Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Covenant With Many

Analysis: With a vent at Trump, Abbas exits 'peace process' - AP
The AP reports on the PA: "There seems to be no going back for Mahmoud Abbas after the Palestinian leader cursed and ridiculed President Donald Trump and his aides in a pugnacious speech — a very public break with the 82-year-old’s long-standing efforts to cultivate Washington’s goodwill as the sole pathway to Palestinian statehood. Abbas’ pivot from quiet diplomacy to loudly challenging the U.S. and Israel brings him in line with his aggrieved public and quashes any last expectations of a U.S.-brokered peace deal, but could also unleash forces that might eventually bring down his self-rule government."

Comment: The sad reality is that no Palestinian leader of the "moderate wing" was ever in a position to accept a peace deal that the "armed wing" of the Palestinians would accept. The guys with guns always had a veto. So, really, this is all bluster, as there was never a peace deal to be had. 

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