Monday, June 27, 2016

King of the North - Kings of the East

Russia, China look ahead to new era of trade -
UPI reports: "China is ready to emerge as one of the larger trading partners with Russia in a relationship that extends from military to energy, the Chinese government said. Russian President Vladimir Putin wrapped up a weekend tour of China with a new legal framework that outlines evolving ties with the Asian superpower."

Russian aircraft sales boosted by Syrian campaign -
UPI reports: "Operations of the Russian Aerospace Defense forces in Syria from September 2015 to March 2016 has perhaps become the most profitable demonstration of the country's armed forces in Russia's entire post-Soviet history. After the operation ended in March 2016, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that exports of Russian arms were exceeding expectations. [...] Among these contracts, the largest is a Russian-Chinese deal worth about $2 billion. In November 2015, the Chinese signed a contract for the purchase of 24 Su-35 multifunctional fighters and became the first foreign customer to purchase these Russian aircraft."

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