Saturday, August 05, 2017

Rumors of War - Kings of the East

U.N. Security Council passes tough new sanctions on North Korea -
UPI reports: "The United Nations Security Council voted Saturday to enact tough new sanctions on North Korea over its continued pursuit of long-range missiles and nuclear weapons. The U.S. delegation succeeded in negotiating the package with China and Russia, the two permanent members of the Security Council most hesitant to impose tougher measures against the Kim regime. A no-vote by either country would have prevented the sanctions from being imposed. In the end, all 15 member-nations of the Security Council voted in favor of the U.S.-authored resolution."

Comment: Breaking news, the Security Council has imposed sanctions on North Korea! Is this the first time they've done this? No. The second time? No. The third? No. Not even close. So why do they think these sanctions will be any more "tough" than previous sanctions? It will be interesting to see how North Korea reacts. I'm guessing another missile test may happen soon.

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