Saturday, September 17, 2016


Zika virus: Miami Beach transmission zone expands -
CNN reports: "The Zika virus transmission zone in Miami Beach has tripled in size, Florida Gov. Rick Scott announced Friday night. [...] The new zone was set after the Department of Health identified five people, two males and three females, in the area who all experienced Zika symptoms within one month of one another. The virus poses a particular threat to pregnant woman due to its link with neurological disorders in unborn children."

Comment: Did you notice how they release this information on a Friday night? It's picked up by news media and reported on Saturday but really, how many people are paying close attention on a busy almost-Fall weekend?  Announcing bad news on a Friday is a tried-and-true tactic recommended by PR people but you would think that news relating to public health and safety would be treated a bit better than your average scandal or damage-control spin.

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