Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Covenant With Many

AIMonitor - Will Trump's win prompt EU to adopt independent Mideast policy?
The AIMonitor reports: "The European states, as expressed by many of their leaders in the past months, are concerned about Trump’s lack of experience in foreign and security matters, by his pro-Russian stance and his various expressions against the EU, NATO and free trade deals. He is viewed in most EU capitals as an American nationalist and isolationist who intends to bolster the US military. [...] Therefore, EU policy planners have been requested to focus on developing independent EU policy engagements on a two-state solution. Such engagements will express EU goals in this context. [...] the EU will propose that, within a two-state solution, both Israel and Palestine will be offered the highest nonmember status, namely membership in the European Economic Area. The EU will also use its economic clout to encourage the parties to advance toward a two-state solution, both by economic and scientific incentives and, possibly, by punitive measures."

Comment: According to this report, one possible result of the "Trump effect"  in international affairs would be to bolster the EU role in negotiating a Middle East peace deal. As you know, more EU involvement is something many Bible prophecy commentators have been expecting for many years. We don't yet know what a Trump foreign policy will look like, but we should watch carefully for any hints as to what his Mideast policy will be. If the U.S. stands down, the EU is waiting in the wings to take over the search for peace in the volatile region.

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