Wednesday, February 06, 2013

My Way News - Tough times for Hezbollah in fast changing region
My Way News reports: "These are tough times for Hezbollah. The Shiite militant group's uncompromising support for Syrian President Bashar Assad and allegations that it attacked Israeli tourists in Bulgaria are both unpopular in Lebanon, where it is increasingly accused of putting the interests of longtime patrons Iran and Syria over those of its home country."

My Way News - Germany warns of 'consequences' for Hezbollah
My Way News reports: "Germany warned Wednesday of 'consequences' for Hezbollah if allegations are confirmed that the group was behind an attack which killed five Israeli tourists in Bulgaria last year. [....] The announcement put pressure on European countries such as France and Germany, which haven't designated Hezbollah a terrorist organization despite the urgings of Israel and the U.S."

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