Friday, October 14, 2016

Peace of Jerusalem - Temple Mount

Yahoo News - Israel slams UNESCO over 'Occupied Jerusalem'
Yahoo News reports: "Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blasted UNESCO for holding a vote Thursday on 'Occupied Palestine' saying the Paris-based UN cultural body has lost its legitimacy. The resolutions put forward by several Arab countries including Egypt, Lebanon and Algeria, were adopted at committee stage and are to be submitted Tuesday to UNESCO's executive body. Participants said 24 votes were cast in favour and six against with 26 abstentions and two absentees. The resolutions refer to 'Occupied Palestine' and aim to 'safeguard the Palestinian cultural heritage and the distinctive character of East Jerusalem', according to a text seen by AFP. [...] The status of Jerusalem is the thorniest issue of the decades-long Palestinian conflict. Israel captured east Jerusalem during the 1967 war and later annexed it -- in a move not recognised by the international community -- declaring all of the city its unified capital. The Palestinians see east Jerusalem as the capital of their promised future state."

Comment: Once again the UN's anti-Israel bias is evident for all to see. To deny the Jewish connection to the Temple Mount flies in the face of history, archeology and culture. That they couldn't even use the term "Temple Mount" is an example of the extreme political agenda at work. As for east Jerusalem, in all of human history when a country or kingdom wins territory in war then it's settled. That's why they fight wars, to settle territorial claims. This concept is apparently not applied to Israel even though they won the territory fair and square, somehow it's still "contested" and "claimed" by the Palestinians. There's nothing to say that Israel couldn't give it to the Palestinians in a final peace agreement, but until they do, the territory belongs to Israel. Not that the UN will ever recognize that.

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