Tuesday, December 06, 2016


Ransomed: The freeing of 226 Christians from Islamic State
AP reports: "The Assyrian Christians were seized from the Khabur River valley in northern Syria, among the last holdouts of a dwindling minority that had been chased across the Mideast for generations. They trace their heritage to the earliest days of Christianity, their Church of the East founded by the apostle known as Doubting Thomas. To this day, they speak a dialect of Aramaic, believed to be the native language of Jesus. But most also speak Arabic and some Kurdish, the languages of the neighbors who have long outnumbered them. In a single night of horror on Feb. 23, 2015, IS fighters attacked the Christian towns simultaneously, sweeping up scores of people and sending everyone from 35 towns and villages fleeing for their lives. [...] How much was ultimately paid to free the Khabur Christians remains a mystery. The bishop, the only person with a full accounting, declined to speak to The Associated Press. Those involved give him credit for saving the lives not just of the hostages but those of hundreds of other Assyrians who have left in hopes of building a better life outside the war zone. The Khabur valley has been all but emptied of its Christians."

Comment: What an incredible story. Please join me in praying for all those Christians still being held by the Islamic State. The broadcast media probably will not report this story, it goes against the approved narrative, but thank you to the reporters of the Associated Press for their coverage of this story and the larger story of the plight of Christians throughout the Middle East. 

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