Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Persecution - Gog Alliance

Greek ministry officials criticize Koran reading at Turkey landmark - UPI.com
UPI reports: "Greek foreign affairs ministry officials expressed opposition and disappointment in the Turkish government this week, for its allowing the reading of prayers from the Koran at a former religious landmark that remains sacred to both Christians and Muslims. [...] Another Greek politician said the prayers amount to 'disrespect against Orthodox Christians across the world.' [...] Hagia Sophia, recognizable around the world for its large dome, was originally a Christian church and a Greek Orthodox cathedral centuries ago before it became an imperial mosque when the Ottoman Empire took power in the 15th century. It was turned into a secular museum in 1935 and designated a UNESCO world heritage site 50 years later."

Comment: Sometimes it seems that history moves at a glacial pace and at others times, we notice events moving at a much faster pace. Turkey is on an accelerating path toward a prophetic destiny that will take it away from the West. Close observers will note that Turkey is becoming a one-man dictatorship that is intentionally undermining the secular Turkish republic established by  Ataturk. With dreams of restoring the Ottoman Empire, the administration of Erdogan is embracing Islam and, as this news report notes, ignoring the sensibilities of Christians to re-Islamize a museum that had been more a home to tourists than worshipers.

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