Friday, October 21, 2016


Islamic State 'sleeper cells' kill dozens in Kirkuk -
UPI reports: "Islamic State militants on Friday attacked Iraqi government buildings in the northern city of Kirkuk as well as a nearby power plant, killing dozens of people about 100 miles away from Mosul, Iraqi officials said. Three police stations and an Iraqi political party headquarters were attacked within Kirkuk in the Kirkuk Governorate, whose governor later said the attack carried out by IS sleeper cells had been 'foiled.' At least six police officers and 16 civilians died in Kirkuk, while at least 13 died in the power plant attack in the nearby Dibbis village."

Comment: So, the Islamic State counterattacked but not in Mosul, in Kirkuk. Interesting strategy.  I wonder if that means there will be a lot more bombings and insurgent-style attacks around Iraq as the battle for Musul continues?

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