent to prison for blasphemy."

My Way News - Egypt Muslim-Christian clashes leave 1 dead
My Way News reports: "Egyptian security officials say clashes between Muslims and Christians in the Mediterranean port city of Alexandria left one man dead of a heart attack. [...] Police forces were beefed up around the local church Saturday in case of further violence."
My Way News - Correction: New Virus story
My Way News reports: "A deadly new respiratory virus related to SARS has apparently spread from patients to health care workers in eastern Saudi Arabia, health officials said Wednesday. The Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia told world health officials that two health care workers became ill this month after being exposed to patients with the virus. One is critically ill. Since September 2012, the World Health Organization has been informed of 40 confirmed cases of the virus, and 20 of the patients have died. The deaths occurred in Britain, Germany, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan."
My Way News - A year after IPO, Facebook aims to be ad colossus
My Way News reports: "The world's biggest online social network has also kept growing to 1.1 billion users. Some 665 million people check in every day to share photos, comment on news articles and play games. Millions of people around the world who don't own a computer use Facebook, in Malawi, Malaysia and Martinique [...] At the end of last year, 87 percent of Americans owned a cellphone and nearly half owned a smartphone, according to the Pew Internet & American Life Project. Worldwide, research firm Gartner puts the size of the mobile phone market at 4.4 billion, enough to give one phone to nearly two-thirds of the world's population."

Friday, May 17, 2013

Meteoroid impact triggers bright flash on the moon | Reuters:
Reuters reports: "An automated telescope monitoring the moon has captured images of an 88-pound (40 kg) rock slamming into the lunar surface, creating a bright flash of light, NASA scientists said on Friday. [...] The flash was so bright that anyone looking at the moon at the moment of impact could have seen it without a telescope, NASA said."

Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Way News - Eurozone recession is now longest in currency bloc
My Way News reports: "The eurozone is now in its longest ever recession - a stubborn slump that has surpassed even the calamity that hit the region in the financial crisis of 2008-2009. The European Union statistics office said Wednesday that nine of the 17 EU countries that use the euro are in recession, with France a notable addition to the list."
My Way News - UN fails again to reach nuke probe deal with Iran
My Way News reports: "U.N. nuclear agency officials on Wednesday again failed to reach a deal with Iranian counterparts that would allow the agency to relaunch its probe of suspicions that Tehran might have worked on atomic arms. It was the 10th inconclusive meeting between the International Atomic Energy Agency and Iran on the issue over the past year and a half. The IAEA's investigation has stalled for more than five years, with Tehran saying it has answered all questions it is obliged to."
My Way News - Egypt: detained Christian teacher released on bail
My Way News reports: "An Egyptian Christian teacher detained over charges of insulting Islam has been released on bail on Tuesday, her lawyer said. [...] Egypt is witnessing a surge of blasphemy-related allegations leveled by ultraconservative Islamists against their critics, including the country's Christians who make up 10 percent of the population."

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Way News - UN General Assembly approves Syria resolution
My Way News reports: "The U.N. General Assembly approved an Arab-backed resolution Wednesday calling for a political transition in Syria, but more than 70 countries refused to vote 'yes' because of its support for the main opposition group and fears the resolution could torpedo a new U.S.-Russia effort to end the escalating conflict. [...] The resolution, which is not legally binding though it can carry moral weight, was approved by a vote of 107-12 with 59 abstentions."

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Way News - Nigeria president declares state of emergency
My Way News reports: "Admitting Islamic extremists now control some of his nation's villages and towns, Nigeria's president declared a state of emergency Tuesday across the country's troubled northeast, promising to send more troops to fight what he said is now an open rebellion. [...] Since 2010, more than 1,600 people have been killed in attacks by Islamic insurgents, according to an Associated Press count."

Comment: Although this wire-service report doesn't say it, this is really a civil war between the Islamic north and the largely Christian south, with Islamic insurgents guilty of many attacks on Christians and churches in their effort to forcefully impose sharia law on the country. At least the report calls them Islamic extremists, accuracy that is surprising given the politically-correct bent of many news-wire editors. Usually, in such reports, they use vague and generic terms like "fighters" or "rebels" to depict them without conveying to the reader any sense of their motivation or agenda. There is no effort to even pretend that Islam is a religion of peace in Nigeria, the brutality of the insurgents won't allow it.
My Way News - US boom transforming global oil trade
My Way News reports: "With lower demand in the West and higher production in the Americas, much less oil will flow from the Middle East to Europe and the United States. Instead, Middle Eastern oil will head to Asia and likely strengthen economic and political ties between the two regions."
My Way News - Obama: UK should seek EU changes, not 'break' ties
My Way News reports: "Cameron says he wants to work to change and improve the relationship between Britain and the European Union and has promised to hold a referendum on EU participation in 2017. [...] Obama then offered his support. [...] Both men expressed hope that the United States and the European Union could launch the start of negotiations on a broad U.S.-EU trade deal by next month's economic summit in Northern Ireland."

Monday, May 13, 2013

My Way News - Israel minister criticizes Russia over Syria arms
My Way News reports: "An Israeli Cabinet minister is accusing Russia of destabilizing the Middle East by selling weapons to Syrian President Bashar Assad's regime. Monday's remarks by Tourism Minister Uzi Landau are likely to raise tensions with Russia on the eve of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's visit to Moscow. Netanyahu is expected to press President Vladimir Putin to halt the arms sales to Assad's government."
My Way News - Philly abortion doctor guilty in 3 babies' deaths
My Way News reports: "An abortion doctor was convicted Monday of first-degree murder and could face execution in the deaths of three babies who were delivered alive and then killed with scissors at his grimy, 'house of horrors' clinic."
My Way News - Sun unleashes strongest solar flare of 2013 so far
My Way News reports: "The sun has fired off a massive flare, the strongest solar eruption this year. The powerful flare occurred Sunday and erupted on the side of the sun that was not facing Earth. While the planet was not hit with radiation, space weather forecasters say the solar blast briefly disrupted high-frequency radio signals."
My Way News - 2 new viruses could both spark global outbreaks
My Way News reports: "Two respiratory viruses in different parts of the world have captured the attention of global health officials - a novel coronavirus in the Middle East and a new bird flu spreading in China."
My Way News - Icy Arctic rising as economic, security hot spot
My Way News reports: "Russia is planning to train and equip a brigade of military troops specifically for Arctic warfare, and Canada is revitalizing its Arctic fleet with $33 billion to build 28 ships over the next 30 years. Norway, Denmark and the U.S. are all expanding military command centers and operations within the Arctic. The U.S. Navy is nearing the end of a five-year plan, set in 2009, to plot out what path it will take in the Arctic. [...] The military ramp-up is a piece of what experts say is an inevitable political competition that will grow in the Arctic as it opens."

Comment: As the Arctic melts, coastal powers are jockeying for position in what is developing as an area of future conflict. There are those who talk about global warming as if it's still up for debate, the Arctic countries are investing billions of dollars on the assumption that it's not.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

My Way News - Strong quake jolts southern Iran, 15 injured
My Way News reports: "Iranian state TV says a strong 6.2 magnitude earthquake has jolted the south of the country, injuring at least 15 people. The report said the quake struck the Arabian Sea port town of Jask at 6:38 a.m. (GMT 2:08 a.m.) Saturday damaging hundreds of homes."
My Way News - Experts: CO2 record illustrates 'scary' trend
My Way News reports: "Carbon dioxide stays in the air for a century, some of it into the thousands of years. And the world carbon dioxide pollution levels are accelerating yearly. Every second, the world's smokestacks and cars pump 2.4 million pounds of the heat-trapping gas into the air. Carbon pollution levels that used to be normal for the 20th century are fast becoming history in the 21st century. [...] Carbon dioxide traps heat just like in a greenhouse. It accounts for three-quarters of the planet's heat-trapping gases. There are others, such as methane, which has a shorter life span but traps heat more effectively. Both trigger temperatures to rise over time, scientists say, which is causing sea levels to rise and some weather patterns to change."

Friday, May 10, 2013

My Way News - Israeli police guard women praying at Jewish site
My Way News reports: "Forming human chains and using metal barriers, Israeli police held back thousands of ultra-Orthodox protesters who tried to prevent a liberal Jewish women's group from praying at a sensitive holy site Friday, the first time police have come down on the side of the women and not the protesters. The reversal followed a court order backing the right of the women to pray at the Western Wall using religious rituals Orthodox Jews insist should be practiced only by men."

Comment: It's great to see the Temple Mount in the news for something other than Palestinian agitation, but it's sad to see it causing such division in Israeli society. Perhaps this will cause a wider segment of society to reflect on the meaning of the Temple Mount and ask why, if Israel has total sovereignty over the Mount, do others control it? 
My Way News - Russia says it will keep selling missiles to Syria
My Way News reports: "Russia defended its sales of anti-aircraft systems to the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad, just days after joining forces with the U.S. for a new push to end Syria's civil war through negotiations."
My Way News - Church of Scotland report angers Jewish community
My Way News reports: "Israel's ambassador to the U.K. has condemned a report by the Church of Scotland that questioned the divine right of Jews to the land of Israel. Daniel Taub says the document 'negates and belittles the deeply held Jewish attachment to the land of Israel in a way which is truly hurtful.'"

Thursday, May 09, 2013

My Way News - Israel to Russia: Don't give Syria S-300 missiles:
My Way News reports: "Israel has asked Russia to cancel an imminent sale of an advanced air defense system to Syria that could complicate further military intervention, Israeli security officials confirmed Thursday. [...] There was no immediate comment from Russia or Israel's Defense Ministry regarding the alleged sale of S-300s, considered to be the cutting edge in aircraft interception technology."
My Way News - Police: Ohio captive suffered 5 miscarriages
My Way News reports: "Prosecutors said Thursday they may seek the death penalty against Ariel Castro, the man accused of imprisoning three women at his home for a decade, as police charged that he impregnated one of his captives at least five times and made her miscarry by starving her and punching her in the belly."

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

My Way News - France confirms 1st case of new SARS-related virus
My Way News reports: "A 65-year-old Frenchman is hospitalized after contracting France's first case of a deadly new respiratory virus related to SARS, and French health authorities said Wednesday they are trying to find anyone who might have been in contact with him to prevent it from spreading. [...] Since September 2012, the World Health Organization has been informed of 30 confirmed cases of the virus, and 18 of the patients have died. "
My Way News - Cleveland man charged with 3 women's kidnap, rape
My Way News reports: "A man suspected of keeping three women captive inside his decrepit house for a decade was charged Wednesday with kidnapping and rape, accused of holding them under conditions so oppressive they were allowed outside for only a few moments in disguise and never saw a chance to escape until this week. Investigators said the women apparently were bound with ropes and chains, and a city councilman briefed on the case said they were subjected to prolonged sexual and psychological abuse and suffered miscarriages."
My Way News - Kerry to return for a new effort on Mideast peace
My Way News reports: "Secretary of State John Kerry said Wednesday he would depart in two weeks on another trip to the Middle East to push peace between Israel and the Palestinians [...] The former Massachusetts senator, who visited the region twice in March and again last month, has been trying to end a 4 1/2 year stalemate between the parties over issues ranging from Israeli settlement construction in disputed lands to Palestinian efforts to win statehood recognition at international bodies."

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

My Way News - China denies renewed US cyberattack claims
My Way News reports: "China's military on Tuesday denied renewed U.S. accusations that it sponsored cyberattacks and said the two sides should cooperate against the global threat of computer crime."

My Way News - Pakistan warns Afghanistan to show restraint
My Way News reports: "Pakistan warned Afghanistan on Tuesday that it would not be responsible for the consequences if a border spat between the two countries escalated further, even as hundreds of Afghans rallied in a southern city to protest the latest incidents along their country's frontier. "
My Way News - Analysis: Syria has limited response options
My Way News reports: "The Syrian regime on Tuesday dispatched an obscure proxy, a Damascus-based Palestinian militant group, to threaten retaliation for two Israeli airstrikes over the weekend. The relatively tepid response to Israel's breach of Syrian sovereignty highlighted Syrian President Bashar Assad's limited options as he, along with allies Iran and Lebanon's Hezbollah, is bogged down at home in a fight for survival against armed rebels."
My Way News - Encroaching sea already a threat in Caribbean
My Way News reports: "Storms and beach erosion have long shaped the geography of coastal environments, but rising sea levels and surge from more intense storms are expected to dramatically transform shorelines in coming decades, bringing enormous economic and social costs, experts say. The tourism-dependent Caribbean is thought to be one of the globe's most vulnerable regions."
My Way News - Police facing questions in 3 women's Ohio rescue:
My Way News reports: "Now, after three women who vanished a decade ago were found captive Monday at the run-down house, Cleveland police are facing questions for the second time in four years about their handling of missing-person cases and are conducting an internal review to see if they overlooked anything. [...] Three brothers, ages 50 to 54, were arrested. One of them, former school bus driver Ariel Castro, owned the home, situated in a poor neighborhood dotted with boarded-up houses just south of downtown."

Monday, May 06, 2013

My Way News - Israeli airstrike in Syria aimed at Iran
My Way News reports: "From Israel's perspective, its airstrikes near Damascus were more about Iran than Syria: Tehran's shipment of guided missiles destroyed in the weekend attacks would have posed a potent threat had the weapons reached Iranian proxy Hezbollah in Lebanon. While Israel says it has no interest getting involved in the Syrian civil war, it could find itself drawn into the conflict if Syrian leader Bashar Assad's Iranian patrons continue to use his territory to ship arms to Hezbollah. [...] Syria and Iran have hinted at retaliation, though they took no action Monday and the official rhetoric has been relatively mild."

Friday, May 03, 2013

My Way News - Officials: Israel launches airstrike into Syria
My Way News reports: "Israel launched an airstrike into Syria, apparently targeting a suspected weapons site, U.S. officials said Friday night. The strike occurred overnight Thursday into Friday, the officials told The Associated Press. It did not appear that a chemical weapons site was targeted, they said, and one official said the strike appeared to have hit a warehouse."

Thursday, May 02, 2013

My Way News - Syrian air defenses pose formidable challenge
My Way News reports: "International military action against Syria's government over its alleged use of chemical weapons would run up against one of the Middle East's most formidable air defenses, a system bolstered in recent years by top-of-the-line Russian hardware."
Dezeen - Biostamp temporary tattoo wearable electronic circuits by MC10 reports: "Materials scientist John Rogers and his firm MC10 have developed flexible electronic circuits that stick directly to the skin like temporary tattoos and monitor the wearer's health. [...] The team are now working on the integration of wireless power sources and communication systems to relay the information gathered to a smartphone."

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

My Way News - Moderate earthquake hits Indian-controlled Kashmir
My Way News reports: " Officials say a moderately strong earthquake has hit a mountainous region in Indian-controlled Kashmir, injuring at least nine people and damaging several buildings. The U.S. Geological Survey says the magnitude-5.4 earthquake struck Wednesday and was centered near the border between Indian-held Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh state to its south."
My Way News - Syria's Assad in rare visit as rockets hit capital
My Way News reports: "Syrian President Bashar Assad made a rare public appearance at a Damascus power station on Wednesday, while two bombs exploded near the city center, killing one and wounding over two dozen people, Syria's state news agency reported."
Breitbart - Pentagon May Court Martial Soldiers Who Share Christian Faith
Breitbart News reports: "The Pentagon has released a statement [...] confirming that the military will make it a crime--possibly resulting in imprisonment--for those in uniform to share their faith. This would include chaplains—military officers who are ordained clergymen of their faith (mostly Christian pastors or priests, or Jewish rabbis)--whose duty since the founding of the U.S. military under George Washington is to teach their faith and minister to the spiritual needs of troops who come to them for counsel, instruction, or comfort."

Comment: Given the source, I wonder how much of this has been sensationalized so as to become a sensational story? I mean, how would military chaplains even do their jobs? There are a lot of Christians in the U.S. military, both enlisted ranks and officers, and I just don't think this kind of extreme policy will be tolerated. The military places a lot of emphasis on tradition and military chaplains have a long and storied history in the American military.

And what is driving this? It's not like religious proselytizing is even a "problem" in the military that needs to be addressed. They have real problems (like wars, repeated deployments and underfunded veterans programs) to worry about and not some exaggerated problem that people are sharing their faith too much.