Monday, June 06, 2016


U.S. fighter jets bomb 16 more IS targets in Syria - Reuters:
Reuters reports: "U.S. Navy fighter jets flying from an aircraft carrier in the eastern Mediterranean Sea bombed 16 new Islamic State targets in Iraq and Syria on Monday. Now in their fourth day, the strikes from the Mediterranean have opened a new front in the U.S. air campaign against the militant group. "

Islamic State shooting civilians fleeing Fallujah, NGO says -
UPI reports: "An international aid group has confirmed the Islamic State is shooting civilians as they attempt to escape the embattled Iraqi city of Fallujah while tens of thousands remain trapped. Up to 50,000 Fallujah residents are trapped in the center of the city as Iraqi security forces, aided by tribal militias, a Shiite militia and U.S.-led coalition airstrikes, continue to diminish the Islamic State's control of the city."

U.S.-backed Syrian militia surrounding key town in Islamic State fight -
UPI reports: "Syrian fighters supported by the United States have captured at least 21 villages surrounding the town of Manbij away from Islamic State control. U.S.-led coalition airstrikes aided the ground effort by the Syrian Democratic Forces militia, which includes the Kurdish Peshmerga. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported the SDF is about 3 miles away from Manbij, adding that at least 30 Islamic State militants died Sunday. [...] The Syrian regime under President Bashar al-Assad, aided by Russian airstrikes, is also making efforts to advance into the Raqqa province."

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