Saturday, May 06, 2017

False Christs

Some day my prince will come, say Vanuatu worshippers of mere mortal royal Philip | Reuters:
Reuters reports: "The retirement of Britain's Prince Philip from public life led world headlines on Thursday, but his most devout and remote followers have only just heard the news. A tribe in Vanuatu was shocked and dismayed to discover on Saturday that the man they pray to as the son of an ancestral local mountain god will likely never return to their Pacific Island home. The British royal, who said he would no longer take part in public engagements, alone or alongside his wife, Queen Elizabeth II, is part of the fabric of life in the village of Younanen on Tanna Island. Villagers pray to the 95-year-old prince daily, asking for his blessing on the banana and yam crops that make their primitive and extremely poor community self-sufficient."

Comment: I suppose that the multiculturalists will say that this is an expression of an indigenous culture and to be respected. I think it's just sad.  Someone needs to tell them that Prince Philip is not a god. I would lose a great deal of respect for the prince if he knew about this and did not personally correct their error.

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