Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Way News - Its allies reluctant, France goes it alone in Mali
My Way News reports: "France's allies have offered vocal support for the country's military operation in Mali, but when it comes to sending troops or weapons, they are agreeing to the bare minimum: a transport plane here and there, a handful of support staff and a lot of promises to think about it."

My Way News - Mali: French troops begin land assault
My Way News reports: "French soldiers pressed north in Mali territory occupied by radical Islamists on Wednesday, launching a land assault that was to put them in direct combat with al-Qaida-linked fighters 'in one to 72 hours,' military officials said. "

My Way News - Militants seize dozens of hostages in Algeria:
My Way News reports: "In what could be the first spillover from France's intervention in Mali, Islamist militants attacked and occupied a natural gas complex in southern Algeria on Wednesday. Two people were killed and dozens of others, including several Americans, were reportedly taken hostage. "

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