Friday, February 29, 2008

My Way News - Chaldean Archbishop Kidnapped in Iraq
AP reports: "Gunmen abducted a Chaldean Catholic archbishop soon after he left Mass in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, the latest in what church members called a series of attacks against Iraq's small Christian community. [...] Churches, priests and business owned by Christians have been attacked by Islamic militants and many have fled the country."
My Way News - Israel Warns of Disaster in Gaza
AP reports: "Israel's deputy defense minister warned of disaster in the Gaza Strip after Palestinian rocket fire grew more ominous Friday with an assault on an Israeli city. Gaza's unbowed Hamas rulers promised to fight on."

Comment: The Palestinians really do want peace, it's just that someone told them that shooting rockets at their neighbors was a sign of good will, and so they keep doing it. I'm sure someone will correct them and they will stop the daily rocket attacks.
My Way News - Turkish Troops Withdraw From Iraq
AP reports: "The Turkish military said the operation targeted 300 rebels in Iraq's Zap region, and 240 of them were killed. Turkish losses stood at 27."
My Way News - Hezbollah Reject US Ships Off Lebanon
AP reports: "The U.S. military said Thursday the Navy was sending at least three ships, including an amphibious assault ship, to the eastern Mediterranean Sea in a show of strength during a period of tensions with Syria and political uncertainty in Lebanon."
My Way News - Putin's Legacy: a Rigid Political System
AP reports: "Sunday's presidential election marks a symbolic end to Russia's tortured post-Soviet odyssey from poverty and despair to economic might. But along the way, the country has embraced a rigid political orthodoxy - call it 'Putinism' - that the Kremlin has used to crush the independence of political parties, civil society and the media."
My Way News - Particle Collider's Last Big Piece Set
AP reports: "The startup date for the Large Hadron Collider, eagerly awaited by scientists planning to use it for studying the makeup of matter and the universe, has not been set. [...] Thousands of scientists from 80 countries are planning projects on the new collider, which became a main focus for world research into the nature of matter and the origins of the universe..."
My Way News - Woman Pleads in Boy's Torture in Wis.
AP reports: "A woman accused of helping her gang of scam artists torture a boy nearly to death could spend dozens of years in prison after pleading no contest Friday to abuse."
My Way News - King Calls for US Help in Middle East
AP reports: "Jordan's King Abdullah II warned Friday that unless a comprehensive Israeli-Palestinian agreement is reached during the Bush administration's final months, the chances for a lasting Middle East peace could be 'set back, perhaps for decades.'"

Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Way News - Israel Kills 20 Palestinians in Gaza
AP reports: "A bloody spike in Israel-Hamas fighting put the Israeli city of Ashkelon and its 110,000 residents at the center of an intensifying militant rocket barrage Thursday - and Israel's defense minister warned he would invade Gaza, if necessary, to halt the attacks."
My Way News - Israelis Debate Rocket Defense
AP reports: "Crude rockets are launched from Gaza into Israel nearly every day [emphasis added], including dozens that have landed in the last two days, sparking a debate over the best technology to stop them."
My Way News - Panel Recommends All Kids Get Flu Shots
AP reports: "That means about 30 million more children could be getting vaccinated. If heeded, it would be one of the largest expansions in flu vaccination coverage in U.S. history. The flu vaccine has been available since the 1940s."
ISN Security Watch - Kremlin plagued by crumbling military
ISN reports: "The Russian leader has reintroduced the Soviet-era practice of flying bomber planes on strategic sorties outside Russian airspace. He has brought back lavish Victory Day celebrations, parading tanks and hundreds of troops across Red Square. And he withdrew his country from the Conventional Armed Forces in Europe Treaty, suggesting Russia - if provoked - could once again prove a neighborhood military menace."
Nuke Standards Slipping - Wired News
Wired News reports, "Last year, a B-52 mistakenly loaded with nuclear weapons took a trip across the United States, sparking concerns about the safety of U.S. nuclear arsenal. The important question, however, is whether this incident was an isolated snafu, or indicative of deeper problems in the nuclear world. Some are arguing it is indeed the latter; safety standards and procedures in the nuclear world have been eroding for years, reports Air Force Times, the same newspaper that broke the original bent spear incident."
VOA News - US-Libya Rapprochement Stalls
VOA reports: "In 2003, the United States held up Libya as an example of a rehabilitated rogue state after Tripoli renounced terrorism and scrapped its weapons of mass destruction programs. But attempts to forge closer bonds between the United States and Libya have stalled."

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Way News - WHO Cites Urban Yellow Fever Threat
AP reports: "Dr. William Perea, the World Health Organization's yellow fever chief, said the mosquito-born disease can spread particularly fast in suburbs and cities and warned that vaccinations are needed to stem the outbreak."
My Way News - Panel Approves Global AIDS Spending Hike
AP reports: "A House committee on Wednesday voted to more than triple spending for a global AIDS program that has proven to be one of the Bush administration's most successful and popular foreign policy initiatives."
My Way News - Jordan Denies Wanting West Bank Back
AP reports: "Jordan has begun supplying electricity to a town in the neighboring West Bank, but insisted Wednesday it is acting out of humanitarian concern for the Palestinians and not seeking to reclaim a foothold in the territory it once ruled."

Comment: Wait, I'm confused, according to the world media, Israel is occupying Palestinian territory, which implies that the West Bank was formerly Palestinian. This news report says that it was formerly part of Jordan. If true, this would mean that those who previously lived in the West Bank were called Jordanians and not Palestinians, right? It makes one wonder why the Palestinians want what they never had.
My Way News - Medvedev Foe Plays Anti-Semitism Card
AP reports: "Russian nationalists have persecuted Jews for centuries, from pogroms that wiped out whole Jewish villages under the czars to systemic discrimination that pushed many Jews to flee the Soviet Union. There have been occasional but persistent attacks on Jews and Jewish graves in recent years."
My Way News - Israelis, Militants Trade Deadly Strikes
AP reports: "Israeli aircraft blasted Hamas government offices and metal shops late Wednesday, killing a baby and wounding more than 30 people in a retaliatory strike after a militant rocket killed an Israeli college student. [...] The fatal attack on Sderot intensified calls in Israel for a large-scale ground offensive in Gaza aimed at clearing the border area of rocket squads, though previous incursions have halted such attacks only briefly."

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My Way News - Slain Militant Was Organizer in 2006 War
AP reports: "Now Hezbollah officials and associates are describing a previously unknown role for Mughniyeh: Far from being too busy fleeing enemies, he was a key commander for Hezbollah in its 2006 war with Israel."
My Way News - Report: Israeli Occupation Causes Terror
AP reports: "A report commissioned by the United Nations says Palestinian terrorism is the 'inevitable consequence' of Israeli occupation - a claim Israel rejected Tuesday as inflammatory."

Comment: And the world says: If only those Israelis would stop defending themselves, everything would be just fine.
My Way News - US Sees More Positive China Global Role
AP reports: "The two nuclear powers have massive militaries and often spar over Taiwan. Perhaps their biggest fallout came after China's 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown on pro-democracy protesters, which led to years of recriminations. The Olympics are widely seen as China's biggest opportunity yet to rub away more of the stain of Tiananmen."
My Way News - Amnesty: Freedoms Curtailed in Russia
AP reports: "Amnesty International released a report ahead of Sunday's vote in which it said Russia had curtailed the rights of freedom of expression, association and assembly in recent years."
My Way News - Arab Channel Shows Kidnapped Briton
AP reports: "An Arab TV news network broadcast a portion of a video Tuesday showing a British hostage seized in Iraq last May."
My Way News - Power Back on After Outages Hit Fla.
AP reports: "Up to 3 million people - about a fifth of Florida's population - lost power at various points during the afternoon, though there were no safety concerns at the nuclear plant."
My Way News - Pakistan Lifts Curbs on YouTube
AP reports: "Pakistan's telecommunications regulator said Tuesday that it had lifted restrictions imposed on YouTube over an anti-Islamic video clip, but rejected blame for a cut in access to the Web site in many countries over the weekend."
My Way News - Iran Built Space Rocket in Just Months
AP reports: "President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Tuesday that the research rocket Iran recently launched was built in just nine months without using any foreign models."
My Way News - WHO Says Drug-Resistant TB Spreads Fast
AP reports: "Drug-resistant tuberculosis is spreading even faster than medical experts had feared, the World Health Organization warned in report issued Tuesday. The rate of TB patients infected with the drug-resistant strain topped 20 percent in some countries..."
My Way News - Earthquake Felt Across Parts of England

AP reports: "Many other people in southern, central and northern England reported feeling their homes shaken by the earthquake in a country where such tremors are uncommon."
The Hindu News Update Service - Foodgrains to be doled out to famine-affected villagers
The Hundu reports: "Villagers facing food scarcity due to famine caused by Mautam or bamboo flowering will get rice on credit in Mizoram."

Monday, February 25, 2008

My Way News - Serbs Look to History to Explain Fury
AP reports: "Serbs see Kosovo as the place where their identity was forged in 1389, when Serbian Prince Lazar fought a Turkish army despite overwhelming odds. Though he lost, the battle helped to stem the Turkish tide - safeguarding Christianity in the rest of Europe."
My Way News - Suicide Bomber Kills Pakistan General
AP reports: "A suicide bomber killed the Pakistan army's surgeon general Monday in the highest-level assassination since President Pervez Musharraf joined the U.S. war against terror. The strike was a reminder of the extremist threat just as Musharraf resists pressure to quit from opponents who swept last week's parliamentary election"
My Way News - Syria Sees No Chance for Peace This Year
AP reports: "The White House accuses Syria of harboring terrorists, supporting Hezbollah - a Lebanese group classified by the United States as a terrorist organization - and of allowing insurgents to freely cross its border into Iraq. Moustapha said Hezbollah leaders will remain active in Syria despite the mysterious killing earlier this month of one of the group's top commanders, Imad Mughniyeh."
My Way News - Iran Dismisses Nuke Documents As Fakes
AP reports: "A senior diplomat who attended the IAEA meeting said that among the material shown was an Iranian video depicting mock-ups of a missile re-entry vehicle. He said IAEA Director General Oli Heinonen suggested the component - which brings missiles back from the stratosphere - was configured in a way that strongly suggests it was meant to carry a nuclear warhead."
My Way News - Turkish Military Kills 41 Kurdish Rebels
AP reports: "Turkey's military said Monday it had killed 41 more separatist Kurdish rebels in clashes in northern Iraq, raising the reported guerrilla death toll in a cross-border operation to 153."
My Way News - `Doomsday' Vault Opens to Protect Seeds
AP reports: "The frozen vault has the capacity to store 4.5 million seed samples from around the globe, shielding them from climate change, war, natural disasters and other threats."
My Way News - NY Mom Held in Deaths of 3 Children
AP reports: "Three young children found dead in their apartment appeared to have been drowned or poisoned, and one had her throat cut, police said Monday."
My Way News - Pakistan Causes Worldwide YouTube Outage
AP reports: "Most of the world's Internet users lost access to YouTube for several hours Sunday after an attempt by Pakistan's government to block access domestically affected other countries."
My Way News - Study Suggests Antibiotics Are Overused
AP reports: "Antibiotic overuse contributes to the rise of superbugs, so experts have been calling on doctors to curb the liberal prescribing of antibiotics in many types of patients, including children with earaches and adults with sore throats."
My Way News - Quake Aftershock Strikes Off Indonesia

AP reports: "A powerful earthquake struck off the western coast of Sumatra Island Monday, triggering a tsunami warning. Hours later, a strong aftershock hit the same fault line. There were no reports of damage or injuries from either quake [...] the U.S. Geological Survey said had an initial magnitude of 6.7."

Sunday, February 24, 2008

My Way News - Report: Abbas Knew of Gaza Warnings
AP reports: "Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and his security chiefs had detailed evidence of Hamas' plans to seize Gaza, yet did not mobilize to stop the Islamic militants, an investigation concluded Saturday."
My Way News - Satellite Strike Struck Diplomacy, Too
AP reports: "The U.S. action, ostensibly to eliminate a threat from a falling spy satellite, showed the world that the hundreds of communications, weather, reconnaissance and other satellites circling far overhead are vulnerable - as did a similar Chinese shootdown a year earlier."
Earthquake Damages Temple Mount and Shechem - Inside Israel - Israel News - Arutz Sheva
Arutz Sheva reports: "The earthquake measured 5.3 on the Richter scale; its epicenter was located in northeastern Lebanon. Earlier last week an earthquake measuring 4.1 was felt in northern Israel, also originating from Lebanon, near its northern city of Tyre."
EU Drafts RFID Guidelines - Yahoo! News
PC World reports: "The European Commission has sketched out guidelines designed to help get RFID (radio frequency identification) technologies up and running in the European Union, but stopped short of proposing formal legislation in the area."

Friday, February 22, 2008

My Way News - Hezbollah Accuses Israel of Seeking War
AP reports: "Nasrallah repeated earlier threats to retaliate for Mughniyeh's death, and also said Hezbollah would strike Israel with dozens of rockets if it attacked the guerrilla group in Lebanon as it did in 2006."
My Way News - Kosovo Serb Protesters Attack UN Police
AP reports: "Violent protests rocked Serb-dominated northern Kosovo on Friday, as mobs chanting 'Kosovo is ours!' hurled stones, bottles and firecrackers at U.N. police guarding a bridge that divides Serbs from ethnic Albanians."
My Way News - Turkish Troops Enter Iraq Seeking Rebels
AP reports: "Supported by air power, Turkish troops crossed into northern Iraq on Friday in their first major ground incursion against Kurdish rebel bases in nearly a decade. But Turkey sought to avoid confrontation with U.S.-backed Iraq, saying the guerrillas were its only target."
My Way News - Winter Storms Leave 129 Dead in China
AP reports: "The freakish winter storms that coated much of central and southern China in snow and ice have left 129 people dead so far this year, a senior Chinese official said Saturday."
WND - Israel, Syria holding high-level talks
World Net Daily reports: "Earlier this month, WND reported Syria, aided by Russia and Iran, in recent months has been furiously acquiring rockets and missiles, including projectiles capable of hitting the entire state of Israel. The officials listed anti-tank, anti-aircraft and ballistic missiles as some of the arms procured by Syria."

Thursday, February 21, 2008

My Way News - Northeastern Nevada Hit by 6.0 Quake
AP reports: "Windows shattered and building facades and signs fell, but no one was seriously injured when a powerful earthquake shook this rural northeastern town on Thursday. The quake, which had an estimated magnitude of 6.0..."
My Way News - Serbs Break Into US Embassy, Set Fire
AP reports: "At least 150,000 people rallied in Belgrade, waving Serbian flags and signs proclaiming 'Stop USA terror,' to denounce the bid by Kosovo's ethnic Albanian majority to create their own state out of what Serbs consider the ancient heartland of their culture."
My Way News - UN Introduces Iran Nuclear Sanctions
AP reports: "Britain and France formally introduced a Security Council resolution Thursday calling for a third round of sanctions against Iran over its failure to suspend uranium enrichment."
My Way News - Kosovo Counting on NATO
AP reports: "Hundreds of Serbs have attacked border outposts this week, prompting NATO to reinforce the northern Serb-dominated part of Kosovo. NATO, which now has about 16,000 peacekeepers in Kosovo, has policed Kosovo since halting a Serbian crackdown on ethnic Albanian separatists in 1999."
My Way News - Scientists: Meteor Likely Disintegrated
AP reports: "Despite witness accounts that a meteor that streaked across the Pacific Northwest skies this week struck the Earth, scientists at the University of Washington say it likely disintegrated in the sky. Some witnesses reported seeing Tuesday's meteor hit the ground southwest of Ritzville in central Washington, sending local officials on a fruitless hunt for the crater."
My Way News - Indonesia Sends Bird Flu Samples to WHO
AP reports: "Indonesia had been refusing to send samples to WHO since January 2007, saying poor nations needed guarantees that any pandemic vaccines developed from the virus would be affordable and available to them."

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My Way News - Indonesians Clean Up After Deadly Quake
AP reports: "Villagers on a remote Indonesian island were returning from the hills to repair homes damaged by a powerful earthquake that killed three people and injured more than 50 others, officials said Thursday."
My Way News - UN Chief Urges Cease-Fire in Darfur
AP reports: "Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged the Sudanese government and all rebel groups on Wednesday to agree to a cease-fire in Darfur, saying deteriorating security is undermining efforts to help thousands of civilians caught in an upsurge in fighting."
My Way News - Religious Hard-Liners Out in Pakistan
AP reports: "Despite revulsion against the militants, there is little support here for the U.S.-backed war against terror - especially if it involves deploying American soldiers here."
My Way News - Shaken Hamas Still in Control of Gaza
AP reports: "An entrenched Hamas could spoil President Bush's hopes for an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal in 2008, since Israel has said it cannot implement a deal while Hamas rules Gaza."
My Way News - Group Claims Iran Speeding Up Nuke Plans
AP reports: "An exiled Iranian opposition group claimed Wednesday that Tehran was speeding up a program to develop nuclear weapons. 'The Iran regime entered a new phase in its nuclear project,' said Mohammad Mohaddessin of the Paris-based National Council of Resistance of Iran."
My Way News - Brain-Reading Headset to Sell for $299
AP reports: "The headset's sensors are designed to detect conscious thoughts and expressions as well as 'non-conscious emotions' by reading electrical signals around the brain [...] The 'brain computer interface' technology could transform not only gaming, but how humans and computers interact, said Paul Ledak, vice president of IBM's Digital Convergence business."
My Way News - Scientists: Meteor Likely Disintegrated
AP reports: "Despite witness accounts that a meteor that streaked across the Pacific Northwest skies this week struck the Earth, scientists at the University of Washington say it likely disintegrated in the sky."
My Way News - Military Says Missile Hit Spy Satellite
AP reports: "A missile launched from a Navy ship struck a dying U.S. spy satellite passing 130 miles over the Pacific on Wednesday, the Pentagon said. It was not clear whether the operation succeeded in its main goal of destroying a tank aboard the satellite that carried a toxic fuel that U.S. officials said could pose a hazard to humans if it landed in a populated area."
ars technica - Undersea saboteurs may have been responsible for cable cuts
ars technica comments: "Ironically, if the cable cuts were the result of sabotage, the saboteurs may have set in motion a chain of events that will strengthen the very global communication network they meant to disrupt."

Comment: Maybe that was the point?
BBC NEWS - Planet-hunters set for big bounty
BBC reports: "There may also be hundreds of undiscovered worlds in outer parts of our Solar System, astronomers believe."

Comment: Yes, you read that right, there may be planet-sized objects out in the Oort Cloud beyond the solar system. A new Earth?
My Way News - Earthquake Kills 3 in Indonesia
AP reports: "A powerful earthquake struck western Indonesia on Wednesday, killing three people and injuring 25 others, officials said. A tsunami warning was briefly triggered, but no waves were detected. The U.S. Geological Survey said the quake had a preliminary magnitude of 7.6..."

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Way News - Olmert, Abbas Meet on Peace Talks
AP reports: "Though Olmert has said he is committed to 'painful compromises' for peace, his government is pressing ahead with construction projects in a disputed part of Jerusalem and maintaining dozens of West Bank roadblocks, angering the Palestinians. However, Abbas appears incapable of retaking control of Gaza from Hamas militants, who have been taking part in daily rocket barrages at Israel."
My Way News - Snowstorm Hits Jerusalem
AP reports: "Residents of Jerusalem awoke Tuesday to find their city blanketed with snow. The snowfall disrupted schools, kept most people off the roads and left holy shrines dusted in white."
My Way News - Call for Musharraf to Go After Election
AP reports: "A top opposition leader called Tuesday on President Pervez Musharraf to step aside after his ruling party conceded defeat in parliamentary elections. The vote was also a slap to Islamist parties, which lost control of a province where al-Qaida and Taliban fighters have sought refuge."
My Way News - Serbs Protest Kosovo Recognition
AP reports: "Serbs set off sporadic explosions and torched a checkpoint between Serbia and Kosovo on Tuesday to protest Kosovo's declaration of independence and international recognition of the new nation."
My Way News - Former Teacher Sentenced in Sex Case
AP reports: "A former middle school teacher was sent to prison for six years Tuesday for having sexual encounters with five teenage boys. Authorities said Allenna Ward, 24, met 14- and 15-year-old boys at the school where she taught as well as at a motel, a park and behind a restaurant."
My Way News - Lunar Eclipse to Occur Wednesday Night
AP reports: "The last total lunar eclipse until 2010 occurs Wednesday night, with cameo appearances by Saturn and the bright star Regulus on either side of the veiled full moon."
My Way News - Mysterious Creatures Found in Antarctica
AP reports: "Australian experts taking part in an international program to take a census of marine life in the ocean at the far south of the world collected specimens from up to 6,500 feet beneath the surface, and said many may never have been seen before."

Monday, February 18, 2008

My Way News - Paraguay Confirms 7 Yellow Fever Deaths
AP reports: "Seven people have died from Paraguay's first outbreak of yellow fever in 34 years and authorities are conducting a massive vaccination campaign in high-risk areas, the government said Monday."
My Way News - Superpower Divide Over Kosovo Widens
AP reports: "The U.S. and the European Union's biggest powers quickly recognized Kosovo as an independent nation Monday, widening a split with Russia, China and some EU members strongly opposed to letting the territory break away from Serbia."
My Way News - UN Council Mulls Kosovo's Future
AP reports: "Serbia pulled its diplomats from the United States and other countries recognizing what Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic called 'this illegal act of secession.' Serbia also vowed to block Kosovo from gaining diplomatic recognition and membership in international organizations, and filed legal charges against Kosovo's leadership."
My Way News - Palestinians: No Delay Over Jerusalem
AP reports: "Palestinian officials angrily denied on Monday a claim by Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert that they had agreed to delay talks on the fate of Jerusalem until the last phase of peace negotiations."
My Way News - US, EU Powers Recognize Kosovo
AP reports: "The U.S. and major European powers recognized Kosovo on Monday, a day after the province's ethnic Albanian leaders declared independence from Serbia. Giddy Kosovars danced in the streets when they heard of the endorsements."
New UFO Sighting Reported In Stephenville Texas - Offbeat
The Washington Post reports: "According to Angelia Joiner, the reporter who wrote the original UFO stories, there was another UFO sighting on Saturday. 'If the military is testing a secret military device, why do they keep doing it here?' she asked me. 'If it's not a secret why do they keep scaring the bejesus out of people?'"

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Breaking News - Kosovo Declares Independence's International Breaking News E-Mail Alert reports, "Kosovo has formally declared its independence from Serbia and become the world's newest state."

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Magnitude 6.0 quake hits Bolivia-Chile border - Reuters
Reuters reports: "A 6.0-magnitude earthquake struck Bolivia in the region of Potosi near the border with Chile on Saturday, the U.S. Geological Survey said."
My Way News - Russia: US Satellite Shot a Weapons Test
AP reports: "'There is an impression that the United States is trying to use the accident with its satellite to test its national anti-missile defense system's capability to destroy other countries' satellites,' the ministry said."
My Way News - UN Chief Seeks Bush's Support
AP reports: "He said a strong partnership between the U.S. and U.N. 'is the crucial and important element in carrying out my duty as secretary general, and also making the United Nations organization more strengthened in carrying out the common challenges we share together.'"
My Way News - In Kosovo, It's 'Independence Eve'
AP reports: "The province's bold bid for statehood, expected Sunday, and its quest for international recognition set up an ominous showdown with Serbia and Russia. Moscow contends the move will set a dangerous precedent for secessionist groups worldwide."

Background on Kosovo

My Way News - Key Facts About Kosovo

My Way News - Key Dates in Kosovo
My Way News - Power Shift Brings Uncertainty to Russia
AP reports: "Putin's longtime protege, Dmitry Medvedev, is expected to emerge as the victor, thanks to the support of the Kremlin's political and media muscle. But what policies a President Medvedev might pursue - or even whether he will be more than a figurehead - are a mystery."
My Way News - EU Nations Back Police Mission to Kosovo
AP reports: "The European Union gave the final approval Saturday for the deployment of a 1,800-member policing and administration mission in Kosovo."
My Way News - Terrifying Final Moments in NIU Hall
AP reports: "Witnesses said Kazmierczak pumped the weapon, preparing to fire. He didn't seem to be aiming at anyone or anything, Giovanni said. Instead, he just pointed the gun in the direction of the largest concentration of students in the middle of the room."
My Way News - Bird Flu Kills Another Indonesian Boy
AP reports: "A 3-year-old Indonesian boy has died of bird flu, a health official said Saturday, announcing the country's second death from the illness in one day. The two cases, which were apparently unrelated, brought Indonesia's bird flu death toll to 105."
Breaking News - Kosovo To Declare Independence's International Breaking News Alerts reports: Kosovo will declare independence from Serbia on Sunday, says Kosovar prime minister Hashim Thaci, according to agency reports.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Way News - Hezbollah Chief Threatens Israel
AP reports: "Israel ordered its embassies on high alert and the FBI put U.S. terror squads on guard to protect Jewish institutions after Hezbollah's leader vowed Thursday to retaliate anywhere in the world for the assassination of one of its top commanders.'Zionists, if you want this kind of open war, let the whole world listen: Let this war be open,' Hassan Nasrallah told a throng of fist-waving mourners who attended the funeral of Imad Mugniyeh, the mastermind of terror spectaculars that claimed hundreds of American lives."

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Way News - Bush Imposes New Sanctions on Syria
AP reports: "President Bush, stepping up pressure on Syria, ordered new sanctions Wednesday to punish officials in Damascus for alleged efforts to undermine stability in Iraq and meddle in Lebanon's sovereignty and democracy."
My Way News - Lawmakers Want to Keep Bombs From Saudis
AP reports: "A handful of Republican lawmakers, saying Saudi Arabia is funding terrorism, on Tuesday sought to enlist more GOP opposition to the Bush administration's proposal to sell precision-guided bombs to the Arab kingdom."
My Way News - Plan to Fingerprint All EU Visitors
AP reports: "The European Union's top justice official on Wednesday called for a massive shake-up of the bloc's border security, recommending that all visitors be screened and fingerprinted and a satellite surveillance system be set up to keep illegal migrants out."
My Way News - Divided Turkey Debates Rights, Religion
AP reports: "Parliament voted this past weekend to lift a ban on the wearing of Islamic head scarves by female students in universities after a polarizing debate that delayed progress on key reforms required to achieve Turkey's goal of membership in the European Union."
My Way News - Indonesia Issues Tsunami Alert
AP reports: "Indonesia briefly issued a tsunami alert Thursday after a strong earthquake rocked the east of the country. The country's geophysics agency said the quake had a preliminary magnitude of 6.6, while the U.S. Geological Survey put the initial magnitude at 5.9."
My Way News - Red Cross Appalled by Sri Lanka Deaths
AP reports: "Civilian casualties have reached 'appalling levels' in Sri Lanka's civil war, the Red Cross said Wednesday as the military announced its troops killed 15 ethnic Tamil rebels in clashes across the island nation's restive north."
My Way News - Senior Hezbollah Militant Killed
AP reports: "One of the world's most wanted and elusive terrorists, Imad Mughniyeh, was killed in a car bombing in Syria nearly 15 years after dropping from sight. The one-time Hezbollah security chief was the suspected mastermind of attacks that killed hundreds of Americans in Lebanon and of the brutal kidnappings of Westerners."

Comment: They finally got him, score one for the good guys.
My Way News - Rape Is Weapon in Kenyan Violence
AP reports: "Looting, arson and murder have become hallmarks of Kenya's conflict over a disputed presidential election. Another, less talked about tactic in the violence that has degenerated into ethnic clashes: rape."
My Way News - Doctor: Rev. Graham Alert After Surgery
AP reports: "Graham has preached in person to more than 210 million people worldwide in a career spanning six decades. His crusade-based ministry packed stadiums with believers and put Graham in place to befriend every U.S. president since Harry Truman and become a confidant to many."

Comment: Please join me in praying for Rev. Graham's recovery.
My Way News - Android and LiMo in Open Source Race
AP reports: "The race is on: A consortium of 32 companies has joined a classic battle for primacy with their demonstration of mobile phones to compete with devices that will run Google Inc. (GOOG)'s fledgling Android operating system. [...] That openness could speed the drive to integrate the Internet into mobile phones."

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

U.S. military weighing if Russia in Cold War pose - Yahoo! News
Reuters reports: "Washington is trying to gauge whether Russia's recent bomber mission near a U.S. aircraft carrier indicated Moscow's return to a Cold War 'mind-set' and is considering how the Pentagon should respond, a senior U.S. military officer said on Tuesday."
My Way News - Israel: Iran Seeking Nuclear Weapons
AP reports: "Israel's prime minister on Tuesday brushed aside suggestions that the threat from Iran's nuclear program has receded, saying he remains convinced that Tehran is 'moving forward' with plans for an atomic weapon."
My Way News - Russia, China Challenge US Space Arms
AP reports: "China and Russia renewed their push for a global ban on arms in space at a disarmament conference Tuesday with a proposal opposed by Washington on the grounds it is directed at U.S. military technology."
My Way News - Russia: Bombers Flight Routine Patrol
AP reports: "U.S. military officials said that one Tu-95 buzzed the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz twice, at a low altitude of about 2,000 feet, while another bomber circled about 50 nautical miles out. U.S. fighters were scrambled from Nimitz to intercept the bombers."
My Way News - Putin: Russia Could Aim Nukes at Ukraine
AP reports: "Russia could aim nuclear weapons at Ukraine if the former Soviet republic joins NATO and accepts the deployment of anti-missile defenses on its territory, President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday."
My Way News - Russia Warns West on Kosovo Independence
AP reports: "Russia warned the West on Tuesday against recognizing a unilateral declaration of independence by Kosovo, saying it could set off a chain reaction of secessionist movements in Europe and around the world."
My Way News - East Timor in State of Emergency
AP reports: "Armored U.N. vehicles guarded East Timor's leaders Tuesday under a state of emergency declared after rebel soldiers critically wounded the Nobel Peace Prize-winning president and fired at the prime minister's convoy."
My Way News - Israel to Build More in East Jerusalem
AP reports: "Israel announced plans Tuesday to build more than 1,000 homes in disputed east Jerusalem, infuriating the Palestinians and triggering a new crisis in already troubled peace talks."
My Way News - Climatologist: Sea Ice to Keep Shrinking
AP reports: "Arctic sea ice next summer may shrink below the record low last year, according to a University of Washington climatologist. Ignatius Rigor spoke Monday at the Alaska Forum on the Environment and said global warming combined with natural cyclical changes likely will continue to push ice into the North Atlantic Ocean."

Monday, February 11, 2008

Vodafone to launch mobile phone money transfer service in Afghanistan - Yahoo! News
AFP reports: "The GSM Association, the global mobile phone industry body, estimates that about a dozen such schemes involving money transfer services are in operation throughout the world, with 10 million users."
My Way News - Senior Taliban Figure Caught in Pakistan
AP reports: "Pakistani forces captured and critically wounded a senior Taliban militant on Monday, the second successful targeting in two weeks of a terror suspect as the government faced growing Western pressure to crack down on cross-border attacks into Afghanistan."
My Way News - Hamas Leaders Hiding From Israeli Hits
AP reports: "Defense Minister Ehud Barak warned that Israel could bring down the Hamas regime and he ordered plans for a large ground invasion of Gaza. But he said troops would not move soon, all but admitting that Israel has no quick answer for the rocket barrages and leaving his threats as mostly verbal pressure on Hamas."
My Way News - Ahmadinejad: Iran Won't Stop Enrichment
AP reports: "Like Iran's nuclear activities, the country's space program has provoked unease abroad because the same technology needed to put satellites into space can be used to deliver warheads. Iranian officials have insisted both programs are intended for peaceful purposes."
My Way News - al-Qaida Regaining Some Footing
AP reports: "Al-Qaida in Iraq appears to have regained some footing with a series of high-profile and deadly bombings over the past two weeks and a sabotage blast Monday that may leave parts of northern Iraq without electricity until next week."
My Way News - Protoypes Shown of Android Phones
AP reports: "Among the companies that demonstrated use of Android on Monday at the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona was Texas Instruments Inc. (TXN), the largest maker of chips for cell phones. Its prototype offers 'one-button access' to Web browsing, e-mail, messaging and video." Former Beatles buddy brings Bible to Lodi reports: "Ken Mansfield tells stories of his wild Beatles' years to spread the Gospel."
My Way News - East Timor Declares State of Emergency
AP reports: "East Timor declared a state of emergency Tuesday after attacks on the country's top leaders in a failed coup left the president in 'extremely serious' condition with gunshot wounds."

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Canadian Press - Earthquake rocks Baja California, leaving 400,000 without power
Canadian Press reports: "A moderate earthquake rocked Baja California, shutting down factories near the U.S. border and leaving 400,000 people without power into early Saturday, authorities said. However, no major damage or injuries were reported. The quake that struck at 11:12 p.m. Friday had a magnitude of 5.1, according to the U.S. Geological Survey in Golden, Colo. "

Saturday, February 09, 2008

My Way News - War Demands Strain US Military Readiness
AP reports: "A classified Pentagon assessment concludes that long battlefield tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, along with persistent terrorist activity and other threats, have prevented the U.S. military from improving its ability to respond to any new crisis, The Associated Press has learned."
My Way News - Egypt Court Upholds Christian Conversion
AP reports: "There is no Egyptian law against converting from Islam to Christianity, but in this case tradition had taken precedent. Under a widespread interpretation of Islamic law, converting from Islam is apostasy and punishable by death - though the state has never ordered or carried out an execution on those grounds."
My Way News - US Chief: Pakistan Terror Threat Rising
AP reports: "The top U.S. military commander said Saturday that the threat of Islamic extremism was growing in Pakistan and that the country's leadership was keenly aware of the challenge facing the nation."
My Way News - G-7 Brush Off Single Economic Remedy
AP reports: "The officials from the United States, Japan, Germany, France, Canada, Britain and Italy also urged oil-producing nations to boost output, and encouraged China to accelerate the appreciation of its currency. [...] Finance chiefs from China, Russia, South Korea and Indonesia were expected to join the G-7 officials at a dinner later to expand the discussions."
My Way News - Germany Touts Its Role in Afghanistan
AP reports: "U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates criticized Germany and other key European allies this week who have refused to allow their troops in Afghanistan to be deployed to the southern heartland of Taliban insurgency alongside U.S., British, Canadian, Dutch and other contingents."
My Way News - Churches Vital After Deadly Storms
AP reports: "In Macon County and other predominantly Christian areas where tornadoes laid a deadly path, churches - and individuals' faith - are playing a vital role in the aftermath."
My Way News - Israeli Boy, Brother Injured by Rockets
AP reports: "Israel threatened retaliation Saturday after two brothers, ages 8 and 19, were seriously wounded when a rocket from Gaza slammed into the center of the Israeli border town of Sderot. [...] The barrages have not abated despite Israel's withdrawal from the territory in 2005..."
My Way News - The Week That Was in America: Draining
I'd like to call you attention to an important news report. It's a summary of last week's dramatic events that were notable for their drama, severity, and frequency. AP reports:
Rarely in modern memory has spectacle been so intense as to be both numbing and utterly addictive to watch. There was, of course, that indelible week in September 2001. And the excruciating weekend in 1963 that began with a president cut down by bullets and ended with his assassin falling to the same fate. There were riots in the 1960s, hostage crises in the 1970s, a shuttle explosion in the 1980s and a white Bronco and a blue dress in the 1990s. [...] What made the past week so unsettling, so utterly rubberneckable, was not only the nature of events but their breadth.
This is an extraordinary report. You know, skeptics like to say that things continue on as they always have, but this report underscores the notion that we are witnessing now is an increase in dramatic events. The spiritual purpose of these events is to serve as a wake-up call, a warning, a shock to the system to shake you out of your complacency, challenge your certitudes, and force you to think about the things that really matter in life. If you died today, what would be your fate? Can you be certain? You are reading this right now on a computer, and chances are, you've saved your personal data. Have you saved your soul? Act now to save the most important data you own before your system crashes.

Friday, February 08, 2008

My Way News - Could Blair Lead New EU?
AP reports: "The former British prime minister, who led his nation for 10 years and won three successive elections, has been touted as a strong contender for the post of EU president - a job being created under a new EU treaty that aims to streamline the bloc's often complex decision-making."
Al-Qaeda, Taliban chiefs hiding in Pakistan: US official - Yahoo! News
AFP reports: "Al-Qaeda and Taliban leaders Osama bin Laden and Mullah Mohammad Omar and their top commanders are hiding in Pakistan, posing a 'huge challenge' to the security of the country and neighboring Afghanistan, a senior US administration official said Friday."
Serbia warns EU of "cutting corners" over Kosovo - Yahoo! News
Reuters reports: "The United States and most of the 27-member European Union back self-determination for Kosovo and its 90-percent ethnic Albanian majority. However, Russia, allied with Serbia against Kosovo's secession, has blocked an independence resolution in the U.N. Security Council."
Italy takes Jewish teachers "blacklist" off Internet - Yahoo! News
Reuters reports: "Italian police are investigating an anti-Semitic blog listing the names of more than 150 'Jewish university professors,' which was removed from the Internet after protests from politicians and Jewish leaders."
Wireless fair set to stage mobile Web battle - Yahoo! News
Reuters reports: "Cell phone makers, telecoms carriers and Internet groups are squaring up for a fight for dominance of the mobile Internet, finally ready for market after years of promises and hundreds of billions in investments. [...] The outcome of the struggle to win the mobile Web will not only be crucial for the combatants but will decide how the mobile Web is experienced by billions of people."
My Way News - Egypt Boosts Security Along Gaza Border
AP reports: "Egypt has grown increasingly frustrated with Hamas after the border breach and ensuing chaos in the area. On Thursday, Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit said no further violations of the border would be tolerated and anyone daring to cross would have their legs broken."
My Way News - Nearly 20 Rockets Hit Israel From Gaza
AP reports: "Palestinian militants launched nearly 20 rockets at Israel on Friday hours after Israel began cutting electricity to the Gaza Strip in an attempt to halt the barrages."
My Way News - Putin Lays Out Agenda for Successor
AP reports: "Putin spoke strongly against NATO's expansion into former Soviet bloc states of eastern Europe and said Moscow would respond by modernizing its military and weapons systems. [...] He warned that a new arms race is under way. 'It is not our fault because we did not start it,' he said."
Top UN official warns of risk of Sudan-Chad war - Yahoo! News
AFP reports: "A senior UN official on Friday warned that a reported proxy war between Sudan and Chad through rebel groups on each side of their border threatened to destabilize the region and could lead to a wider conflict."

Thursday, February 07, 2008

My Way News - French Lawmakers Say Yes to EU Treaty

AP reports: "Adoption would make France the fifth country - and the largest so far - to ratify the treaty, which would give the 27-nation union a long-term president and streamline its decision-making process."
My Way News - Iran Starts Up Advanced Centrifuges
AP reports: "Iran is under two sets of U.N. Security Council sanctions for refusing to suspend uranium enrichment, which it started developing during nearly two decades of covert nuclear activity built on illicit purchases and revealed only five years ago."
My Way News - 7 Killed in Gaza Clashes With Israel
AP reports: "Seven rockets were fired at southern Israel Thursday morning, the military said. One landed in the yard of a home in the rocket-scarred town of Sderot, slightly wounding one person."

Comment: Another day, and more rocket attacks on Israel. The spirit of the world says: Everything would be ok if the Israelis would just stop defending themselves.
My Way News - Suspect Admits to German Train Bomb Plot
AP reports: "One of the main suspects in a plot to bomb a pair of German commuter trains in 2006 confessed his role in the plan Thursday but told the court another suspect was the ringleader."
My Way News - Retired Generals Turn on Musharraf
AP reports: "While the military leadership remains loyal to Musharraf, the protests by retired servicemen point to deep fissures within the armed forces, which have supported Musharraf since he seized power in a military coup in 1999. [...] "He is fighting America's war, but the majority of the people are now anti-American," retired Vice Adm. Ahmad Tasnim said of Musharraf. "Everybody is asking, why should our own soldiers kill our own people?""
My Way News - 8 Arrested in Attack on Israeli Embassy
AP reports: "Al-Qaida in Islamic North Africa, which is based in Algeria and was formerly known as the Salafist Group for Call and Combat, claimed responsibility for the attack, saying it was a reprisal for Israel's clampdown on Palestinians in Gaza."
My Way News - Curfew Declared in Chad
AP reports: "The government imposed a dusk-to-dawn curfew Thursday across Chad and said it was scouring the capital for coup plotters and their accomplices who were in hiding after days of fighting left hundreds dead and caused thousands to flee."
My Way News - UK to Extradite Islamic Preacher
AP reports: "Britain's Home Office on Thursday approved the extradition of an Islamic preacher who is accused of trying to establish a terrorist training camp in Oregon, a spokesman said."
SOMARK's Chipless RFID Ink Tattoo Field Demo Brings the Company Closer to Launch
PR Web reports: "SOMARK Innovations, Inc. recently completed a field demo of its patented Chipless RFID Ink Tattoo animal ID system. The demo proved the SOMARK system's ability to apply a tattoo in less than three seconds and read the tattoo (translate the tattoo into a unique ID, with a handheld reader in real time). [...] The technology company is developing a patented ID system based on a biocompatible ink tattoo with chipless RFID functionality."

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

My Way News - Gaza Rocket Wounds 2 Israeli Girls
AP reports: "Hamas militants fired a rocket into an Israeli border village, wounding two young sisters as they played outside their home. The attack followed Israel airstrikes against Gaza militants and threats of an 'all-front' war on the Islamic group."

Comment: Another day, another rocket attack on Israel. Where's the outrage?
My Way News - Turkish Lawmakers Remove Head Scarf Ban
AP reports: "Lawmakers voted early Thursday to approve a constitutional amendment allowing female students to enter universities wearing Islamic head scarves - a move some Turks see as a threat to the traditional separation of church and state."

Comment: This is unfortunate, and even worse is the fact that the EU is pushing this. They are playing with fire.
My Way News - Rice: NATO Facing Test in Afghanistan
AP reports: "Gates said he's not optimistic that the influx of 3,000 more Marines into Afghanistan this spring will be enough to put the NATO-led war effort back on track. He said he has sent letters to every alliance defense minister asking them to contribute more troops and equipment, but hasn't received any replies."

Comment: Is this the end of NATO? If the Alliance fractures over the commitment to the war in Afghanistan, what will replace it?
My Way News - Pakistani Militants Declare Cease-Fire
AP reports: "Any deal that allows armed Islamic extremists to operate on Pakistani soil would run counter to U.S. demands for the government to crack down on militants."
My Way News - US: al-Qaida in Iraq Training Children
AP reports: "Boys in soccer jerseys don black masks and grab weapons. They scramble over mud-brick walls, blast down doors and hold guns to the heads of residents inside. The U.S. military said videos seized from suspected al-Qaida in Iraq hideouts show militants training children who appear as young as 10 to kidnap and kill."
Scientists explain big vapor plume on Saturn moon - Yahoo! News
AP reports: "Scientists on Wednesday said they have an explanation how one of Saturn's moons can spew out a giant plume of water vapor, adding to evidence a source of life -- water -- lies beneath the moon's frozen surface."
UN: mobile haves to overtake have-nots - Yahoo! News
AP reports: "Ownership rates in developing countries are rising fastest, with Brazil, Russia, India and China alone accounting for 1 billion subscribers last year, the International Telecommunication Union said."
LG aims to sell 38 pct more handsets in Europe - Yahoo! News
AP reports: "Korean cell phone maker LG Electronics Inc (066570.KS) aims to sell 38 percent more handsets in Europe in 2008 than last year, helped by new models like Viewty, it said on Wednesday."
New tests find deadly new virus that killed three - Yahoo! News
AP reports: "A previously unknown virus killed three women who got organ transplants from an Australian donor, and researchers say the technique they used to identify it could lead them to many more new infectious agents."
TB eradication in the U.S. by 2010 unlikely: survey - Yahoo! News
Reuters reports: "The U.S. is unlikely to meet its goal for eliminating tuberculosis (TB) by 2010, primarily because of high rates of latent (dormant) TB infection in certain population subgroups, according to a nationwide survey."
My Way News - Moms Pre-Chewing Food Gave HIV to Kids
AP reports: "For the first time, health officials report that the AIDS virus can be spread by a mother pre-chewing her infant's food, a practice mainly seen in poor, developing countries."
Institute: Terror Threat Widens - Yahoo! News
AP reports: "Senior researchers at Britain's International Institute for Strategic Studies warned Tuesday that 'neo-Taliban' groups operating in Pakistan's tribal areas may soon become a global menace."

Comment: I don't think we've seen any evidence of this, it could be simply an example of an institute fanning the flames just so they can get some sensational press. Still, it's definitely a rumor.
Joel Osteen ...on 60 Minutes; Exclusive Video Only on Yahoo! News
60 Minutes reports: "He's the most popular preacher in America, with his services attended by thousands and seen by more than 7 million viewers around the world on television each week. But just eight years ago, Joel Osteen was virtually unknown, a college dropout working behind the scenes producing his father's television ministry."

What do you think, is he preaching the Good News of the gospel?

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

My Way News - Bible Confiscation in Malaysia a Mistake
AP reports: "A Malaysian government official said Tuesday that customs officers were wrong to seize 32 Bibles from a Christian traveler, after church groups alleged that it was another sign of religious intolerance in this Muslim-majority country."
The Associated Press: FBI Preps Award for Biometric Database
AP reports: "Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and IBM are vying for a multibillion-dollar contract to build a database for fingerprints and other biometric information that the FBI is set to award this week."
My Way News - Ahmadinejad Withdrawing Nuclear Proposal
AP reports: "Iran's president says he is withdrawing a proposal made in 2005 for an international consortium to enrich uranium - the fuel for both nuclear bombs and power plants - inside his country."
My Way News - Israeli Town Rocketed Before Peres Visit
AP reports: "A barrage of rockets battered this Israeli town less than a half mile from the Gaza fence, seriously wounding a woman just before the arrival Tuesday of Israeli President Shimon Peres. [...] Residents of Sderot have been traumatized by the almost daily barrages."
My Way News - Repairs to Internet Cables Begin in Gulf
AP reports: "After the Persian Gulf cut, a FLAG official in India, speaking on condition of anonymity because of company policy, said workers were still trying to determine how the cable was cut. He declined to comment on whether the two cuts were somehow linked but said he did not believe FLAG's cables were deliberately targeted."
My Way News - Embryos Created With DNA From 3 People
AP reports: "British scientists say they have created human embryos containing DNA from two women and a man in a procedure that researchers hope might be used one day to produce embryos free of inherited diseases."
My Way News - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Dies
AP reports: "Over the years, Maharishi also was accused of fraud by former pupils who claim he failed to teach them to fly. 'Yogic flying,' showcased as the ultimate level of transcendence, was never witnessed as anything more than TM followers sitting in the cross-legged lotus position and bouncing across spongy mats."

Monday, February 04, 2008

My Way News - Malaysian Airport Customs Seize Bibles
AP reports: "Malaysian customs officials seized 32 Bibles from a traveler, a church federation said Monday, adding its voice to a raft of complaints that the Muslim-majority country is becoming less tolerant of other religions."
My Way News - Heavy Fighting Resumes in Chad's Capital
AP reports: "Chadian rebels renewed their assault on the capital of this oil-rich central African country Monday, and tens of thousands of people fled as gunfire crackled and artillery shells exploded across the city."
My Way News - First Suicide Attack in a Year in Israel
AP reports: "A Palestinian bomber blew himself up Monday in this desert town near Israel's nuclear reactor, killing an Israeli woman and wounding 11 people in the first suicide attack inside Israel in a year."
My Way News - Eyes to the Skies Getting Bigger
AP reports: "A telescope arms race is taking shape around the world. Astronomers are drawing up plans for the biggest, most powerful instruments ever constructed, capable of peering far deeper into the universe - and further back in time - than ever before."
My Way News - Indonesian Bird Flu Death Toll Hits 103
AP reports: "An Indonesian woman died of bird flu over the weekend, bringing the country's death toll from the disease to 103, the Health Ministry said."

Saturday, February 02, 2008

My Way News - Turkey: Secularists Protest Government
AP reports: "Some 125,000 Turks, mostly women, denounced the government on Saturday over its plans to lift a decades-old ban on Islamic head scarves at universities in the mainly Muslim but secular nation. [...] The headscarf debate grew out of tension between the Islamic-oriented government and the military-backed, secular establishment, which faced off in a struggle for political power last year."
My Way News - Chad Rebels Fight Troops in Capital
AP reports: "Hundreds of rebels charged into Chad's capital aboard pickup trucks Saturday, clashing with government troops around the presidential palace in the most forceful attempt yet to oust President Idriss Deby."
My Way News - Hamas: Egypt to Seal Gaza Border Sunday
AP reports: "Egypt will close its breached border with Gaza on Sunday, and Hamas will not stand in the way, a Hamas leader said Saturday after holding talks with Egyptian officials."
My Way News - Lynch: US 'Surge' Tipped Scales in Iraq
AP reports: "Maj. Gen. Rick Lynch has spent years thinking about the war in Iraq, both as a senior strategist in 2005 and now as a division commander. He has seen strategies, missions and buzzwords come and go, but he now believes U.S. commanders finally have a feel for the battlefield."
My Way News - Fight Looms Over Global AIDS Program
AP reports: "A five-year, $15 billion effort to combat AIDS in Africa and other areas - arguably the most important and popular international program of the Bush presidency - may become a political battleground as it comes up for renewal."
3rd Undersea Cable Cut, Hampering Internet, Damaged Lines Spark Communication Outages In Middle East, Asia - CBS News
AP reports: "An undersea cable has been cut in the Persian Gulf, the third such communications link damaged in the past week, resulting in severe phone line disruptions and compounding an already existing Internet outage across large parts of the Middle East and Asia."

Ok guys, what is going on here, is this damage deliberate? Three disruptions to internet traffic (and commerce) in one week is a bit more than random chance would allow.

Friday, February 01, 2008

My Way News - US Envoy: Iran Gained From US Invasions
AP reports: "Iran is stronger today because of the U.S.-led invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, the American ambassador to the United Nations said Friday."
My Way News - Stormy Seas Batter 3 Ships Off Britain
AP reports: "Rescue operations Friday saved scores of people from two ships that ran aground in stormy waters off the British coast, but efforts to evacuate the injured captain of third distressed vessel had to be called off."

Comment: I expect we will see more of this as coastal weather patterns change. It will become more of an issue when it starts to impact shipping and port traffic.
My Way News - Mentally Disabled Women Used in Bombings
AP reports: "Two women described as mentally disabled and strapped with remote-control explosives - and possibly used as unwitting suicide bombers - brought carnage Friday to two pet bazaars, killing at least 91 people in the deadliest day since Washington flooded the capital with extra troops last spring."
My Way News - US Strike Exposes Entrenched Militants
AP reports: "The U.S. missile strike that killed a top al-Qaida commander just over a mile from a Pakistani military base shows how entrenched Islamic militants are in the lawless tribal regions, where extremists have launched increasingly bold attacks."
My Way News - Biometric Data Collected at Heathrow
AP reports: "Heathrow Airport introduced a new security system for some of its passengers Friday, requiring them to undergo iris scans and be fingerprinted before boarding their flights. The biometric data will be taken at Heathrow's Terminal 1, which has separate domestic and international lounges."
Microsoft-Yahoo Combo Could Reshape Web - My Way Finance
AP reports: "A combination of Microsoft and Yahoo could reshape the Internet landscape for millions of Web users: Would the two companies join their online portals? Could they rethink the desktop computer to integrate Web content more directly?"
My Way News - Travel Brings Surprises to Gazans
AP reports: "Egypt ruled Gaza for nearly 20 years, until Israel conquered the territory in 1967."