Friday, December 15, 2017

Covenant With Many - Peace of Jerusalem

4 Palestinians killed, Israeli officer stabbed in protests over Jerusalem -
UPI reports: "Violent clashes between Israeli soldiers and Palestinians protesting U.S. President Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital left four people dead and an officer injured Friday. Israeli police said officers shot and killed a man they said was wearing what appeared to be an explosives belt. The man allegedly stabbed and moderately injured a Border Police officer. [...] It was the second Friday of protests since Trump announced the United States would recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital and move its embassy there from Tel Aviv. Critics said Trump's announcement would make lasting peace between the Israelis and Palestinians more difficult."

Comment: It's a tragedy that lives have been lost because of this. Someone please tell the Palestinians that nothing has changed. Trump had a domestic political stunt to rally his base but nothing has changed in Jerusalem. Tell them that he signed the waiver. Tell them that the U.S. embassy won't be moved for many years.  Seriously, they are rioting over nothing and just making themselves look foolish.

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