Saturday, March 31, 2001

Monster Solar Flare Headed Towards Earth

A "monster" solar flare is headed towards Earth and could affect power systems, satellites and some radio transmissions this weekend, a top space weather forecaster said. "Signs in the sun" are one of the key signs mentioned by Jesus Christ as heralding His return to Earth. This is an odd sign, many did not know what to make of it in the past, but I would suggest that massive solar flares associated with Solar Max could be a fulfillment of this sign. This solar flare resulted from the biggest sunspot scientists have seen in the past decade.
Back Again

I've decided to give this web log another try. I had hoped to make this an adjunct to the Prophecy News web page, but ended up spending so much time on that, that I neglected this space. A web log sounds like a good idea, just a short blurb, a thought, a news link, whatever. So, that is what this space will be, just a short note, nothing major or deep, a nice clean and simple paragraph about the unfolding of Bible prophecy.