Thursday, April 06, 2017

Rumors of War & Doomed Damascus

U.S. launches airstrike on Syria in 'vital national security interest' -
UPI reports: "President Donald Trump on Thursday night said he ordered 59 cruise missiles to attack the airfield where Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime launched a deadly chemical attack on civilians two days earlier. [...] The United States launched the Tomahawk missiles -- around 60,000 pounds of explosives -- within 60 seconds, targeting one airfield, CBS' David Martin reported. CNN's Barbara Starr reported the runway, aircraft and fuel points were targeted. [...] The missile strikes were the first direct assault on Assad since the civil war began six years ago."

Comment: I suspect this will be one of those precision strikes that are made to make a point, full of symbolism, but lacking any real impact. It's possible, given the volatile nature of the region, that this attack could lead to retaliation of some kind and then expand into a wider war. I noticed that Russia was given advance notice of the attack. This was smart. If Russian personnel or installations were not harmed, then the potential of this expanding into a wider conflict would seem to be minimal. Time will tell.

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