Saturday, March 18, 2017

Global Government

G20 leaders fail to reach agreements on free trade -
UPI reports: "G20 financial leaders failed to reach an agreements on free trade during its annual meeting on Saturday. The meeting of 20 finance ministers from the world's largest economies ended after two days with no agreement supporting the group's decade-old tradition of promoting free trade and rejecting protectionism. [...] In their final statement the G20 leaders did agree to include pledges to fight tax avoidance, clamp down on terrorist financing and strengthen private investment in Africa."

Comment: It's worth remembering that this gathering is little more than a conference, a forum for issuing joint statements and pledges of action. It's not a governing body and announcements are not laws or treaties.  It's mostly designed to forge consensus on major issues so that problems can be avoided or minimized. Those looking for global government here will no doubt be disappointed. 

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