Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Wickedness Increases

‘An Entire Community Got Together to Rape a Child.’ India Recoils at Girl’s Assault - NYT
The New York Times reports: "For months, the police say, a group of men took turns raping an 11-year-old girl. In the gated community in Chennai, India, where the girl lived with her parents, the men gave her soft drinks laced with drugs, the police said. They filmed themselves raping her, brandishing knives and threatening to release the videos if the girl told her family, the police said. The men were not intruders in the gated community, but employees who greeted residents, operated the elevator or brought water coolers to apartments. [...] 'This story has shaken me to the core,' Rohini Singh, an Indian journalist, wrote on Twitter. 'An entire community got together to rape a child. I cannot even fathom the depravity and horror of this act.'"

Comment: I think that quote says it all, it's just inhumanly depraved. What a horrible injustice. Hopefully some good will come out of it, perhaps some reforms and cultural change in India. What is needed, of course, is spiritual transformation. 

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