Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Gog Alliance - Persia - War

Behind Russia-Iran cooperation over Syria, a larger goal -
The Christian Science Monitor reports: "Russian strategic bombers launched from Iran struck rebel positions in Syria on Wednesday, in a second day of attacks that multiply Russian firepower in the Middle East and underscore unprecedented military cooperation between the Islamic Republic and a foreign power. [...] the high-profile move allows both nations to ease their isolation, imposed by the US and the West, while spreading their regional influence through the use of hard power. [...] while both sides have downplayed any greater regional ambitions, others see a larger strategy at play. 'There could be more, and the possibility of spreading the Russian air campaign to Iraq,' says Felgenhauer. 'The thing is not about Syria per se. Syria is important, but there is more: Russia wants to spread its influence over the entire region, have bases all over, push the Americans out and become the dominant power in the region.'"

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