Thursday, March 31, 2016

Roaring Waves - Nations in Distress

Collapsing Antarctic ice sheet may double predicted sea level rise -
UPI reports: "New research suggests previous sea level rise predictions err on the conservative side. In a paper published this week in the journal Nature, scientists argue that the continued collapse of the West Antarctic ice sheet will accelerate sea level rise at nearly twice the rate predicted by the United Nations."

Comment: It may be time to sell the beach house.  The acceleration in sea level rise will take place over a considerable amount of time, but it would appear that the era of tranquil coastal communities is at an end. Unusually large coastal storms, massive property damage, flooding, and beach erosion are the new normal in the near-term. In the long-term, the contours of coastal areas will change dramatically in the next half-century and island nations that exist now will no longer exist.

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