Monday, August 07, 2017

Covenant With Many

PA President Mahmoud Abbas, Jordanian King Abdullah II meet in Ramallah -
UPI reports: "Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and Jordanian King Abdullah II, after a meeting Monday in Ramallah, called for U.S. President Donald Trump to endorse a two-state solution. [...] After a February meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Trump said he 'can live with either' a one-state or two-state solution as long as both parties are happy. The U.S. president also asked Israel to 'hold back on settlements' until a peace deal with the Palestinians could be struck."

Comment: Do you remember in history when the great Palestinian King Whatsit united the warring tribes and founded the Palestinian country? His bravery in battle has been celebrated for thousands of years in Palestinian art and culture. Actually, you may  not remember that because it never happened.  It's so strange, all of these decades of conflict over a people and a country that never existed. All because Israel's Arab neighbors decided that they would not repatriate their fellow Arabs after they forcefully rejected the UN mandated creation of TWO states and decided to leave them as pawns to use against Israel. If they rejected the UN plan by force of arms, why do they think it's still on the table? Yet the international community continues to believe that if only Israel would give up more land (and not Jordan, Egypt or Lebanon) to these nice peace-loving Palestinians then all will be well. The Palestinians rule in Gaza right now, is all well in Gaza? Yet more land is the solution. On the other hand, if they do give the Palestinians a state and they continue to fire missiles at Israel (as they do from Gaza) then having defined borders will make it all the easier for Israel to retaliate. Either way, I think the Psalm 83 War is near.

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