Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Roaring Seas and Waves

UPI - Forecast: Sea levels to rise 22 to 52 inches by 2100
UPI reports: "Sea levels are rising faster than they have at any other time in modern history. Between the founding of Rome and the Industrial Revolution, sea levels never rose or fell more than 1.5 inches in a given century. During the 20th century, sea levels rose an average of 5.5 inches. By 1993, sea level rise had accelerated to a pace of a foot per century. Since then, accelerated sea level rise has continued. If seas continue to rise at the same pace, levels will rise between 22 and 52 inches by 2100. [...] The study comprised that largest analysis of historical sea level records yet. The results largely confirmed the results of previous models, but scientists say the size and scope of the new research will improve future studies."

Comment: I sometimes get push-back from climate-change deniers after I post something like this, but I'm convinced that such changes are consistent with Bible prophecy, specifically Luke 21:25.

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