Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Gog Alliance

Karlov assassination in Turkey will likely bring Russia, Turkey closer - Business Insider Business Insider reports: "The assassination on Monday of Russia's ambassador to Turkey at an art gallery in Ankara is unlikely to fracture relations between the two countries as they work to improve their tumultuous relationship, analysts said. [...] statements released by Russian and Turkish officials in the aftermath of Karlov's death suggested Moscow and Ankara were determined not to let the incident derail their rapprochement. [...]
Russian President Vladimir Putin, meanwhile, called the assassination an attempt to 'undermine' Russia-Turkey ties and derail Moscow's attempts to find, with Iran and Turkey, a solution for the Syria crisis."

Russia, Turkey could grow even closer after envoy's slaying:
AP reports: :"The assassination of Russia's ambassador to Turkey could actually bring the two regional powers closer together, with Russia reaping political benefits by arguing that it has paid a high price for fighting terrorism as Turkey, embarrassed by its security breaches, increasingly coordinates with Russia in neighboring Syria. The two nations were already trying to resolve their differences over the war in Syria since Turkey shot down a Russian military jet along the Syrian border last year. The measured reactions of their leaders to the killing Monday night [...]  shows they want to stay on the path toward reconciliation. High-level officials from Russia and Turkey, as well as Iran, went ahead with a previously scheduled meeting Tuesday in Moscow on the Syrian crisis."

Comment: These are very  interesting news reports suggesting that in the aftermath of the assassination of the Russian ambassador, Turkey and Russia will likely grow closer rather than drift apart. This is because, they say, Russia will cooperate with Turkey on the investigation and on finding a common strategy on Turkey. So, it looks like the growing alliance between the major powers mentioned in Ezekiel of Russia, Iran and Turkey will not be set back by the latest developments.

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