Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Rumors of War

Counter-terror officials warn: Islamic State seeks nuclear, biological materials - UPI reports: "Last month, Belgian investigators reported that during searches of the Brussels apartment of Salah Abdeslam, one of the Paris attackers, the documents relating to the nuclear research center near the Belgian border in northwest Germany. According to nuclear scientists, only 10 grams of radiological material would be required for a so-called 'dirty bomb,' which combines radioactive material and conventional explosives."

Comment: Of all the kinds of attacks that IS could perpetrate, an NBC attack is by far the worst. Most of the time we are scared enough just to think of a few random bombs going off in an urban area. Not to minimize what happened in Belgium and Paris, but once the bombs go off, that's pretty much it, it's over. With a nuclear, biological or chemical attack, the damage to people lingers over time and presents far more obstacles to clean-up and investigation. What I find most worrisome is that experts say it's only a matter of time before it happens. Not IF it will happen someday, but WHEN it will happen.  We can only hope the international fight against IS succeeds before they can acquire these deadly weapons.

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