Monday, August 22, 2016

Gog Alliance - King of the North - Persia

Russian use of Iranian airbase to fight Islamic State ends -
UPI reports: "The Russian use of an Iranian airbase to launch airstrikes on targets in Syria has ended, an Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman said Monday. Use of the airbase near Hamedan, Iran, began a week ago, but the mission is complete, spokesman Bharam Ghasemi noted. He said Russia could seek Iranian consent to use the airbase again, but that no Russian troops were stationed within Iran, except for the airbase. [...] The use of the airbase was seen as strengthening military ties between Russia and Iran, which are both allied with the Assad government."

Comment: It looks like the alliance between Russia and Iran may not be the full alliance we thought, more of a convenience or a concession. I think pending weapons sales may have had more to do with it than a true commitment to a formal alliance.  Time will tell.

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