Wednesday, August 02, 2017


Yemen struggling under weight of cholera epidemic -
UPI reports: "Two groups warned this week about the ongoing cholera epidemic in Yemen, reinvigorating calls for international humanitarian aid. The groups said Yemen is battling a slew of other problems that, coupled with the cholera crisis, are taking their toll on the country's vulnerable citizens. The United Nations, in a post Tuesday, said there have been at least 400,000 cholera cases in the country reported in the past few months. The cases have led to nearly 2,000 deaths. [...] The United Nations said the country's continued war, lack of proper sanitation systems, economic struggles and prevalent rates of poverty are worsening the cholera crisis' effects."

Comment: What a mess. I hope the Saudi coalition will quickly wrap up this civil war and restore order, that's really the only hope to contain the outbreak. On the other hand, are they helping to spread the epidemic?

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