Saturday, April 08, 2017

Gospel Preached to All Nations

'Jesus' film spreads the word in more than 1,500 languages, 230 countries | The Salt Lake Tribune:
The Salt Lake Tribune reports: "The Jesus Film Project has topped the 1,500-language milestone for translation of the gospel story, this time making the movie available in the eastern African Daasanach tongue. [...] The Jesus Film Project estimates the film has been viewed by hundreds of millions in more than 230 countries. It's goal — tapping social media, phone and tablet apps, DVD sales, as well as traditional screening options — is to reach 5 billion viewers by 2025."

Comment: How is it that I haven't seen this movie? Actually, I've never heard of it. It was screened in the 1970s, so perhaps it was before my time but it's available now in multiple formats. I'm looking forward to seeing it. Congrats to the filmmakers on reaching that translation milestone.

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