Thursday, May 18, 2017


U.N.: 10 million North Koreans face food shortages -
UPI reports: "Levels of hunger not found in other parts of East Asia persist in North Korea, according to a report from two United Nations agencies. The Food and Agricultural Organization and World Food Program's 2017 Global Report on Food Crisis states 17 percent of the North Korean population, or 4.4 million, are in a state of 'crisis, emergency and famine,' Voice of America reported Thursday. Nearly 1 out of 5 North Koreans face the most severe form of food insecurity, classified as "phase 3 and higher," according to the U.N. scale."

Comment: Does it count as a real famine if it's entirely caused by a despotic ruler? I suppose the people who are starving don't really care if it's a natural famine or a man-made famine, right? 

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