Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Global Government

U.S. tech firms urge Congress to allow internet domain changeover | Reuters:
Reuters reports: "Major technology companies including Facebook, Google and Twitter are urging Congress to support a plan for the U.S. government to cede control of the internet's technical management to the global community, they said in a joint letter dated on Tuesday. The U.S. Commerce Department has primary oversight of the internet's management, largely because it was invented in the United States. Some Republican lawmakers are trying to block the handover to global stakeholders, which include businesses, tech experts and public interest advocates, saying it could stifle online freedom by giving voting rights to authoritarian governments."

Comment: Letting the UN take over administrative control of the internet is a very bad idea. The U.S. hosts the admin side of internet governance and this has meant that techies run it. It's not political. If they turn it over to the UN it will become political and most likely a tool for repressive regimes to exert greater control over internet traffic. It will be a sad day for freedom and for the original promise of the internet if that happens. In my opinion this is all part of the anti-American, anti-Israel and anti-Western spirit at work in the world.


Brandon said...

Seems to me this would be a precursor to the antichrist's plan for a global mark system. Maybe I'm wrong here, but wouldn't this kind of control over digital infrastructure be key in rolling out that kind of system?

Portents said...

That makes sense!