Monday, January 23, 2017


Countries 'grossly underprepared' for disease outbreaks: Study -
UPI reports: "An analysis of reports on the response to the Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa has researchers sounding the alarm about worldwide infectious disease outbreak preparedness. [...] 'We found remarkable consensus on what went wrong with the Ebola response and what we need to do to address the deficiencies,' study authors said in a press release. 'Yet not nearly enough has been done. Ebola, and more recently Zika and yellow fever, have demonstrated that we do not yet have a reliable or robust global system for preventing, detecting and responding to disease outbreaks.'"

Comment: I wonder if the study mentioned the one area where they are well prepared: media hype. Seriously, didn't it seem that the level of media attention to Ebola and Zika far exceeded the actual threat to public health?  

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