Monday, August 22, 2016

Covenant With Many

VOA - Poll Shows Most Israelis, Palestinians Still Seek Peace
The Voice of America reports: "A new poll of Israelis and Palestinians released on Monday found that a slim majority on both sides still favor a peace settlement establishing a Palestinian state alongside Israel, despite years of conflict and deadlock in negotiations. The results of the joint poll may provide some small signs of encouragement when peace prospects appear bleak. The last round of negotiations broke down two years ago, and a resumption of talks, much less progress between the sides, at this point seems unlikely."

Comment: It does not seem that a peace agreement is high on the international agenda. I credit the Islamic State with taking over as the #1 Mideast agenda item. There is also a perception that the Palestinians have rejected several well-crafted Mideast peace efforts over the years and nothing better is on offer. 


Brandon said...

2 sides that both believe the land belongs to them. This is not going to end well and from a Biblical standpoint we know why. We know who the land truly belongs to.

Portents said...

I'm sure eventually they will try again. Most people focus on the U.S. as the peacemaker but there have been other proposals, notably from the Saudis and the EU. Nothing ever really goes away in international diplomacy, any of the past peace plans can serve as a template for future efforts. As I've noted before, I'm leaning toward the CWM to be a variation of the recent Iran nuclear deal.