Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Way News - Israel warns EU to tone down its criticism

AP reports: "Israel warned the European Union on Thursday to tone down its criticism of the new Israeli government or risk forfeiting the bloc's role as broker in Mideast peace efforts."

Comment: A sizable majority of BP commentators believe that the EU role in Mideast peace will only grow over time, so perhaps they will head this warning.
My Way News - Britain ends combat operations in Iraq
AP reports: "British troops ended six years of combat operations in Iraq on Thursday, beginning to withdraw from the southern city of Basra after a bloody and costly mission that was deeply unpopular at home."
My Way News - Italy frees hijacker of Achille Lauro ship
AP reports: "One of the Palestinians who hijacked the Achille Lauro cruise ship and killed an American passenger in 1985 has been released after more than 23 years in jail, officials said Thursday."

Comment: Ok, not really war, but I still have misgivings about treating terrorism as something akin to a criminal act instead of an act of war.
My Way News - Pakistan army: Taliban holding town hostage
AP reports: "As troops pursued an offensive praised by the United States, a burst of shootings in a southern city left dozens dead and added the specter of ethnic conflict to the Islamist violence gnawing at the nuclear-armed country's stability."

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Way News - WHO says swine flu pandemic is imminent
AP reports: "Global health authorities warned Wednesday that swine flu was threatening to bloom into a pandemic, and the virus spread farther in Europe even as the outbreak appeared to stabilize at its epicenter. A toddler who succumbed in Texas became the first death outside Mexico."
My Way News - World takes drastic steps to contain swine flu
AP reports: "From Egypt's order that all 300,000 pigs in the country be slaughtered to travel bans and putting the kibosh on kissing, the world is taking drastic - and some say debatable - measures to combat swine flu."

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Way News - Mexico death toll stabilizes as epidemic spreads

AP reports: "The toll from the swine flu epidemic appears to be stabilizing in Mexico, the health secretary said late Tuesday, with only seven more suspected deaths. But an outbreak of the virus at a New York school showed it is capable of repeated jumps between humans - meaning it can keep spreading around the world."
My Way News - Israel marks Independence Day without peace

AP reports: "In a jarring contrast, Israel switched moods Tuesday evening from a somber Memorial Day for fallen soldiers to a joyous Independence Day celebrating 61 years since the Jewish state was created, but the absence of Mideast peace weighed on the festivities."

Comment: Happy Birthday to Israel! Hey, did you know that the "two-state solution" was the original idea, part of the U.N. plan, but it was rejected by the Arab states? They could have had their two states way back then, and yet they chose war. Why do they now think the two-state solution is still on the table?
My Way News - Judge disciplines accused in terror trial
AP reports: "An Islamic terrorist suspect, on trial with three others on charges they plotted attacks on American targets in Germany, was thrown out of the courtroom Tuesday after an outburst."
My Way News - Pakistani jets pound militants close to capital
AP reports: "Pakistani jets and attack helicopters struck Taliban positions in mountains close to the capital Tuesday as part of a widening offensive against militants spreading out from the lawless region along the border with Afghanistan, the military said."
My Way News - NYPD officers plead not guilty to rape charges
AP reports: "A police officer called to help a drunken woman get home safely instead raped her as she lay semiconscious and facedown in her bed while his partner acted as a lookout, prosecutors alleged Tuesday."
In Cyberweapons Race, Questions Linger Over U.S. Offensive Capability - Series -
The New York Times reports: "Just as the invention of the atomic bomb changed warfare and deterrence 64 years ago, a new international race has begun to develop cyberweapons and systems to protect against them."
Obama promises major investment in science - Science-
AP reports: "President Barack Obama on Monday promised a major investment in research and development for scientific innovation, saying the United States has fallen behind others."
Scientists claim to have cloned glowing dogs - Science-
MSNBC reports: "The scientist said his team has started to implant human disease-related genes in the course of dog cloning, saying that will help them find new treatments for genetic diseases such as Parkinson's. He refused to provide further details, saying the research was still under way."
My Way News - Astronomers see oldest object in universe yet
AP reports: "Astronomers have spotted a burst of energy from a dying star, setting a record for the oldest and most distant object seen by Earth yet."

Monday, April 27, 2009

My Way News - Iraqi archbishop decries Christian slayings
AP reports: "Iraq's Christians, who numbered about 1 million in the early 1980s, are now estimated at about half that as families flee warfare and extremist attacks that target their churches and homes."

Comment: Please join me in praying for the church in Iraq, that they will persevere with hope and love, that they will practice forgiveness and leave revenge to God's justice.
My Way News - Quake jars already-nervous Mexico City residents

AP reports: "A strong earthquake struck central Mexico on Monday, swaying tall buildings in the capital and rattling nerves in a city already tense from a swine flu outbreak suspected of killing as many as 149 people nationwide."
Pestilence - Swine Flu Update

My Way News - WHO raises its pandemic alert level on swine flu
AP reports: "The World Health Organization raised its global alert level Monday, signaling the swine flu virus was spreading from human to human in community outbreaks, but it stopped short of declaring a full-blown pandemic."

My Way News - US responding as if swine flu will be pandemic
AP reports: "Confirming at least 40 cases of swine flu in the U.S., the Obama administration said Monday it was responding aggressively as if the outbreak would spread into a full pandemic. Officials urged Americans against most travel to Mexico as the virus that began there spread to the United States and beyond."

My Way News - What you need to know about swine flu
AP reports: "A never-before-seen strain of swine flu has turned killer in Mexico and is causing milder illness in the United States and elsewhere. While authorities say it's not time to panic, they are taking steps to stem the spread and also urging people to pay close attention to the latest health warnings and take their own precautions."

My Way News - Swine flu epidemic enters dangerous new phase
AP reports: "The swine flu epidemic entered a dangerous new phase Monday as the death toll climbed in Mexico and the number of suspected cases there and in the United States nearly doubled. The World Health Organization raised its alert level but stopped short of declaring a global emergency."
My Way News - Watchdog warns arms transfers to Mideast rising
AP reports: "The volume of weapons exported to the Middle East has risen sharply in the last four years, threatening to destabilize the volatile region further, a leading Swedish think tank warned Monday."
My Way News - Peace in peril, but Pakistan says don't 'panic'
AP reports: "Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari insisted Monday his country was doing what it must to root out domestic militants. In a wide-ranging interview with reporters from foreign media outlets, Zardari said Pakistan's nuclear capabilities were in 'safe hands,' but called for more foreign support for his cash-strapped country to prevent any danger of that changing."
The Associated Press: Turkey, Syria conduct military drill
AP reports: "The Turkish military said it launched a joint drill with Syrian soldiers on their shared border Monday in order to improve security. Israel, an ally of Turkey and a longtime foe of Syria, expressed concern."
My Way News - Jordan sees new war if US does not act quickly
AP reports: "Jordan's king urged President Barack Obama Sunday to take a more forceful role in the peace process between Israelis and Palestinians, warning of a new Mideast war if there is no significant progress in the next 18 months."
My Way News - British government backs down over database plan

AP reports: "The British government said Monday it wants communications companies to keep records of every phone call, e-mail and Web site visit made in the country. But it has decided not to set up a national database of the information, a proposal that had been condemned as a 'Big Brother'-style invasion of privacy by civil liberties groups."

Comment: How nice that they decided not to set up a database on the formerly free subjects of the United Kingdom. It's a compromise solution. Isn't that great? And, by the way, they will still collect the information, but it just won't be stored in a central database, it will be stored by the service providers, and you can totally trust them with the information. What could possibly go wrong? And remember, if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear. It's for your own good. Trust us, we won't abuse this power.
My Way News - Study: SE Asia will be hit hard by climate change

AP reports: "Those countries are especially vulnerable because they have large coastal populations facing rising sea levels and rely heavily on rice and other agriculture products which could suffer from water shortages as well as floods. Vietnam was found to be the most vulnerable."

Sunday, April 26, 2009

U.S. Declares Public Health Emergency Over Swine Flu -

The New York Times reports: "American health officials on Sunday declared a public health emergency over increasing cases of swine flu, saying that they had confirmed 20 cases of the disease in the United States and expected to see more as investigators fan out to track down the path of the outbreak. [...] So far, there have been no deaths from swine flu in the United States, and only one of the people who tested positive for the disease has been hospitalized, officials said."

Comment: Is this outbreak a biowar attack? My thinking is that no, it's not a terrorist attack. If it were an attack by a terrorist group like Al-Qaeda or the Taliban, wouldn't the epicenter of the outbreak be somewhere other than Mexico City? Wouldn't they use something much more deadly? From everything I've read recently about this outbreak, this is a variant of the flu that is treatable by the common antiviral drugs and although it is a threat to public health, it is not at the present time a fearsome outbreak like the Spanish Flu. It has the potential to mutate and become that, but then again, the common flu also has that potential. I think it's important to not let fear run ahead of the facts, take precautions, keep up with the health advisories issued by governments, and don't panic. Above all, remember that God is in control.

Friday, April 24, 2009

My Way News - Mexico swine flu deaths spur global epidemic fears
AP reports: "A unique strain of swine flu is the suspected killer of dozens of people in Mexico, where authorities closed schools, museums, libraries and theaters in the capital on Friday to try to contain an outbreak that has spurred concerns of a global flu epidemic."

Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Way News - Swine flu cases up to 7; officials expand probe
AP reports: "Health officials are investigating a never-before-seen form of the flu that combines pig, bird and human viruses and which has infected seven people in California and Texas. All the victims recovered, but the cases are a growing medical mystery because it's unclear how they caught the virus."

Comment: New virus, unknown vector, scary stuff.
My Way News - Blasts kill 78 in Iraq's bloodiest day in a year
AP reports: "Suicide bomb blasts tore through crowds waiting for food aid in central Baghdad and inside a roadside restaurant filled with Iranian pilgrims Thursday, killing at least 78 people in Iraq's deadliest day in more than a year."
My Way News - Iran says West tries to muzzle criticism of Israel
AP reports: "Ahmadinejad, who is running for another term in Iran's June 12 presidential election, is a deeply polarizing figure who has called for Israel to be wiped off the map, denied the Holocaust and insists Iran will never give up uranium enrichment."
My Way News - Taliban move to new Pakistan area ups peace doubts
AP reports: "Gunmen attacked a Pakistani paramilitary force sent to a Taliban-infiltrated district just 60 miles from the capital Thursday, killing a police officer [...] Militants have made no secret of their desire to see Islamic law imposed across the country, and as they edge closer to Islamabad, unease about the peace deal is growing in Pakistan and in the West."
My Way News - Donors pledge over $250 million for Somalia
AP reports: "International donors pledged more than $250 million Thursday to strengthen Somalia's security forces and try to stop the rampant attacks by armed Somali pirates that have plagued one of the world's most important waterways.[...] The pledges were a recognition of the need to end two decades of anarchy in Somalia and of the threat that further lawlessness posed to the world, not just one nation."

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Way News - Thousands pour into Georgian capital to protest
AP reports: "Thousands of opposition supporters from Georgia's provinces poured into the capital late Wednesday to join the protests aimed at forcing President Mikhail Saakashvili to step down."

Comment: Will Russia use these protests as a pretext to invade Georgia? Stay tuned.
My Way News - Taliban extend hold, advance near Pakistan capital
AP reports: "Taliban militants have extended their grip in northwestern Pakistan, pushing out from a valley where the government has agreed to impose Islamic law and patrolling villages as close as 60 miles from the capital."

Comment: Is Pakistan about to fall to the Taliban? Probably not, the Taliban do not have enough troops to control the entire country. Then again, neither does the Pakistani military. Seizing the capital though would be an important strategic victory, one that still seems very unlikely at this point, but alarmingly within the realm of possibility.
My Way News - Chinese President Hu meets foreign navy commanders
AP reports: "Held to formally mark the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Liberation Army Navy, the gathering is being portrayed by state media as a signal of China's intentions to develop its navy into a force able to conduct operations far from home ports in defense of the country's maritime trade. Those plans are believed to include the addition of one or more aircraft carriers to the fleet over the coming years, possibly emboldening China in enforcing its territorial claims in the South China Sea and elsewhere."
My Way News - Can Iraqis tweet their way to a state of normalcy?
AP reports: "Their trip to Iraq's capital, sponsored by the State Department, was billed as a way to assess the faint stirrings of Iraq's online culture and possibly inspire future Iraqi Web entrepreneurs. [...] At times, the goals got a bit lofty, echoing the State Department's encouragement of technology as a way to encourage political participation and battle corruption in developing countries."

Comment: I'm noting this not only because it demonstrates the reach of the internet and the importance of cell phones in Iraq, but because many in the BP community expect to see the rise of the new Babylon of Revelation in modern-day Iraq. Those who subscribe to that particular view are watching any developments to turn Iraq into a modern center of commerce and finance. Could this State Department effort be the start of that? I'm skeptical, but I'll keep watching.
My Way News - Study shows decline in flow of many major rivers
AP reports: "The flow of water in the world's largest rivers has declined over the past half-century, with significant changes found in about a third of the big rivers. [...] The only area showing a significant increase in flow was the Arctic, where warming conditions are increasing the snow and ice melt, said researchers led by Aiguo Dai of the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colo."

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Way News - Iran warns Israel not to attack nuclear sites
AP reports: "Iran warned Israel on Tuesday against attacking the Islamic state's nuclear facilities, a day after President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad raised tensions between the two foes by calling Israel the 'most cruel and repressive racist regime' at a U.N. conference in Geneva. Israel has identified Iran as its biggest threat, citing the country's nuclear program and its development of long-range ballistic missiles."
My Way News - Russia moves troops closer to Georgia's capital
AP reports: "Russia has troops just 25 miles (40 kilometers) from the Georgian capital, in violation of the European Union-brokered cease-fire that ended last year's brief war. And in recent weeks, it has put even more soldiers and armored vehicles within striking distance of the city ahead of street protests against Georgia's president."
My Way News - Ahmadinejad dropped Holocaust denial from speech
AP reports: "A day after Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad caused an uproar with a speech attacking Israel at a U.N. conference on racism, the U.N. said Tuesday that Ahmadinejad had actually dropped language from the speech that described the Holocaust as 'ambiguous and dubious.'"
My Way News - Britain to review all arms exports to Israel
AP reports: "Britain says it will review all weapons exports to Israel following the country's recent war on Hamas in the Gaza Strip. The move comes amid pressure from British lawmakers who had demanded that the government ensure U.K. weapon parts were not used against Palestinians."

Comment: I don't care for their dhimmitude.
My Way News - Turkey cracks down on suspected al-Qaida militants
AP reports: "Turkish police on Tuesday detained dozens of suspects accused of links to the al-Qaida terror network."
My Way News - Police say mom ordered daughters out, drove off: "Usually, it's an empty threat: 'If you kids don't stop fighting, I'm going to stop this car right now and leave you here!' But a mother from an upper-crust New York suburb went through with it, ordering her battling 10- and 12-year-old daughters out of her car in White Plains' business district and driving off, police said Tuesday."

Comment: The actual "wickedness increases" prophecy is actually about love, how loves grows cold because of wickedness. And this example, it's just cold. I think it says something about our society that an affluent professional woman could have so little maternal love that she could just ditch her kids on the side of the road. I bet she loves her job though.
Gates: Cyber Attacks A Constant Threat - CBS News
CBS News reports: "In a series of spy attacks, hackers stole information about the Pentagon's F-35 Joint Strike Fighter project and the Air Force's air traffic control system, according to a Wall Street Journal report Tuesday. [...] The source of the espionage appears to be China, according to a former official, though the origin of any attacks could be masked. Chinese officials deny any involvement and say U.S. suspicion is the result of a 'Cold War mentality.' "
My Way News - Scientists discover a nearly Earth-sized planet
AP reports: "European researchers said they not only found the smallest exoplanet ever, called Gliese 581 e, but realized that a neighboring planet discovered earlier, Gliese 581 d, was in the prime habitable zone for potential life."
My Way News - Swine flu cases in Calif. worry health officials
AP reports: "Health officials have long feared the emergence of a deadly form of flu. They have not noted a spike in flu cases or a rash of severe illnesses. But they are continuing to investigate the genetics of the virus and track down and test people who may have been in contact with the children."

Monday, April 20, 2009

My Way News - Iran leader sparks walkout at UN over Israel

AP reports: "Dozens of Western diplomats walked out of a U.N. conference and a pair of rainbow-wigged protesters threw clown noses at Iran's president Monday when the hard-line leader called Israel the 'most cruel and repressive racist regime.'"

Comment: It's good to see a consensus against Ahmadinejad's continued use of anti-Israel rhetoric.
My Way News - China to show new subs, says no threat to region
AP reports: "China plans to display its nuclear submarines this week in the first known public appearance of some its most potent warships, a sign of growing confidence in its rapid upgrade to new vessels and weapons systems."
My Way News - Is long wait for Chinese aircraft carrier ending?
AP reports: "China's navy has added sophisticated nuclear submarines, destroyers and missile systems, but the holy grail of surface ships - an aircraft carrier - has stayed out on the horizon. That may be about to change."
My Way News - Somali pirates fire on cargo ships in Gulf of Aden
AP reports: "Somali pirates in speedboats opened fire Monday on two cargo ships in the latest hijacking attempts in the notorious Gulf of Aden. Another band of brigands freed a food aid freighter but only after receiving a $100,000 'reward' from Somali businessmen."

Friday, April 17, 2009

BBC NEWS - China 'to increase naval power'

BBC News reports: "China is planning to boost the size and sophistication of its naval power, the head of the Chinese navy told state news agency Xinhua."

Comment: This is a very important development. If we foresee a time when countries from Asia invade the Middle East then it's likely that China will be a large part of that military force. The big problem with this scenario is that China is landlocked on the western boarder, surrounded by mountains that would make it very difficult to move a large army towards the region. If China is ever to be in a position to project force into the Middle East it will have to develop substantial air and sealift capabilities.
Earth's temperature 8th-warmest on record so far in 2009 -

USA Today reports: "The Earth's temperature from January-March 2009 was the 8th-warmest on record, according to data released Thursday from the National Climatic Data Center in Asheville, N.C. The global temperature of 55.04 degrees for the year's first three months was almost a full degree above the 20th-century average of 54.1 degrees."

Comment: And to the global warming skeptics out there, I will add my usual caveat that I'm not taking a side, just watching the trends and keeping focused on prophecy, so that said, here is the explanation: Bible prophecy says there will be a time when people look at the things happening in the world and they are filled with fear and trepidation for the future, and global warming seems to be a good expression of that; Jesus also said something very specific about nations being alarmed by the roaring of the seas, which is in line with the predicted rise in sea levels if global warming trends continue.
NIH prohibits stem cells from embryos created for science -
USA Today reports: "The National Institutes of Health will fund human embryonic stem cell research on cells donated by fertility clinic patients, but won't underwrite studies in which embryos are created solely for producing cloned cells for treatments, the federal agency said Friday."

Comment: I'm happy with this compromise approach, it preserves the dignity of human life while allowing important scientific research to continue, research that may lead to cures for many diseases.
My Way News - Obama envoy: Two-state solution is only solution
AP reports: "Mitchell said Friday that the U.S. would not settle for anything less than the establishment of a Palestinian state alongside Israel. 'A comprehensive peace in this region is in the national interest of the United States. It is in the interest of the Palestinian people, it is in the interest of the people of Israel and of the entire region,' he said."

Comment: Mitchell is willfully ignoring the fact that there can be no peace until Hamas is disarmed, and it will take more than diplomacy to do that. Can there be a peace agreement when one party is on record as being opposed to peace and backs it up with rocket attacks? How can the U.S. blame the Israeli leadership when Hamas in not in favor of the two-state solution? How is it possible for intelligent people to be so deluded?
My Way News - Overnight star says she's handling attention
AP reports: "The massive media attention being lavished on Boyle - U.S. morning shows interviewed her by satellite, even her town's local government has offered its best wishes - virtually guarantees her a spot in the final rounds of 'Britain's Got Talent,' the U.K. version of 'America's Got Talent.'"

Comment: I rarely mention entertainment news on this blog, but this story is a great example of the power of social media like YouTube to allow a global audience to witness an event.
With Oprah Onboard, Twitter Grows -
The New York Times reports: "The popularity of Twitter, which allows users to broadcast messages of 140 characters or less, has been soaring in recent months. In March, the service had more than 14 million unique visitors, compared to eight million visitors in February. Ms. Winfrey’s endorsement is only likely to draw more attention to the San Francisco start-up and propel it beyond its niche audience."

Comment: Twitter is truly global in scope and yet local in impact. It's an interactive global community that allows you to broadcast your messages as well as receive replies from others. I think it's a great technology that I've been making use of for some time as an extension of this blog. Please drop by and say hi, I'm @portents on the Twitter service, feel free to follow me (because you know who I'm following).

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Way News - Afghan earthquakes kill at least 19, destroy homes

AP reports: "Two earthquakes shook eastern Afghanistan early Friday, killing at least 19 people and destroying dozens of homes, officials said. [...] The U.S. Geological Survey said Nangarhar province was hit by two earthquakes - a 5.5 magnitude quake at about 2 a.m., and a 5.1 magnitude aftershock two hours later."
My Way News - US-Israeli differences over Palestinians emerge
AP reports: "The envoy, George Mitchell, emphasized that Washington is aiming for creation of a Palestinian state. But Israelis avoided mention of Palestinian statehood, and the new foreign minister said past Israeli concessions have led to violence, not peace."

Comment: I think it's pretty much indisputable that every Israeli concession of territory has become a launching pad for attacks on Israel. Why would any sane government want to give more land to the Palestinians? And yet, apparently, that is exactly what the U.S. wants Israel to do.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Way News - Obama's Mideast envoy meets new Israeli leaders
AP reports: "U.S. envoy George Mitchell, on a weeklong regional tour, said on an earlier stop in Algeria on Tuesday that the creation of an independent Palestinian state alongside Israel is 'the only way' to peace."
My Way News - Strong quake shakes Indonesia
AP reports: "The U.S. Geological Survey says a strong earthquake has shaken parts of western Indonesia. The agency says the 6.1-magnitude temblor occurred early Thursday, local time, in the Kepulauan Mentawai region of small islands off the west coast of Sumatra."
My Way News - French raid pirate ship, US seeks to freeze assets
AP reports: "The U.S. and its allies battled Somalia's pirates on two fronts Wednesday, with French forces seizing a bandit mother ship and Washington seeking to keep the marauders from their spoils."
Super acne? Drug-resistant zits on the rise - Skin and beauty-
MSNBC reports: "While drug-resistant acne can be devastating, the real danger is that it contributes to deadly drug-resistant staph infections. 'The dangerous thing about putting zillions of folks on antibiotics is that this pressures bacteria to develop resistance methods,' says Dr. Peter Lio, a Northwestern University dermatologist. 'So while the acne bacteria almost never causes life-threatening infection, the ways that it can be resistant to our antibiotics can be passed over to bacteria that can cause life-threatening infection, which means that our only weapons against the bad guys suddenly do not work anymore.'"

Comment: If only there was no such thing as micro-evolution. The latest medical news is once again providing proof that the overuse of antibiotics means that the strongest and fittest bugs live on to fight another day.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Way News - Cuba keeps out US religious freedom group
AP reports: "A planned trip to Cuba this week by a U.S. religious freedom watchdog group has been canceled after the Cuban government did not issue visas to the delegation, the group said Monday, even as the Obama administration moved to ease sanctions on the communist nation. [...] Cuba since 2004 has been on the commission's 'watch list' of countries being monitored for abuse of its citizens' right to freedom of religion."

Comment: Amid the new U.S. opening to Cuba, it's worth remembering that Cuba is still one of the wost human rights violators in the world.
My Way News - Man jailed for spraying urine, feces on food in UK
AP reports: "An unemployed chemist was jailed Tuesday for spraying a mix of urine and feces on food, wine and children's books in several British stores. Sahnoun Daifallah was sentenced to nine years in prison after being found guilty of four counts of contaminating goods."
My Way News - Afghan Taliban kill young woman, man for eloping
AP reports: "The conservative Taliban movement ruled Afghanistan from 1996-2001 and put in place harsh social rules that forbade unmarried men and women to talk or meet in public. Women were not allowed out of their homes without a male relative, and girls couldn't go to school."
My Way News - Scientist: First cloned camel born in Dubai
AP reports: "A scientist says the world's first cloned camel has been produced in the desert emirate of Dubai. Nisar Ahmad Wani, a senior reproductive biologist at the government's Camel Reproduction Center, says the cloned camel is a six-day-old, one-humped female called Achievement or Injaz in Arabic."
Quake rattles national park in Hawaii -
UPI reports: "A moderate earthquake shook the big island of Hawaii early Tuesday afternoon near the Kilauea Volcano. The quake measured 5.1 on the Richter scale, the U.S. Geological Survey reported."

Monday, April 13, 2009

My Way News - Christians celebrate Easter in Jerusalem
AP reports: "Christians prayed at an ancient church and sang in a garden outside the walls of Jerusalem's Old City as they marked Easter Sunday in the city where they believe Jesus was crucified and resurrected."

Comment: This report, unlike the previous one I called attention to, is more politically correct, and is not quite so affirming of the resurrection. Still, it's a good summary of events in Jerusalem. Note the end of the report which mentions the Temple Mount, a site central to the ministry of Jesus and to his eventual return.

Friday, April 10, 2009

My Way News - Faithful gather for Good Friday in Jerusalem

AP reports: "Thousands of Christian clergymen, worshippers and pilgrims thronged the alleyways of Jerusalem's Old City, chanting hymns and bearing crosses as they marked Good Friday by retracing Jesus' final footsteps. [...] One of the key dates in the Christian calendar, Good Friday marks Christ's crucifixion and death, as recounted in the Bible. It is followed by the celebration of his resurrection on Easter Sunday."

Comment: Happy Easter! I'm off the holiday - holy day - weekend. I wish you and yours a wonderful day celebrating the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

My Way News - Center highlights Jewish context of Easter story
AP reports: "Thrasher said she hopes to build inter-religious understanding by teaching Christians about the Jewish context of Bible stories and by showing Jews how the stories of Jesus and his disciples - Jews living in the Holy Land - illuminate their own history."

Comment: This sounds like a very worthy effort.
My Way News - Iran president says he's open to nuclear talks
AP reports: "Iran's president said Thursday his country is open to talks with the U.S. and other countries over its nuclear program. But he insisted the talks must be based on respect for Iran's rights, suggesting the West should not try to force Tehran to stop uranium enrichment."
My Way News - Georgian protesters urge president to resign
AP reports: "Tens of thousands of demonstrators on Thursday demanded the resignation of President Mikhail Saakashvili, saying he had lost the right to lead Georgia after a humiliating war with Russia."
My Way News - Italy earthquake death toll rises to 287
AP reports: "Three days after the quake the made the historic center uninhabitable and halted nearly all economic activity, the death toll reached 287, civil protection authorities said Thursday night. Police said the victims including 20 children and teens."

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

VOA News - Polio Outbreak in 15 African Countries Setback for Global Eradication
VOA News reports: "The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies warns a polio outbreak in 15 African countries threatens the global eradication campaign and puts many children at risk of getting this crippling disease."

Comment: The real tragedy here is that these outbreaks are largely the result of politicians and religious leaders who suspended public vaccination campaigns. They did it on purpose for trumped up reasons and now the people are paying the price.
My Way News - Western diplomats seek new Iran nuclear talks
AP reports: "Countries coordinating the international response to Iran's disputed nuclear program say they will invite the Iranians for new talks. Representatives of Britain, the U.S., the European Union, China, France, Germany and Russia met Wednesday in London."
My Way News - NKorean rocket raises proliferation concerns
AP reports: "The North already has reliable shorter-range missiles capable of hitting South Korea and Japan, and the new rocket traveled twice as far as anything the North had launched before. But the real concerns are not so much what the North is capable of today. It's what a nuclear-armed country that is desperately short of cash could pull off in the future - including improvements that could allow it to reach U.S. territory - and its clear willingness to sell to whoever can afford to pay."
My Way News - McCain urges China to get tough on North Korea
AP reports: "China is Pyongyang's strongest ally and has offered a muted response to Sunday's rocket firing, in contrast to the stern expressions of concern from the U.S., Japan and South Korea - who say they believe the launch was a test of a long-range ballistic missile, not a satellite launch as Pyongyang insists. Beijing has yet to weigh in on the argument."
My Way News - Crew retakes US ship from Somali pirates
AP reports: "In a riveting high-seas drama, an unarmed American crew wrested control of their U.S.-flagged cargo ship from Somali pirates Wednesday and sent them fleeing to a lifeboat with the captain as hostage.[...] The crisis played out hundreds of miles off the coast of Somalia - one of the most lawless nations on earth."
My Way News - Obama looking at cooling air to fight warming
AP reports: "His concern is that the United States and other nations won't slow global warming fast enough and that several 'tipping points' could be fast approaching. Once such milestones are reached, such as complete loss of summer sea ice in the Arctic, it increases chances of 'really intolerable consequences,' he said."

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

My Way News - Israel tests system to shoot down Iranian missiles

AP reports: "Israel has identified Iran as its biggest threat, citing the country's nuclear program and its development of long-range ballistic missiles. Those fears have been compounded by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's repeated calls for the destruction of the Jewish state."

Comment: Coming days after the American President voiced his vision for a nuclear free world without explaining how he would deal with the present threat of a nuclear Iran, this successful test is very encouraging. It's good to see that Israel is stepping up defenses against an Iran that has so far been unchallenged by the U.S. or the U.N.'s many efforts. Will Israel stand alone against Iran?
My Way News - Obama speech draws praise in Mideast
AP reports: "Syria's foreign minister praised President Barack Obama's address to the Arab and Islamic world in Turkey, and many Arabs were cheered by the American leader's promises to push for a Palestinian state."

Comment: We will be watching closely as our fear is that any attempt to change traditional American support for Israel will endanger American national security.
My Way News - Christian pilgrims mark Palm Sunday in Jerusalem

AP reports: "Hundreds of Christians holding green fronds marked Palm Sunday in Jerusalem, celebrating Jesus Christ's triumphant entry into the holy city two millennia ago. [...] Palm Sunday is the start of Christian Holy Week. It continues with Good Friday, marking Jesus' crucifixion and death, and Easter Sunday, celebrating his resurrection."

Comment: Read that again. Now reflect a moment. Isn't it wonderful that this is reported in a factual manner without any of the usual politically correct newspeak. After all, it could have referred to his "alleged resurrection" or it could have said, "his resurrection as recounted in the Biblical story," with an emphasis on story and the implied doubt that it really happened. So, thank you uncredited AP staff writer for your affirmation of the resurrection of our lord and savior Jesus Christ.
My Way News - UN expert warns of bloodbath in Sri Lanka's war
AP reports: "A U.N. human rights expert warned Tuesday of a bloodbath in Sri Lanka unless government and rebel forces can stop fighting for long enough to allow tens of thousands of civilians trapped in the war zone to flee."

Monday, April 06, 2009

My Way News - Over 90 dead, 1,500 injured in central Italy quake

AP reports: "A powerful earthquake in mountainous central Italy knocked down whole blocks of buildings early Monday as residents slept, killing more than 90 people in the country's deadliest quake in nearly three decades. Tens of thousands were homeless and 1,500 were injured."

Friday, April 03, 2009

My Way News - North Korea says satellite launch coming 'soon'
AP reports: "Obama, appearing with French President Nicolas Sarkozy in Strasbourg, France, said the launch should be stopped. The American president said the U.S. will 'take appropriate steps to let North Korea know that it can't threaten the safety and security of other countries with impunity.' U.S., Japan and South Korea deployed warships with radar and other surveillance equipment in the waters near the communist nation to monitor the launch."
My Way News - Obama reaffirms support for NATO alliance
AP reports: "President Barack Obama says Western nations need to redefine and clarify NATO's responsibilities for the 21st century. [...] Obama says the U.S. wants strong allies, because that will make the alliance more effective overall. Obama said: 'We would like to see Europe have much more robust capabilities. That's not something we discourage.'"

Comment: This is more of a future looking post, envisioning the day when NATO takes a greater role in policing Mideaast peace.

Thursday, April 02, 2009 - The shadowy world of bioweapons

The Star reports: "When award-winning filmmaker Bob Coen began an investigation of the links between the world's biological-weapons labs, he took a journey to the dark side that would return him to his own roots – and expose the alarming possibility that a lethal new worldwide arms race has already begun."

Comment: This report is an alarming reminder that weaponized diseases exist in the world and that this research is not a relic of the past, it's still going on and we can expect that some future war will see the use of these terrible weapons.
My Way News - Chavez in Iran: Obama still leads 'empire'
AP reports: "Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said Wednesday that he has little hope of better relations with Washington under President Barack Obama, saying the United States is still acting like an 'empire' in his eyes."

Comment: My, how those dictators like the stick together. Let's hope the Empire strikes back soon.
My Way News - Coalition: 20 insurgents killed in Afghanistan
AP reports: "Afghan and U.S. coalition troops battled a large group of militants in southern Afghanistan before calling in an airstrike that killed 20 insurgents, the coalition said in a statement Thursday."
My Way News - Analysis: But will it work?
AP reports: "Will it all work? World leaders achieved the minimum at their London summit, cobbling together more resources for the International Monetary Fund and pledging to better regulate unruly financial markets. But no country would budge from its bottom line, so the biggest goals were not met."

Comment: This is filed under the "Global Government" tag, but only for filing purposes, as this summit did nothing to advance global government. As the summit ends, it's business as usual, the old world order has prevailed...for now.
My Way News - Sun has fewest sunspots since 1913, better GPS
AP reports: "For centuries, people have been counting sunspots, which are cooler, darker areas of intense magnetic fields that form on the sun's surface. The number of sunspots in recent months has been the lowest since 1913, according to NASA."
My Way News - Study: Arctic sea ice melting faster than expected
AP reports: "Arctic sea ice is melting so fast most of it could be gone in 30 years. A new analysis of changing conditions in the region, using complex computer models of weather and climate, says conditions that had been forecast by the end of the century could occur much sooner."

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Russia to build 6 nuclear subs with cruise missiles -
CNN reports: "Russia will build at least six nuclear-powered submarines with long-range cruise missiles for its navy, a source in the Russian Defense Ministry told the Itar-Tass news agency. The missiles can potentially carry low-capacity tactical warheads, the news agency reported Friday."
BBC NEWS | Middle East | Israel FM rejects Annapolis deal
BBC News reports: "Israel's new ultra-nationalist foreign minister has said it is not bound by a US-sponsored 2007 agreement to reach a peace deal with the Palestinians."
BBC NEWS - G20 leaders get down to business
BBC News reports: "World leaders will strive to reach an agreement on how to confront the worst global financial crisis since the 1930s at the G20 summit in London."
Medvedev charts path to better Russian-U.S. ties - Reuters
Reuters reports: "The United States remains suspicious of Russia's ties with Iran, while Moscow opposes Washington's drive to grant NATO membership to Ukraine and Georgia."
General Petraeus Warns That Militants Could Topple Pakistani State if Left Unchallenged -
The New York Times reports: "Gen. David H. Petraeus, the top American commander for Iraq and Afghanistan, warned a Senate panel on Wednesday that militant extremists in Pakistan “could literally take down their state” if left unchallenged, as he and two other top officials presented a grim picture of growing dangers in the region."
My Way News - SKorea seeks united front against NKorea launch
AP reports: "The U.S., South Korea and Japan believe the reclusive country is really testing its long-range missile technology, and they warn Pyongyang would face sanctions under a U.N. Security Council resolution that bans the country from any ballistic activity."
My Way News - Pakistani militant poses growing threat to US
AP reports: "The son of a poor potato farmer who once worked as a fitness instructor has grown into one of the most powerful militant leaders along the Pakistan-Afghan border, his rise fueled by alliances with al-Qaida and fellow Pakistani militants."
Singapore sees India, China role growing -
CNN reports: "The current global economic downturn will change the worldwide power structure, giving China and India a stronger role to play in the future, Singapore's foreign minister said Tuesday."