Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Kings of the East - Persia

UPI - China revives 'Silk Road' trade with train
UPI reports: "China is one step closer to realizing its revival of the ancient Silk Road after a cargo train arrived in Iran. The train ended a 14-day journey that began in the eastern Chinese province of Zhejiang, then crossed into Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan before arriving in Tehran on Monday, The Guardian reported. The journey spanned more than 6,400 miles, and took one month less than a sea route that extends from Shanghai to the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas."

Comment: There are many students of Bible prophecy who believe, having been persuaded by an entire generation of prophecy teachers, that the "kings of the east" prophecy of Revelation 16:12 refers exclusively to China. I suggest they take into account geography and then reconsider their interpretation. If it helps, think of China as an island, surrounded on one wide by water and on the other, by very high mountains. If it helps more, remember the prophecy is plural with respect to the kings, as in, more than one kingdom is involved in the fulfillment of this prophecy. The prophecy then, broadly interpreted, refers to every great military power east of the Euphrates River. The revival of the ancient trade routes will no doubt promote the development of both the economic and military might of all of the countries in the region.

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