Thursday, April 21, 2016

Rumors of War - Kings of the East

Chinese President Xi Jinping takes title of commander in chief -
UPI reports: "Chinese President Xi Jinping has taken to the additional title of commander in chief of the country's military, a move that could be seen as an effort to exert more control over the armed forces. The new title was debuted by state-run media Wednesday after Xi visited a battle command center while wearing camouflage military fatigues. He said China should build a command system 'capable of winning wars,' state media reported."

Comment: I wonder which wars they are planning to win? It's not as if any country is currently attempting to invade China or threaten them with invasion. Perhaps a defensive war is not what they are planning for? Could it be that China's military strategists are planning offensive wars that expand China's territory and power? The War of the South China Sea perhaps? Or maybe the War for Taiwan? It will be interesting to see how the new "commander in chief" uses his new powers.

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