Monday, October 10, 2016

Rumors of War - King of the North - Doomed Damascus

Russia to build permanent naval base at Tartus, Syria -
UPI reports: "A supply base for the Russian navy at Tartus, Syria, will be expanded to a permanent naval base, Russian Defense Minister Nikolai Pankov said Monday. The current facility, on the Mediterranean Sea between Turkey and Lebanon, has only a single pier, dates to 1977 and the Soviet era, and is used as a repair station and supply center for the Russian navy, its only base in the Mediterranean. [...] the upgraded base will have comprehensive defense systems and other capabilities lacking in the current supply post. An advanced anti-missile system already arrived at Tartus to protect the port and warships from airstrikes, Russia confirmed last week.

Russia: U.S. actions a threat to our national security -
UPI reports: "Tensions continue to rise between the United States and Russia as the Russian foreign minister said Sunday recent actions and statements threaten his country's national security. [...] The relationship between leaders in Russia and the United States has gotten rockier in the last several weeks as the two countries have publicly disagreed over how to intervene in the civil war in Syria.

Comment: I remember a time when the idea that Russia was the "King of the North" and would have a strategic interest in the Middle East was mocked. Now, it seems like Russia's presence and power in the Middle East grows on a daily basis. It's extraordinary. Time to go back and read Ezekiel.

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