Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Signs in the Stars

Study suggests Planet 9 is stolen exoplanet - UPI.com
UPI reports: "New research suggests the mysterious and controversial 'Planet 9' isn't an original member of our solar system. According to a new computer simulation developed by astronomers at Lund University in Sweden, the ninth planet is an exoplanet -- stolen by the sun from its original host star. [...] The new simulation suggests that as our sun and another star passed by each other, the gravitational pull of our sun pulled in an exoplanet -- a theft that's gone unnoticed until recently."

Is a ninth planet to blame for Earth's mass extinctions? - UPI.com
UPI reports: "In a new study published in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Daniel Whitmire argues that an undiscovered ninth planet triggers disruptive comet showers every 27 million years. [...] Those that miss Earth disintegrate in the inner solar system and dim the sun's solar energy, cooling Earth."

Comment: So, the real question is: When was the last Planet 9 mass extinction event and it another due to happen anytime soon? 

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