Thursday, November 10, 2016

Rumors of War - Persia - King of the North

Iran can't have military presence in Syria, Israel tells Russia -
UPI reports: "The Republic of Iran cannot be allowed to have a military say in how things turn out in civil war-torn Syria, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told his Russian counterpart Thursday.[...] 'Israel, Russia, the United States and many other countries share the objective of defeating the Islamic State,' Netanyahu told Medvedev. 'At the same time, we are also concerned by the second actor promoting radical Islam, Iran, which champions the destruction of Israel and also supports 360-degree terror on five continents.' Netanyahu is right about Iran's disdain for Israel. Tehran has never been shy about expressing its hope that the Jewish nation will someday be wiped off the face of the Earth."

Comment: This is an extraordinary news report that highlights how the conflict in Syria is placing Israel on a collision course with Russia and Iran. Things seem to be relatively friendly between Russia and Israel right now, but the strategic tensions are real and will only grow stronger over time. 

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