Monday, August 01, 2016


U.S. airstrikes target Sirte, Libya, an Islamic State stronghold -
UPI reports: "U.S. airstrikes hit the Islamic State stronghold of Sirte, Libya, the Pentagon said Monday, the first direct U.S. involvement in aiding Libyan troops. [...] Manned and unmanned aircraft conducted multiple strikes on Sirte, a senior U.S. defense official told The Washington Post, where IS insurgents have established well-defended positions. The U.S. actions mark an expansion of the war against IS in Libya. Although U.S. airstrikes are prominent in military campaigns in Iraq and Syria, U.S. aerial involvement in Libya, prior to Monday, was limited to a small number of targeted airstrikes."

Comment: What a mess. Remind me again, why did they depose Moammar Gadhafi?

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