Tuesday, May 31, 2016


WHO Strengthens Guidelines to Prevent Sexual Transmission of Zika Virus - ABC News ABC News reports: "The World Health Organization has strengthened its guidelines for Zika due to fears that the virus may persist in bodily fluids for longer than previously thought. The WHO advised couples to use barrier contraception or abstain from sexual contact for at least eight weeks after returning from an area with ongoing Zika virus transmission. This is double its previous guideline of four weeks. For men who have symptoms of the Zika virus, the WHO advises them to abstain from sex or use barrier contraception for six months over concerns that the virus could persist in semen. For women who have symptoms of the Zika virus, that recommended period is eight weeks. Additionally, couples who want to conceive are advised to wait six months if they had any symptoms of the Zika virus."

Comment: It's a bit scary that they keep revising these guidelines but at least they appear to be taking the threat seriously. 

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