Thursday, September 15, 2016

Wickedness Increases

New Mexico mother sought out men to rape her daughter -
UPI reports: "A New Mexico mother admitted she sought out men to rape her daughter in the weeks leading up to the girl's eventual killing, police said."

Comment: I think we sometimes get so desensitized by the media that "evil" as a concept no longer registers. The average person now personally witnesses more evil acts  than people ever did in past ages. Does it matter that the murder you witnessed tonight was on a police procedural on TV? You watched another human being getting killed. But, that's ok, it was fake, all in good fun. Fun? When did watching someone being killed get equated with fun? How is it that we can call that entertainment? But for all of that, true evil still exists and from time to time we hear of actions so evil they shock us despite our jaded sensibilities. The above news story is one such event. You'll note that I'm only quoting one sentence of the news report with this word of caution: it's really shocking. Read it if you dare but remember your mind will go there and you will be forced to think about what that mother did to her child.

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